Deck Stats 2, The Stattier

Seven years ago, I scored for my tournament winning decks in the TWDA at the time.  I found it interesting.  At the time, I only had six decks in the TWDA.

I was thinking about how to write a post making use of my badminton play last Tuesday.  It’s not hard to rant and rave about what makes games fun is also what makes sports fun – close results.  Doesn’t matter how awful something is, score one more than the other guys makes it fan-tastic … relative to if it’s score far more than the other guys, though seeing Brazil get destroyed in World Cup play was a different type of entertainment – the surreal trainwreck.

Greatness is overrated.  Long live mediocrity backed up by “whew, you almost had it”.

Anyway, I got to thinking about whether I’ve ever had duplicate vampires in the crypts of my TWDs.  I couldn’t remember off the top of my head.  Since I had to do pivot table work to get my data together, I decided to update on the library side, as well.  And, I spent hours prepping for this blog post.  I hope you appreciate my slaving away, doing data manipulation in Excel like it’s any of the office jobs I’ve ever had.

Rather than lay down tableage, I think I’ll just ramble for a while on whatever I think of.

In 12 decks, I have used three different vampires four times, my zenith.  Guess?

No?  Because people don’t like guessing as much as I do?

Sure, Anarch Convert.  All in one deck, by the way.

Yeah, Tupdog.  You gnome it!  Two decks, two copies each.  Answered my question, already.

Go ahead, make my delirium.  What vampire out of thousands of vampires in the game would I have won tournaments with that showed up four times, only matched by the two best crypt options in the game?

I’ll give you a hint.  It’s a Gangrel antitribu, because of course it is.  No, it’s not Aksinya.  It’s obviously not Enkidu, as I never got around to playing Enkidu vote in a tournament.  Sebastian Goulet?  You know me so well.  Except, nope, not him.

Xendil Charmer.

And, this is why I bother going through stuff that sounds like occasional bragging.  Because I’m just that awesome.

Good ole Xendil, he makes two different decks.  He creates Creation Rites in Chapel Hard By and throws Mercury’s Arrows in Thunder Is Impressive.  Impressively hard he is.  Wait, that came out kind of salaciously.

Who is the final, the third, the supreme leader, vampire who shows up in more than one of my TWDs?  One copy in two different decks.  I have a TWD with Anson in it, but it’s not him.  Corine Marcon, like my favorite vampire?  Don’t be ridiculous, there’s nothing left to do with Tzimisce after you do winnie stealth bleed.

Yeah, this one isn’t that shocking, is only a 3-cap I have made an argument for as best vampire in the game back in the day.  Gideon Fontaine is no Anson, but he showed up slightly more often than Anson did, so he scores points on the “Wake with Evening’s Freshness” track.

There are three vampires I played three copies of in individual decks.  Two of them were in the same deck.  Since you can go to Secret Library and put in my name and have only my TWDs (plus a second copy of Chapel Hard By because coordination on using Secret Library for TWDs is kind of disjointed), you can totally look at stuff and wonder, though I have no idea how by the name of decks anyone would get a hint.

Hint, it’s not Augustus Giovanni and Lille Haake.  They were only two copies per in “that” deck.  That’s a terrible hint.  One of them is an 11-cap, the other in the same deck is an 8-cap.  The only other crypt card I’ve put as many as three copies of into 12 winning decks that isn’t Tupdog, Anarch Convert, Xendil Charmer(!!!), or the two fatties is, of course, a 4-cap.

You may not be having fun, but I am.

Total number of copies of Gabrin in all of my TWDs?  One.  One!?!  “That that” deck is just hilarious.  Probably get mentioned again.

I have three Baali in a TWD.  None of them are Cybele, Nergal, The unnamed, The Horde, or whatever.  Yes, one of them is High Priest Angra Mainyu.

I won with Lucubratio and Nickolai, The Survivor.  In the same deck, of course.  A vote deck.  Drops keyboard and realizes he’s already home.  Picks up keyboard.  A vote deck with Ghouled Street Thug in it.

The only Brujah I have in any of these decks are … 11-caps.

The only Caitiff besides Anarch Convert is one copy of Igo the Hungry.  In a bleed deck.  A bleed deck with more than 30 political actions in it.

I have one copy of a Gangrel.  Of course, it’s Stanislava.  In a deck that plays only one discipline – Presence.

Meanwhile, four different Gangrel antitribu, none of which are Sebastian Goulet but does include Spider.

Giovanni – Augustus x2.

Eze = win, according to SoCal.  Well, who am I to argue?  Only Guruhi I’ve ever won with.  Good thing he can play Walk of Flame …

Four different Kiasyd.  Okay, that doesn’t sound all that (unless you think it’s notable that three of them are group 6).  One copy of one Lasombra.  In a different deck.

Three different Malkavian antitribu.  Oh yeah!  One copy of one Malk.  Oh?  Yeah?  Let’s just say his capacity is above 10.  Let’s also say he isn’t Lutz.

Not shocking that I’m not a Nosferatu winner-with-er.  Harrod fills out my quota, nicely.

Getting back to Ravnos, more copies of Alexis Sorokin than Gabrin.  Equal number of copies of Tereza Rostas.

Eight different Ventrue!!  Arika, of course.  She fit in great with that deck that had Lambach in it.

Recapping the Cammies.  Ventrue – 8 different.  Toreador – 6.  Brujah, Caitiff, and Tremere – 2.  Gangrel, Malkavian, Nosferatu – 1.

Sabbie?  Brujah anti – 2.  Gangrel anti – 4.  Lasombra – 1.  Malk anti – 3.  Nos anti – 2.  Pander – 6 (! … one is advanced!!).  Toreador anti – 2.  Tremere anti – 3.  Tzimisce – 6.

Huh?  What do you mean there are 10 original Sabbies.  One, two, … nine.  Oh, right.  Ventrue anti – 0.

If people keep wondering why they see me play Assamite decks, Followers of Set 3, Giovanni 1, Ravnos 13.  Ass – 0.

Bloodlines – no scarcies, no Harbingers, no Brothers, no Ahrimanes.

Zero Akunanse.  One Guruhi.  One Ishtarri.  Six Osebo.


Capacity    Total
1                  11
2                  8
3                  6
4                 19
5                  9
6                 16
7                 25
8                 24
9                 12
10                9
11                14

Who says 9-caps suck?  Clearly, this immense sample size displays clearly that 3-caps are the lamest, most pathetic, most weakessiest things in the game.  After all, Gideon Fontaine makes up a full third of all of the 3-cap crypt cards in my decks.  Others include the obvious:  Kervos, The Lieutenant; Tsigane; Muse; Celeste.

This distribution is so absurd.  Here I am, someone who built multiple decks around all 5-caps.  I didn’t realize I use the Inner Circle crutch so much.  Such a touch.


Enough about crypts.  We want answers!

What cards make a mockery of the TWDA?

Wake with Evening’s Freshness – 41 copies.  Reasonable start.

Blood Doll – 32 copies.  Borr-ring.  Of course, if you read the original post, you know what’s coming next.

Honor the Elders – 27 copies.

Telepathic Misdirection – 26.

Cloak the Gathering – 25

Majesty – 24.

Minion Tap – 20.

Obfuscate – 19.  Yes, the master card.

KRC and … Effective Management – 17.

Computer Hacking – 16.

On the Qui Vive – 15.  Had to be.

Blessing of the Name and Voter Captivation – 13.  I put those two cards on the same line.  Drops keyboard.

Villein and Changeling – 11.  Whew, back to normal.

Bewitching Oration, Creation Rites, Deflection, Forced Awakening, and Mercury’s Arrow – 10.  Borr-ring.

As I mentioned last time, number of copies is horribly misleading.  What interested me more seven years ago when I was scoring for was breadth of use.

# of Decks

WwEF – 9 different decks.  75% of everything I’ve ever won with in V:EKN sanctioned, constructed tournaments with 10 or more players.

Blood Doll – 7.

Dreams of the Sphinx and The Barrens – 6.  Almost poetically … wait … 50% of my decks either play only one or neither?!?

Majesty, Minion Tap, Storage Annex – 5.  No surprise here (assuming you bothered to read the original post).

… some boring stuff …

I have Auspex and Obfuscate skill cards in three different decks each.  Nineteen copies of Obfuscate.  Four copies of Auspex.

Speaking of three different decks, c’mon Ashur, Cardinal Benediction … and Fear of Mekhet.

I have more different decks with Peace Treaty than with Conservative Agitation.

Sure, I hate The Unmasking.  My TWDs with Rom Gypsy and Draeven Softfoot didn’t miss it.

I have as many decks with Fleecing the Gaje and Ashes to Ashes as I do decks with The Parthenon and Pentex Subversion.  Speaking of Pentex Subversion, I have as many copies of Pentex Loves You as Pentex Subversion in TWDs and six times as many Sensory … Overloads as Pentex Subversions.  Only two times as many Pseudo-Blindness, of course, of course.

Banned List

I can’t ban Pentex Subversion, it’s already in a deck.  I can and have banned these cards that have never been in any of my TWDs (as an example):

Conditioning, Govern the Unaligned, Scouting Mission, Threats, Bonding.

Aid from Bats, Carrion Crows.

Why ban Animalism cards when it’s obvious I don’t play Animalism in tournament decks … oh, right, there are two copies of Trainer in my … Kiasyd deck!!  (Admittedly, only Cat’s Guidance shows up in more than one deck.)

Card Type

Actions – 131 cards.

Action Modifiers – 141 cards.  You may think this is dull as obsidian.  But, trust me, this is fascinating.  I am an action hater, hater of actions.  Or, apparently, not.

Ally – 7.  The usual suspects.  Draeven, Rom, Underbridge, Carlton, and Ghouled Street Thug.

Combat – 166.  Wait, what?  Oh yeah, combat ends and dodge and maneuver to long and, uh, Zip Gun are all combat cards.

Combo – 57.  I’m amazed Swallowed by the Night didn’t show up in more decks.

Equipment – 27.  Ivory Bow shows up in four different decks (older ones, mostly).  On the other hand, Chalice of Kinship shows up in a deck.  No Heart of Nizchetus (finds its way to my banned list) or Bowl of Convergence (ditto).

Event – 1.  I am such a hypnoticrite.  That The Fourth Cycle just means I am truly revealed to be an event lover, passionate for all things eventism.

Master – 224.  Not all that interesting.  Low of 14 masters in one deck, high of 26.  Four times, I won with 16 masters.

Political Action – 88.  Six different decks have political actions, though only three of the decks are vote decks.  The deck with 38 political actions is clearly not a vote deck, trust me.

Reaction – 149.  This is fascinating.  I’m telling myself.  I play more combat cards than reaction cards.  Jabberwocky.

Retainer – 4.  Huh, four.  That’s rather modest.  One J.S., one Tasha, one Mr. Winthrop, and one Shaman.  Huh.

Lows and Highs

Action:  low of 3, high of 25.  Because, of course, the Baali deck (per The Lasombra but not per Brett) will have the most action cards.

Action Modifiers:  low of 4 twice … no … low of zero; high of 22.

Ally:  high of 3, in the Kiasyd deck because I needed two copies of Underbridge Stray.

Combat:  low of zero – that’s what I’m talking about; high of 41?!?

Combo:  three different decks have none; high of 9.  Some day, this will change, oh yes it will.

Equipment:  high of 8, in the Tzimisce deck, of course.

… skip unregardable stuff …

Reaction:  lows of zero, Silent Sympathy, and two, Chapel Hard By; high of 22, in a deck that has Auspex, you know, with that one copy of Faerie Wards, one copy of Folderol, and five copies of Aura Absorption.

So, what now, brown cow?

It’s all about remembering these things when tournaments come around.  For some reason, I can spend hours studying my personal win list and my personal ban list and my personal want-to-win list, but I forget all of that stuff when tournaments occur.

Plus, I guess I need a new keyboard.

Minus, if you hate this sort of self indulgent nonesmuch, just make sure I don’t win anymore.


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