Treasure Split

See if I can tie everything into a theme.

I played a recent RPG session.  In that session, almost all of the time was spent on things I disdain in a role-playing game.  However, I was often entertained.  I can do roll-playing.  It wasn’t like my expectations were different as it’s a group I’ve played a lot with, just forgetting how obsessed some people can be by such things as treasure allocation.

Actually, treasure allocation can be pretty funny.  There are so many cartoons or just insane [from a modern perspective] explanations in actual published books about D&D style treasure splits.  It’s like you are metaing on a parody of a parody or something maybe not that many levels deep.

It’s the unenlightened selfishness that can be entertaining.  After all, if parties do what makes sense, that’s much less of a subgame.  The whole subgame of “I want this, but if you get it, I should get that” does actually still exist in this decade.

I wanted one magic item.  For thematic reasons.  Its only good ability had nothing to do with those thematics.  Its only good ability is something I don’t expect to hardly ever use, not that its other two abilities are likely to see much use, either.  I would have gotten it for nothing if it lacked the good ability.  I did end up with it.  I couldn’t spend my share of the treasure to power up (since this is a game where your stuff and randomly determined attributes/special abilities are far more important to making you distinct than anything you try to become accomplished at) because everything else expensive went to other people.  Now sitting on a bunch of cash that, sure, just pays for the next resurrection.

I really have my own subgame going on of being ready to whine at any moment about how the party and random die rolls perpetually screw me.  Come on, you know this is fun.

Two games of Shadowfist, Thursday.  I won half of them.  That’s the split.  What’s the treasure?

I played the first game really badly in terms of two specific plays when everyone was close to winning.  Nevertheless, just because people stopped the player to my right, I did end up winning with two $10,000 Mans, two Buffalo Soldiers (completely shut down a Carnival of Carnage + Final Brawl board near-wipe), and some other 2-F dude.

I really like that I can play $10,000 Man with no Jammer resources.  I just need to figure out the right Classic Tech deck to run them.  Probably a factionless deck, since Architects, Syndicate, Dragons all have other hitters while Jammers defeats playing them in a non-Jammers deck.

$20,000 = win.  Treasure.

Oh, Syndicate won the other game.  We don’t play the right decks to just make Syndicate cry, which is always what happens when I play Syndicate – you know, decks that do well at stopping characters from taking sites.

I’m really overdue for some more meaty blog posts, some philosophical thing on how gaming should work or some deep dive card analysis on Promise of 1528 or something.

I was looking at a tournament winning V:TES deck recently and noticed some pretty amusing tech.  I’m totally going to steal that tech to play one of the clans I’m still allowed to play.

You see, part of the treasure trove that was my looking at my TWDs last month was realizing that my personal banned list had to expand massively.  I’m now unable to play Gangrel, Malkavians, Nosferatu, Giovanni (other than Augustus), and maybe some other crypt things (!Ventrue??).  Should be obvious why if you read one of those posts, but it occurs to me that what is obvious in my paradigm is not obvious in other people’s.  Like, people keep wondering why Scouting Mission is on my personal banned list when it seems obviously obvious.

The split is that I have such a large amount of the card pool I’m cut off from in standard constructed tournament play that I have to rethink what I will actually play in future tournaments.  Unfortunately, the next local tournaments appear to be ones I can’t play in due to the timing of trips.  With SoCal not providing anything in the way of opportunities for Hall of Fame advancement, getting to be like those middle years when tournaments were few and far between and others had risen up to unseat my peculiar perch.

I can, for instance, play much more Ravnos.  Except, I’ve won every tournament I’ve ever played playing Ravnos, which means I can’t play Ravnos, even though I want to murder wusses like Lambach with Spleen as is this nature of all things Ravnos.

I haven’t done a real !Trem deck in a long time.  Even with my limitations, I’m sure I can generate middling levels of bleed.  I got to get back to Laibonism.

Name:  Buffalo Dime
Faction:  Jammer
Size:  50

Jammer Cards (38)
Characters (21)
5x $10,000 Man
4x Buffalo Soldier
5x Dump Warrior
2x Napalm Addict
5x Portal Rat

Edges (1)
1x Payback time

Events (15)
2x Anarchy in the HK!
1x Disco Inferno
5x Scrounging [yes, terrible art version … that can’t be Salvaged]
1x Stick it to The Man!
1x The Underground
2x “Trust Me, I’ve Got a Plan”
3x Turbo Boost

States (1)
1x Homemade Tank

Generic Cards (12)
Events (3)
1x Salvage
1x The Algernon Effect
1x “We Can Rebuild Him”

Sites (9)
4x Dockyard
3x Manufactured Island
2x Mobius Gardens

Time to retire this bloated monstrosity, this mountain of filler, this Bugbear of the Bayou.  I never put a Portal Rat in play even with a bunch of edges that deserved nuking.  Just too much value in 10 grand worth of Man and Rasta Rebels.


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