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Do you want riches beyond your wildest Sphinxes?

Pear happiness?

I’m building decks.  I have another tournament to go to and maybe some casual play.  If I survive and the trip doesn’t fizzle, I will remark upon it, pear happiness even include a photo-graph to prove that I don’t just make everything up.

I consume gaming words associated with games I play.  Now, less so for Shadowfist and more so for V:TES.  Less so nowadays for L5R (because mostly I just see people wanting to change 4e rather than bringing up anything notable about 4e) and more so for … not Qin, though I tried for a brief time.  Eh, moving on.

I sense that I am more invested in particular games than people I play with.  I sense it.

Yet, dost thou wishest to joyous thou annums partaken upon some partakeable?

Or, do you just want to win fame and … and … and … hey, do we get anything else for winning niche CCG tournaments?  No?  Oh, okay.

Read.  People say stuff.  Some people are idiots but even they may say something interesting, though probably not.  Other people are … not idiots.  Then, some people are thinky types.  They caress the mind and force it to perform mind things.

I’m building decks.  I don’t have every idea.  In fact, I routinely steal ideas from people who write words and make them worse.  Sure, around 75% of the time I just luck into success.  But, every 25% of the while I might know what I’m doing.

But, you don’t have to read what I write.  If you look at my decks posted here, in the TWDA, from playtest reports 15 years ago, you will be little vantaged, as you likely don’t play games like I do.  You will play Govern and Conditioning in the same deck, for instance, and someday people will make fun of you, some day …

Not too many post much.  Understandable.  Yet, unfortunate.  Because CCGs tend to be not easirrific.  Even while rolling dice from one’s cards, decisions make differences.

I’m building decks.  I got to thinking about one of those writers, someone who writes much more difficult posts than I do (for me to write, good thing we aren’t each other, as he may have difficulty writing the geniusness that I spew).

Focusing on V:TES because it’s my tournament game [rolls eyes].  You can tell people over and under to know what cards do, but who cares what most cards do?  What do decks do?

Why don’t people know how Imbued work or Tupdogs or unnamed or Reversal of Fortunes or something else?

Because they don’t bother to read.  Can have a goal, but, if you don’t put in your 20 reps at medium-high weight, are you still going to want to lose weight?  Think about how little time it takes to read vekn.net (the meaningful subforums).  Sure, cataloguing the contents of TWDs is tedious.  Reading them?  Seems like it would be fun [waves hands at you].

Before I went to build some of these decks, I read.  Oh, sure, I just glanced at some decklists from 2014/2015 and whatnot, but, hey, I’ll just rely on my 75% luck kicking in.  Or, I’ll choose failure as an option.

Nothing more than understand how other people are successful.  Except, there’s an application phase.  Reading isn’t seeing words.  Reading is consuming stuff so your mind can do things it couldn’t do before, like bleed people out when starting the turn with no minions in play.

Is there a reason to *gasp* put effort into gaming?  Is poorhood a state to The Embrace?

Some players achieve success and they don’t even 75% luck their way there.  Oddly, they often know things, mind things.

Not just decks, but how people play.  You know, there are some long transcripts from some tournaments.  I don’t generally read them as I don’t visualize what’s going on all that well.  But, maybe the decisions people make during play kind of matter.

I suppose I should go read a transcript cuz I’m already bored pulling the cards for the first deck I’m building.

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