Ultimate Combat! Rules

Yes it does.

Anyway, I’m kind of lazy and don’t feel like typing the single foldout, two-sided sheet of game rules for UC!.  Plus, there’s this thing called the internet where other people have done work.

Wikipedia entry.  That covers basics.  Actually, UC! was surprisingly sophisticated in a few ways.  One of them is that the tutorial in the rules sheet is quite good.  But, anyway.

I’ll consider scanning the rules, but I think it’s going to be hard to read, though I don’t know how well .pdfs zoom.

One thing the entry doesn’t talk much about is advantages.  The sequence of attack goes:  attacker pushes forward a single technique to display an attack, the defender decides whether to block with a single technique or not, the attacker plays all advantages (with an important exception), the defender plays all advantages.  Exception?  Combination.  When the first attack resolves, the attacker may play a combination on a set up technique (techniques have summoning sickness if it isn’t explained anywhere) to create an additional attack, which is resolved as above.  Any number of combinations can be played in a turn if there are enough techniques to attack with.

Combination decks can be vicious.  Something I got wrong on my oral exam was that any time the total defense value is higher than the attack value, all subsequent combination attacks are -X where X equals the amount the defense is higher.  I thought that only applied with counters, but it always applies.

Action cards can only be played on your turn unless they say otherwise.  Only advantages can be played during an attack.  It’s unclear what the timing rules on actions are, though they largely don’t interact with each other except things like Psychic Delay.

Weapons may break by playing rock-paper-scissors after use, which is why they suck in constructed.  They get 2 counters on them after use and lose a counter each recovery phase, cannot be used when they have a counter on them.

The movement grid is nonintuitive.  Movement only affects when attacking.  If I have a move left in play and you aren’t moving, I get +1 to my attack.  If you have move left in play as well, I get -1 to my attack.  Don’t try to think of movement as having two modifiers.

You can have only one of each talisman, weapon, or armor in play at a time.

I think that covers some major things not in the Wiki entry.

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