Fisticuffs 20160908

While I haven’t played V:TES in quite a while, I have been playing Shadowfist, even more than weekly after a few weeks off from travel.

I don’t remember a lot from earlier games.  Sure, I remember the “battle of everyone play four FSSs side by side” game to some degree, what with my massive character steal failing, multiple Big Bruisers failing, and how this sort of site structure only comes about because of one of our house rules.

I could recreate some events based on remembering which decks got played in which games, but whatever.  Let’s go recent.

Game 1

Justin (Cops) -> Ian (Archaic Architects) -> Joren (Jammers) -> Don (Nukey Jammer Battlegrounds)

At a certain point, we sort of decided Joren and Don had infinite power due to three Jury-Rigged Dynamos being in play (one seized!).  That didn’t stop Justin and me from making bids for victory.

My bids with CHARs kept coming up short as I was overaggressive.  I definitely have a habit of going from one extreme to another with Shadowfist, sometimes knowing failure is an option just to have the thrill of defeat or, if the game is goofy (see below), the agony of victory.

I CHARed up some with many Mobius Gardens plays (feeding the Dynamos, of course).  My last gasp in the game was putting Homo Omega in play and making a bid for victory that didn’t even come close to succeeding.

Don played a lot of uniques which meant my Bzzzzzt!s stuck in hand far too much.  I did Bzzzzzt! one of Joren’s Razor-Clad Fanatics to keep my Gardens a bit longer.  Actually, my main problem is that I had to police Don, since no one else could be bothered, and it didn’t really help me as I wasn’t moving towards victory and was getting Payback Timed repeatedly.

Joren didn’t get a lot of fighting.  The Lunatic Fringe did do some stuff, but it was mostly events that stifled others while he couldn’t get fierce enough to threaten.

Don didn’t really move much towards victory, often having few FSSs because his other stuff made him seem threatening.

So, Justin won.  He had 200 Guys to take some advantage of uniques coming down.  His cops would die.  More cops would appear.  Eventually, people couldn’t stop anything.

Some Nukes did blow stuff up.

Game 2

Justin -> Ian (Abominations) -> Joren -> Don

I don’t take advantage of some of our house rules or don’t take as much advantage of them as I could.  I couldn’t get an Arcanomoth to play anything.  So, I put Mobius Gardens in play and had 7 power.  I bought a Mooks to generate an Architect resource, dropped two Blood Eagles.  I took a site.  My Eagles didn’t take any damage.  I played a third Eagles on my next turn and won.

I was entertained by the game, but, then, the winner of these awful games is often far more entertained than the losers, and I’ve often been on the other side in multiplayer games.  Because this game lasted like 15 minutes, we played another.

Game 3

Ian (Minimalist Butterfly) -> Joren (CDCA Scientists) -> Don (Darknessy Monarchs) -> Justin (Hoods)

This was not all that compelling either, but, at least, it wasn’t quite as dumb as play three Blood Eagles and win.

CDCA Scientists didn’t do a whole lot.  Don’s deck did almost nothing of consequence.  Hoods were scary.  There was so many Hoods in play that Justin’s army had to be policed … hard.  This meant …

… I could win having played 13(!!) cards.  Oh, not only 13 cards.  More, wow, that’s … that’s more than 50% of your deck 13 cards.

I still have yet to fill out my 25 card Butterfly Knight deck to 30 cards.  As much as I hate on Miguel’s decks, I do steal ideas from everyone I play against.  The whole point was to go with as streamlined a deck as possible where I could take three sites in one turn.  If my first Butterfly Knight hadn’t been cancelled, I would have tried that path to victory.  Instead, I only went for two sites in one turn with a second Butterfly.

Name:  Basic Butterfly
Faction:  Monarchs
Size:  25

Monarchs Cards (13)
Characters (11)
2x Beaumains, the Mongrel Knight
4x Butterfly Knight
5x Fire Cadets

States (2)
2x Thunder Gauntlet

Generic Cards (12)
Feng Shui Sites (10)
1x Cataract Gorge
1x Eagle Mountain
1x Emergency Room
1x Humble Dojo
1x Nightclub
1x Precious Lotus Monastery
1x The Dragon’s Teeth
1x The Iron Palace
1x The Red Lantern Tavern
1x Tiger Leaping Gorge

States (2)
2x Deadly Fans

What five cards to add (that are Modern)?  I thought about it at one point, but I don’t necessarily care enough to worry about it.

See, to me, in Modern, Monarchs has cool cards but makes uncool decks.  Lotus has cool cards and cool decks but has way too many uncool cards and uncool decks.  Dragon has cool cards and largely uncool decks.  Hand has cool plays but maybe not as cool cards and only has cool decks when you don’t play certain obvious things (Superleap everywhere, counterspells everywhere, combos).  Jammers has cool cards and amazingly uncool cards, and the decks are often really annoying.  And, the Ascended are the antithesis of cool.

Gee, it’s almost like I don’t favor much of the game.  Or, is it just that I prefer Classic?  To an extent, yes.  I make goofy Architects decks as Neutron Bomb, Imprisoned, and Nerve Gas are all on my personal banned list.  I can find plenty of appealing Modern Lotus plays, but Classic just adds other Lotus plays.  Syndicate is green.  No, really, I don’t enjoy playing Syndicate much yet still like them, so it must be because they are green.  I like the effects in 7 Masters, though they are just so broken.  Purists used to be appealing until I found my decks boring and other people’s decks obnoxious.  Reascended are cool.

The best thing, one might say, about Classic is that there are so many more bad cards for me to play.  Ah, I guess some things never change!


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