Fisticuffs and Fur 20160707 and 20160709

Three games of Shadowfist Thursday.

Justin (Hand) -> Joren (Battle-Matics? was all Architects in play) -> Don (Flambards) -> Ian (Lotus)

Flambards in and out of play made things soft targets.  Justin won with Little Grasshopper and three “Mooks” in play to take a site because nobody could actually stop that.  Of course, part of that was Joren Imprisoneding one of my three resource giving dudes to prevent me from playing Mesmerism to stop the onslaught.

Justin (Ascended Edges & States) -> Joren (as above) -> Don (200 Guys with Probability Manipulators) -> Ian (Syndicate Ambush)

Don was blamed for throwing this game by not toasting Joren’s Quanqui Wishing Well off of Dangerous Experiment when I attacked it.  I bought four “Mooks” and took back my Hot Springs that had been being used on Elle Mactans earlier so that she couldn’t unturn from The Lodge for the win.

As dumb as it can be to win off of our “Mooks” mechanic, I put out Xu Mei, The Dragon, and she got Imprisoned.  I played her the next turn.  Should get some credit for that as I only drew Catching Bullets too late to ever play it, so I had no combat relevant events played all game.

Oh, I also intentionally burned for power early in the game to get Bited.  Don Bited me.  It’s all part of my research into whether the player who gets Bited wins more or less often.  With our huge power environment, I think it helps to be Bited early as it makes someone else the enemy.

Ian (Monarch Warriors) -> Justin (Purists) -> Joren (as above?) -> Don (uninterceptable Dragons)

Joren joined a couple of attacks to use states to mess with people’s characters – Single-Action Devolver, etc.  I just played warriors and Stolen Thunder because that’s pretty much what the deck does.  Justin only got a Memory Spirit out in terms of anything that mattered.  Don’s Homicide Detectives were slowed.  Joren Rebuild a Detective, but it didn’t do much.

People drew cards to stop my Jaguar Warriors, Spartan Warriors, Ice Warriors take two sites for victory plan and nobody had stoppage.

The deck is okay, I like the warriors, but it doesn’t do much that interacts meaningfully.  The Syndicate deck desperately needs damage buffs for the Salarymans and Echo and Silence.  The Lotus deck needs to have hitters as it’s two Year of the Goat decks with none of the YotG hitters.

Further Adventures of the Fearsome Biter Tribe (and human friends)

Played NW2.  My Nezumi shaman is now Hanashi Jakr’kir of the Fearsome Biter Tribe because of course that’s how things roll.  If that means nothing to you, well, let’s say that he’s both a Paragon of Bushido and Wealthy and will be learning a kiho as soon as I can find one worth taking and might have had some samurai pass down a precious item (katana would be boring, maybe wakizashi or something courtly for my court oriented Nezumi shaman) through Inheritance.

The other two Nezumi in our tribe did not make it into the Hanashi Family for … good reasons.  Actually, we could have all been in the same family, but once one player wanted to be Kobe, that broke up us all being the same, and what’s more amusing than Hanashi Jakr’kir of the Fearsome Biter Tribe given playing a Nezumi shaman?

I’m enjoying the campaign.  No one is trying to be silly in our group – it’s just the natural state of playing stuff that really doesn’t belong in a L5R campaign that you would take seriously.


I think I’ve settled on my main and I told people today that my philosophy on an alt should be different than what I was thinking.  I was thinking my alt for HoR4 would be a Battle Interactive character because I would be playing a courtier.  Except, most of my courtier ideas are combat characters.  And, I would not play my main in a Political Interactive.  Not that I expect to play more than a couple PIs, but I might as well have my alt be a “social” character.

Bwa-ha-ha-ha.  With the group’s help, I have much of my “social” character done.  I do feel like charting out my main’s progression interval by interval to make sure the build is sufficiently entertaining to others, but I have tons of time to worry about that.


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