Dungeon Lies

September 18, 2016

Time to opine.  Deep delve on True Dungeon.  My take on tokens (and, maybe, whatever).

On the one hand, I’m a 4th level player.  On the other, I went eight years without playing and have never done more than two runs in a year.

Then, I’ve never transmuted a token as the recipes always sounded way too hard to accomplish, though this should change in the next six months due to transmutes moving down to rarities I exist in; I didn’t even know trade items were a thing until this year’s Gen Con.

Is it analogous to my Shadowfist situation where I know about things but lack practical experience, putting me in a rather odd class?

I have rather biased biases.  I’m a Wizard (assuming Andy is around to suck up Druid, the only other class I would really enjoy, though Bard is my fourth thought … I hate weapon combat, Samhain I amhain … fifth thought is Paladin who just Guards and heals).  I don’t care about nuking monsters, as I prefer shuffleboarders to feel victorious in their smiting.

Casual Calculus

What do casual players want?  You know, the “I sign up for puzzle at normal level and don’t bother learning anything about shuffleboard even when I’m a fighty dude” types.

.1  Surviving

I don’t actually rate surviving the 7th room, anymore, from an analytical standpoint.  Still get the same number of XP, either way, and 7th rooms are vastly more deadly than other rooms, so characters bite it.  Though, I still prefer surviving to not by some degree.

Some folks vastly prefer surviving to get the Survivor badge.

But, let’s not dwell too much on that – it’s just notable that people want to survive the 7th room as a tack on to what really matters.

Nothing matters more than surviving to the 7th room, in my experience.  Dying is boring.  Dying is embarrassing.  Less than 1000 XP is sad panda.  Just all around antifun.

What’s the best way not to die?  Unlike how it may be for Grinders or Nightmarers or whatever who need to murder monsters before they murder characters, for us normal puzzle types, the greatest boons are more HP and more healing.  Even a few HP is huge, potentially large.  There were truedungeon.com forum posts about how people didn’t realize how popular Charms of Health was going to be.  Charm of Health is actually pretty solid in my uneducated opinion, as it’s puzzle damage and push damage that is going to produce Casual-ties (TM, R, P).  The amount of damage is low, but, then, so are the HP for we wizards.

.2  Treasuring

Everyone wants to feel like they get more stuff.  TD is superexpensive.  Everyone feels less good about themselves when other people are more plentiful, richer, avaricefuller.

TD is crazy with how much money there is in it from the playerbase.  It’s model is perhaps not so much CCG (except outlier models like original Star Wars, Dragonball Z, and even Wheel of Time after a certain point) as it is videogames of the MMO sort.  I don’t do MMOs, so I’m speaking only truths here, but the grinding for elite drops is totally something I see more as MMO than as CCG.

TD doesn’t even try to pretend tokens are balanced.  Many a CCG where there were obvious imbalances still pretended that rares weren’t just strictly better than less rares.  The whole nature of TD is that an incremental, one might say linear, gain is accompanied by an astronomical uplift in secondary market value.  I can have a rare that gives +1 to stuff you care about for a few bucks become an ultrarare +2 that goes for more than $100 that becomes a transmuted +3 for $300+, etc.

I’m not trying to scare people off.  What makes TD so weird is that the power gains are only relevant to certain types of players that may comprise a significant amount of the people doing runs but also are rare in my runs.  I can play a Wizard or Elf Wizard with exactly zero tokens and expect to get through a puzzle normal.  What’s likely to kill me is a group being bad at puzzles or the healers not getting enough opportunities to mend me.

But, everyone likes more treasure.  I had dreams of Roguery.  I have no interest anymore, even though it’s more loot.

What’s disturbing is the variance in treasure draws.  I believe the current cap is 17 draws, with that about to go up.  This year made a casual player friendly decision to ensure everyone got … 3 draws.

Yeah, I’m one of those newbites who got 3 draws when one (and only one) player in one of our groups had 12.  This is obviously tolerable, in that TD is doing fine, but, mathematically, this is nuts.  If I were setting a range, the range would be between 100% and 200% because I believe in these United States, Superman 1, and pistachio pie.  Yup, it would not have occurred to me that someone should get five times as many draws as the starting point.  Plus one would have been a huge deal and +2 the wasp’s elbows.

There are plenty of discussions of the potential problems of constantly upping the limit.  I’m only entering into taking TD seriously and I wonder about a bubble bursting, not because I’m anti one-percenter but because of the ability to farm treasure and the potential economic value a farmer gains from buying up event tickets and crowding out newbites, who just want to recite palindromes.

Obviously, treasure that helps keep a newbite alive is a thing.  But, what other treasures are newbite friendly?  Not uncommons.  Nothing makes 99%ers feel more 99%ed than playing the lottery.  Wait, that’s not remotely true.  Anyway, uncommons are sigh worthy.  GP rares, which, notably are worth more than other rares in many cases, are not newbite friendly.  Newbites like magic weapons and armor.  How do I know?  My entire take on combat is “show me where Ethereal is” and I’ve been excited by the idea of having magic arms/armor, though less so once I realized I was going to Wizardize almost all of the time.

Everyone wants “you know, you can sell that for $250 on eBay” treasures, so that’s not very exciting as a newbite decision.  It’s these sorts of upper tier draws that make the race for ultimate draw power appealing.

That Lenses of Fortune and the 2017 rare cap someone at 4 draws just seems so wrong.  I get it because rares actually have very little value most of the time.  But, when you can start lending out treasure enhancers to farm off of other people’s runs, is it necessary to be so blatant about the class structure?

Anyway, have to move on at some point.  The discussion around treasure is a difficult one that many are agonizing about.

.3  Beatdown

Casual players want to feel useful or have the blackjack moment.  We had a group where the Paladin didn’t have a ranged weapon, so he had nothing to do but Guard somebody.  Having someone come in and eviscerate all enemies while everyone else knouts around is not particularly fun for many, either.  Sure, if it’s a matter of winning or losing, I’m in the win camp, but it’s far cooler when a one-packer kills something.

Powerful but subtle effects aren’t that great for the newbite.  Does a newbite care at all about changing fire damage to shock damage?  I’m all about the burn and don’t remotely care.

Note that beatdown just means contributing usefully.  Of course, I have a passive, defensive personality, but, for instance, I only plan on having one token that increases my spell damage by one.  I’m far more interested in ultrarares or whatever that give Constitution bonuses.  Contrast this with how many posts on the forums are about maxing out damage for different classes.  I’m not going to turn down Boots of the Four Winds, but I’m also not PYPing (Pick Your Purple) the Winds Boots to transmute.

.4  Relevancy

Besides not dying and being able to weaponize something, any effects that eliminate the character as relevant to the challenge are fun inhibiting.  I looked up how wands work and they require command words, so Silence effects stop that, as well.  As a Wizard whose tokens were barely better than none at all, I’m both bored and feeling like I’m letting team newbite down while Silenced.  Sure, it makes other people’s builds more relevant and the combats more interesting.  For us, where the shuffleboarders were not mediumcore, it just made it that much more likely we were going to lose while some people waited to be relevant.

Given how much saves are a concern to posters, there are likely all sorts of other effects that just make you useless.  I know I’ve always carried both a mirror and a Stone to Flesh scroll because of one year’s Medusa.  From watching the video on what the rooms were for the combat runs this year at GC, seems like certain effects could make the unprepared unproductive.  I get that a straightforward slidefest is repetitive.  I’m just saying that newbites seem quite vulnerable to any sort of control effects.


Note that the casual player is not prioritizing being a 5th level character.  Though, that’s possibly due to ignorance.  As soon as I understood how to be a 5th level character, that became one of two priorities along with getting more than 3 treasure draws.

Pick Your Poison (Damage Booster)

TD is not healthy for me.  I like collecting.  I like chasing.  I like having things other people don’t.  I also like having some sort of retirement plan and the ability to go to European Championships for V:TES if they don’t schedule them close to my brother’s wedding.  TD is so far beyond any money madness I saw in CCGs.  Sure, Magic had cards that went for $100+, $400, then $1,000, or whatever.  TD has people advertise $1,000+ tokens that are just something people will include in their posts about their character builds.

I have a tendency to get into things much deeper than any sort of original concept.  I’m worried that even considering how to allay the cost of $8,000 bundles crosses my mind.

To play something twice a year.

That’s incroyable.

Nevermind that the fun isn’t in kicking ass, that the fun of not dying before the 7th room is not terribly difficult to achieve with some healing management, that I would humiliate myself if I ever got a planar skill test wrong with the new, dumbed down Wizard board so I’m consistently doing 6 or 11 damage.

Oh, and that’s if I can even play twice a year.  What if Gen Con sells out slots I can play in because I’m busy with Heroes of Rokugan or screw up registering for events in the first second they open or am too lazy to wait list on a run or look for refunded tickets on my phone?

Since Gen Con, the thing I’ve been thinking of the most gamingwise is TD.  Yikes!

What Else?

Variance of information is huge even though the economy is mature enough that killer eBay deals don’t seem all that common.

Lot of the forum threads are meaningless to me as I don’t debate whether latest ultrarare is BiS (I assume this means best in slot).  That so many spend so much time arguing that something new won’t see play because it’s not as good as something else is … … … you know, kind of like a lot of arguments about CCG cards, so, as crazy as I think it is to constantly run down some ultrarare that a lot of people would love to own (without sinking $150 into owning it), I guess it is rational to worry about the “tournament” level of the game.

Would I go to the other two cons to play?  That’s hard.  After Gen Con, I currently rate Origins as the other US con I’d fly to.  There’s a reason HoR is far less meaningful to me than a bunch of people in the middle of the country.

I talked about things related to it, but I wonder if a middle class of TD actually exists.  Oh, I’m sure there are other people at my level.  I just don’t know that it’s a significant enough part of the population to matter.  Seems like TD lives off of a not tiny group who sink thousands into the game and a bunch of people who barely have any sort of collection who just want to play a different sort of game.

Well, I’m sure I’ll have more to talk about later.  Hopefully, get those two runs in next Gen Con without screwing up my RPG schedule.


Fisticuffs 20160908

September 9, 2016

While I haven’t played V:TES in quite a while, I have been playing Shadowfist, even more than weekly after a few weeks off from travel.

I don’t remember a lot from earlier games.  Sure, I remember the “battle of everyone play four FSSs side by side” game to some degree, what with my massive character steal failing, multiple Big Bruisers failing, and how this sort of site structure only comes about because of one of our house rules.

I could recreate some events based on remembering which decks got played in which games, but whatever.  Let’s go recent.

Game 1

Justin (Cops) -> Ian (Archaic Architects) -> Joren (Jammers) -> Don (Nukey Jammer Battlegrounds)

At a certain point, we sort of decided Joren and Don had infinite power due to three Jury-Rigged Dynamos being in play (one seized!).  That didn’t stop Justin and me from making bids for victory.

My bids with CHARs kept coming up short as I was overaggressive.  I definitely have a habit of going from one extreme to another with Shadowfist, sometimes knowing failure is an option just to have the thrill of defeat or, if the game is goofy (see below), the agony of victory.

I CHARed up some with many Mobius Gardens plays (feeding the Dynamos, of course).  My last gasp in the game was putting Homo Omega in play and making a bid for victory that didn’t even come close to succeeding.

Don played a lot of uniques which meant my Bzzzzzt!s stuck in hand far too much.  I did Bzzzzzt! one of Joren’s Razor-Clad Fanatics to keep my Gardens a bit longer.  Actually, my main problem is that I had to police Don, since no one else could be bothered, and it didn’t really help me as I wasn’t moving towards victory and was getting Payback Timed repeatedly.

Joren didn’t get a lot of fighting.  The Lunatic Fringe did do some stuff, but it was mostly events that stifled others while he couldn’t get fierce enough to threaten.

Don didn’t really move much towards victory, often having few FSSs because his other stuff made him seem threatening.

So, Justin won.  He had 200 Guys to take some advantage of uniques coming down.  His cops would die.  More cops would appear.  Eventually, people couldn’t stop anything.

Some Nukes did blow stuff up.

Game 2

Justin -> Ian (Abominations) -> Joren -> Don

I don’t take advantage of some of our house rules or don’t take as much advantage of them as I could.  I couldn’t get an Arcanomoth to play anything.  So, I put Mobius Gardens in play and had 7 power.  I bought a Mooks to generate an Architect resource, dropped two Blood Eagles.  I took a site.  My Eagles didn’t take any damage.  I played a third Eagles on my next turn and won.

I was entertained by the game, but, then, the winner of these awful games is often far more entertained than the losers, and I’ve often been on the other side in multiplayer games.  Because this game lasted like 15 minutes, we played another.

Game 3

Ian (Minimalist Butterfly) -> Joren (CDCA Scientists) -> Don (Darknessy Monarchs) -> Justin (Hoods)

This was not all that compelling either, but, at least, it wasn’t quite as dumb as play three Blood Eagles and win.

CDCA Scientists didn’t do a whole lot.  Don’s deck did almost nothing of consequence.  Hoods were scary.  There was so many Hoods in play that Justin’s army had to be policed … hard.  This meant …

… I could win having played 13(!!) cards.  Oh, not only 13 cards.  More, wow, that’s … that’s more than 50% of your deck 13 cards.

I still have yet to fill out my 25 card Butterfly Knight deck to 30 cards.  As much as I hate on Miguel’s decks, I do steal ideas from everyone I play against.  The whole point was to go with as streamlined a deck as possible where I could take three sites in one turn.  If my first Butterfly Knight hadn’t been cancelled, I would have tried that path to victory.  Instead, I only went for two sites in one turn with a second Butterfly.

Name:  Basic Butterfly
Faction:  Monarchs
Size:  25

Monarchs Cards (13)
Characters (11)
2x Beaumains, the Mongrel Knight
4x Butterfly Knight
5x Fire Cadets

States (2)
2x Thunder Gauntlet

Generic Cards (12)
Feng Shui Sites (10)
1x Cataract Gorge
1x Eagle Mountain
1x Emergency Room
1x Humble Dojo
1x Nightclub
1x Precious Lotus Monastery
1x The Dragon’s Teeth
1x The Iron Palace
1x The Red Lantern Tavern
1x Tiger Leaping Gorge

States (2)
2x Deadly Fans

What five cards to add (that are Modern)?  I thought about it at one point, but I don’t necessarily care enough to worry about it.

See, to me, in Modern, Monarchs has cool cards but makes uncool decks.  Lotus has cool cards and cool decks but has way too many uncool cards and uncool decks.  Dragon has cool cards and largely uncool decks.  Hand has cool plays but maybe not as cool cards and only has cool decks when you don’t play certain obvious things (Superleap everywhere, counterspells everywhere, combos).  Jammers has cool cards and amazingly uncool cards, and the decks are often really annoying.  And, the Ascended are the antithesis of cool.

Gee, it’s almost like I don’t favor much of the game.  Or, is it just that I prefer Classic?  To an extent, yes.  I make goofy Architects decks as Neutron Bomb, Imprisoned, and Nerve Gas are all on my personal banned list.  I can find plenty of appealing Modern Lotus plays, but Classic just adds other Lotus plays.  Syndicate is green.  No, really, I don’t enjoy playing Syndicate much yet still like them, so it must be because they are green.  I like the effects in 7 Masters, though they are just so broken.  Purists used to be appealing until I found my decks boring and other people’s decks obnoxious.  Reascended are cool.

The best thing, one might say, about Classic is that there are so many more bad cards for me to play.  Ah, I guess some things never change!

Building L5R Characters – Great Clans (Part Two)

September 2, 2016


Mantis Brawler (I’m down now, you’re down later.)

A complete punchmeister school.  Small weapons suck.  Punching in 4e does not.  Hands of Stone, race to Jiujutsu-7.  Never worry about someone taking your beatings away.

While already unexcited by unarmed experts in a samurai game, do we really need an entire school designed around being prone?

SR-1.  No longer penalized by being prone, except you have to squid your enemies.  I’m sure they will never just walk away from you.

SR-2.  If you know you are going to take someone out without 5 damage, always gain.  If you don’t know, probably not going to bother to use this.  Two star kind of ability.

SR-3.  This does hardly anything.  Around a zero point ability.

SR-4.  Get this late.

SR-5.  “Hey oni lord, let me roll near you and kapowie!”  Does something, just that the Tattooed Monk Fister gets to jump around and fist things, where you break dance to murder.  The former is somewhat more magic samurai, as sad as it is to say that a monk is more magic samurai.

Mechanically okay (because you totally run up to someone and roll around at their feet until you murder them), thematically just tiresome.  Actually, with low Honor, low money, some not terribly good skills, this is not a good PC choice.  It’s really a one shot session where the PCs have to deal with the pirate octopi.

Tsuruchi Bounty Hunter (Strangely courtierish.  Be a yoriki.)

Awfully focused, again, the theme of GC schools.  At least the skills and stuff are more generally useful than, say, a Mantis Brawler.  Actually, because this is reasonably suited to HoR play and (assumedly) home play, the abilities should get a lot of use.  In the Princess Police campaign, we were constantly going after someone specific.  As I find the Tsuruchi Archer School the most boring in existence as I cannot think of anything else to do but be good at murdering things with arrows (and dueling), at least this is somewhat less dull.

SR-1.  Limited.  Maybe two stars.

SR-2.  Isn’t this rather redundant to the SR-1 ability?

SR-3.  The amount of time you spend trying to get someone of higher authority to sanction beatdown could be quite funny.  Or, if you have an EM in the party, trivial.  Dazed is incredibly annoying, as is Knockdown – does push to a build with STR, AGI, and REF.

SR-4.  Good simple attacks.  Just think about a TBH that paths to Jade Legionnaire and hangs with an EM all of the time.  I fleshcutter/knockdown/daze you twice a turn.  Living a long row to hoe dream.

SR-5.  Even better is if your EM is a Bayushi Courtier.  How does this ability make any sense?  I study people, therefore I know your deepest secrets if I happen to recognize you?  Yeah, whatever.

Yoritomo Shugenja (It’s a shugenja … that isn’t totally bizarre.)

Tsuruchi/YS double stack for all of the sleezemeisters out there.  Don’t get Spellcraft natively.

Earth deficiency not good.  Can still heal and murder, still get Jade Strike at SR-2.  Slow to get Be the Mountain, though.  Thunder is not bad for FR.  Shifting weather is cool … or maybe hot … or unseasonally pleasant.

Moshi Guardian of the Sun (Almost not terrible.)

I really like the Moshi Family.  I actually kind of like the Yoritomo Family.  Despise, well, mildly despise the Tsuruchi.  Those are the only Mantis Families.  There are no others.

The technique is crap.  If it was just get +1k0 attacks or +1k1 ATN to Guardee, that would be sweet petunias.  To limit it to Moshi defense is just awful for play.  Shockingly, this is more of a NPC ability … almost like GC was intended to run a ton of weirdly specific and generally weird NPCs at parties.

Kitsune Ranger (Eh, okay.)

Hunting doesn’t suck.  Stealth in rural is not worthless.  Of course, this should be in the Lesser Clans supplement along with the Fox bushi school.

Son of Storms

See my kata analysis post about how awful this is.

Strength of the Mantis

What??  How about just moving away from the enemy and then shooting, like normal archers?  While I’ve seen the penalty occur, L5R is not up to handling tactical movement in such a way to coherently enforce the penalty.


This is one of those ancestors I’m all over.  I love strange abilities that might come up in play.  “Hold on, everybody, I’ll run into the burning building to rescue Timi-san while you murder Flaming no Oni.”  Unfortunately, I already did Moshi in HoR3 and the only ancestors I can imagine HoR ever using are the HoR2 type.

Osusuki & Akomachi

Pretty sweet, too.  I can see playing a Fox in a home game.


Void Versatility

It’s only 4 points.  You are a Greater God already, might as well be that much more broken.

Asako Henshin (Less broken than last edition.)

Ranks two and three are narrow.  It’s far, far less broken than the 3e/3r Asako Henshin.

I would be curious to see playing one in 4e just to see what it’s like, besides absurdly annoying in whether you can use a skill before the SR-1 ability expires.  I played one in Third.  That was some crazy shit.  I played in a mod with one in HoR2 and that was absurd – “I Earth zot you until you are fully healed.”  The only balanced thing about that edition’s version was that it made more sense to increase someone else’s Agility to 9 rather than my own, as I wasted too many rounds buffing before I 10k10+infinity attacked.  Anyway, off topic.

Asako Inquisitors (Too annoying to bother allowing.)

Requirements are annoying … not to achieve but to adjudicate.  Disruption is wacky, though stopping someone from a R-4 to R-6 spell is kind of worth doing.

SR-2.  Gee, encourage shugenja builds.

I don’t know that gaining one kiho for a rank is really all that.  I suppose that so many kiho suck means you don’t need a lot of them, just abusive stuff.

Elemental Legions (Am I gaining over normal Shiba-3?)

Sounds interesting, but is it?  Isn’t it a lot like the normal tech, except there’s strange nonfighting uses of gaining a rank in a skill?  It does say end of skirmish, so it doesn’t appear to work outside of combat.

Order of Chikai (Really, how much of this is necessary?)

More of the same.  Very, very sameish.  Just seems like I want to do cooler things than do the cool thing better.

Dance of the Winds

No.  Trivial.

Strength of the Phoenix

Yes.  See kata post.


So, two abilities kind of work against each other.  Really a matter of how restricted spells are in your campaign, where it’s probably never worth 12 points, but, maybe, you really want to overload on spells.

In PP, our party shugenja got to choose any spells they wanted around IR-4.


This.  This, on the other hand, is broken stuff.  Find the shuggie with this ancestor and go Shadowlandsing.


Shosuro Actors (I disbelieve.)

I could easily recuse myself from the whole chapter, being far more inclined to play a Spider* Clan character.  Let’s keep moving and see if I find something to comment upon.

  • Even though I find the Spider even more ridiculous than the Scorpion.

Yogo Wardmaster (Wait, this is kind of cool.)

First problem – messing around with overpowered stuff doesn’t tend to produce less overpowered stuff.  Simple spells is so broken, see the D&D Alchemist that is the Tamori.

Second – forcing touch attacks is something, something possibly very frustrating, though buffs are easy.

Third – adjudicating removal of wards is annoying.

Otherwise, an interesting shugenja.  Not interesting enough for me to play a Scorpion or DS to Scorpion Schools, but whatever.

Kuroiban (Shrug.)

So specific.  Not that interesting.  See last post about problems with witchhunter detection power.

Strength of the Scorpion

Plus three!  Assumedly isn’t limited as Feint damage is limited (everyone remembers this restriction, right?).


Um, absurdly good mechanics for thematics you were going to embrace anyway?  I get the Yogo thing.  I just don’t care about it.


Okay bonus.  Investigation rolls are key rolls.  I don’t like ancestors that are easy to lose and this one strikes me as too easy to lose.


Meishodo Shugenja (Not broken?)

Be wary of any messing with magic system.  On the other hand, I just don’t find the brokenness in this school like in Tamori and Yogo (both of which, btw, I’ve GMed for – maybe I should mention these things earlier to give me some credibility).

Sure, it’s an autosucceed on R-3 spells in one round.  It’s really R-4 and higher spells that are dicey in the middle of combat.  No matter the wound penalties, your Path will go off on you.  Of course, this brings up the problem of how to handle Path with this technique.

Moto Vindicator (Too balanced?)

I am constantly forgetting how much I want to play this school.  I just have higher priorities, like my priority of playing a courtier in HoR4.  I did have a backup written up for HoR3, or something.

This school is just pulled into too many directions.  You want REF for the SR-1, PER (and probably AWA) for the SR-2, Earth to mess with Shadowlands stuff (plus double stack Horiuchi Willpower), AGI to hit stuff, INT for L: Shadowlands.

I tried several builds and none of them made me that happy.

Ide Trader (What does this do?)

What does this do?  It involves ally rules, which I’ve never seen work.  It involves Way of the Daimyo rules, which need massive clarification.  It involves pursuing a career as a merchant patron, which is kind of arbitrary.  Can’t we just have a technique that gets you more cash that doesn’t require running a trade vessel?

Moto Fanatic (I guess?)

Full Attack – situational.  Reduction – always good.  I just don’t feel strongly about this.

Utaku Horse Master (Yeah, gender equineness.)

I think this is actually pretty studly.  Oh, sure, you don’t get the Shiotome awesomeness (at low ranks), but a shugenja can get by with one path, covers any terrible bushi techniques at SR-2, gives courtiers something useful.

While Hunting is way better than the other two, Horsemanship can help you win that race, and who doesn’t love handling animals?

Strength of the Unicorn

See kata post, probably useless.


Pretty boring and weak.


Kind of questionable benefit, in that shugenja normally function in a godly way even with a deficiency.  Suicidal sounding demand.


I just can’t take this seriously for PCs other than the kata, and I already talked about them in my kata post.

Heritage Tables

More not really caring.  I don’t completely eschew randomness in character creation, in fact having used random rolls to determine lifepath stuff or whatever.  I don’t care that they aren’t balanced.  I don’t hate these tables.  Just don’t really care.

Part Two

After going through part one, I really wasn’t feeling that I was providing a lot of value add.  Lot of things are obvious.  Some things I’ll miss because I just won’t bother figuring out how to build an Inquisitor or will never be allowed to play a Henshin or will never want to play most of the GC things.  Then, stuff I do like – some of the ancestors, requires specific campaigns and very specific characters.  Then, Kitsune stuff should be in a minor book, should be more extensive, and other minors should get some actual mechanics, like kata.

So, why do I like the supplement so much?  Good nonmechanical content.  Moto Vindicator, Lion Paragon, Kensai, some ancestors are things I’m interested in.  Kitsu, Strength of the Spider, maybe something else are things I’ve played.

Some stuff actually works.  Way too much stuff is really NPC mechanics.