[Tournament Report] Malk08

We scraped up 10 people for a Spring tournament last night.  Few people outside of the Berkeley group, which is strange given how few tournaments we do.

I have gotten superultramegabad about building CCG decks in a timely and, one might say, enthralling manner.  My current kick tends towards disciplines I’ve never won a tournament with, so I keep trotting out Ass decks to get some Quietus action going, though the true connoisseur of deckbuildification would, of course, play Quietus without any Ass vampires.

In this particular case, I was under the slingshot and either had to go with VIC/PRE/Aus, A-Muse-D, or the deck I threw together in 30 minutes without actually using a deckbuilder.  Ass SB it was.

Round 1:

Zach (Gangrel fight) -> Eric (Shamblers) -> Ian (Ass SB) -> David (Flung Junk) -> Kate (Malk94)

Zach got quickly depleted due to having no real plan for stealth bleed.  Eric had no predator until David came around, so I had to deal with the tedium that is Shamblers.  David rushed Kate a fair amount but not before she could Giant’s Blood a torped Didi to put Zach on one pool, from which he did not survive.

I played an early Anarch Revolt which anyone could have gotten rid of since there were no votes on the table, but Kate never went anarch and it killed her, Eric had someone go anarch who ended up eventually in torpor because Shambler decks aren’t that great against Thrown Gates, and I conceded when AR would have killed myself.  Yup, I played AR on turn one and it lasted the entire game.

I don’t even understand how I survived.  I guess Eric just didn’t have that many bleeders in play.  Plus, he didn’t focus on killing my anarchs.  I quadrupled my pool in one turn.  This let me From a Sinking Ship Eric’s Carlton because, of course.  That gave me some time against David, though it hardly mattered.

The only intercept at the table (besides random Pack Tactics) was from allies.  Yeah, V:TES.

Round 2:

Kate -> Rick (!Nos Horseshoes) -> Brett (!Ventrue vote/bleed) -> Zach -> Ian

Brett’s deck was bleedier than I expected.  I expected him to run over Zach with votes, but it was mostly bleeds.  Rick discarded his first Horseshoes for reasons I didn’t understand given Didi and Gilbert behind him.  He had a chance to oust Brett with Fame double dunk and Tension in play (which, of course, nobody bothered getting rid of – I wanted it in play, figuring Rick would go backwards … I loved my seating position except for how easily Brett could go through Zach).

So, fortunately, I could bounce a bleed back to Brett so that Kate could oust him before he ran over me.  Then, we got into the greatest joy that any humanlike entity can experience in a trillion and 29 moons – the stealth bleed race endgame.

I wasn’t being sarcastic.  This was so much fun.  Well, I suppose what made it more fun is that the natural result of Malk94 versus Ass SB in an endgame where Malk94 already has two VPs is that the Ass deck wins.  Ohanna bleeds for 3 – no block, reduce by 3.  Didi bleeds for 4 – no block, reduce by 4.  Gilbert bleeds for 4.  Oh, dear.  The only reason Kate didn’t have more in play was Rick’s AI before he got wiped from existence.

But, Yazid with Seal of Veddartha, Kalinda, Tansu, and a Spying Mission, with a random Loss (only Yazid!) and Murmur of the False Will and Leverage, and a genius mind honed to dodgeball sharpness proved too much for the Malks to endure.

And, that’s all that really mattered.  Sure, I was third seed with 2 VPs because this tournament was like olden days of 10-12 player tournaments, back when I used to win a lot off of a couple VPs to get into a finals and having everyone want to kill my prey.

Only David got a GW.  Fourth and fifth were a tie at 1.5 VPs.

I got Thai food.


I placed upstream of Brett and downstream of Mark.  Kate inserted as my prey, which was probably a mistake.  David inserted behind her, for the obvious locale.

David -> Kate -> Brett -> Mark (Saulot/Nergal) -> Ian

I was choked on combat defense to stop David’s rushes and Nest of Eagles that would have been hilarious for stopping midcap bleed.  Kind of lame against bleed for three with Spirit Marionette (yup, never was used to steal while I was still in the game) and bleed for three with Nergal.  Though Mark only had three bounce cards, Kate’s bleed of four got bounced to me.

David kept nuking Kate’s minions.  Yet, he was a turn away from ousting her.  With my robustity gone from the game because my first Deflection was 60 cards or so down into a deck where I played maybe 20 cards, Mark bled, bled, became Great Beast, ousted, cleaned up.  Maybe one more pool damage to Mark and he can’t go off, but I was already heading home, so I only heard about stuff today.  David could have started the crosstable rushing, like is always necessary, but nope.  I thought he’d get Kate and consider rushing Mark like crazy, but too late.

I did Wash Mark’s Heidelberg, don’t know if he ever played one of the other two copies.  I did Barrens away a useless Dreams of the Sphinx.  These things happen because as much as I can lose, I still prove … something.

My best collapse would have been Mark out first, Brett out second, Kate helps me murder David through my paltry bounce, we race in the endgame.  I really didn’t want David as my prey even though he never hurt me in combat.  Well, he might have hurt me with the threat of combat as it meant sitting on two No Traces for turns.

Mark’s first tournament win.  Congratulations!

Thanks to Mark for organizing and for everyone getting us to scrape together an event.  I might have found the drive tedious (lot more traffic in the afternoon), but I find scavenging for food in Berkeley to be kind of interesting.  Had a decent smoothie from a juice bar, that wasn’t what I would consider overpriced.  Student poverty FTW!

Deck Name:   160402  Ass SB
Created By:  Badr al-Budur

Crypt: (12 cards, Min: 4, Max: 28, Avg: 4.16)
4  Anarch Convert                     none           1  Caitiff
2  Badr al-Budur                      cel dom OBF qui5  Assamite
2  Kalinda                            CEL OBF tha    6  Assamite
2  Tansu Bekir                        cel OBF        4  Assamite
2  Yazid Tamari                       ani dom obf CEL QUI8  Assamite

Library: (80 cards)
Master (24 cards)
1  Anarch Revolt
1  Archon Investigation
1  Barrens, The
3  Blood Doll
1  Direct Intervention
2  Dominate
2  Dreams of the Sphinx
1  Dummy Corporation
1  From a Sinking Ship
1  Gambit Accepted
2  Life in the City
2  Perfectionist
1  Vessel
1  Villein
1  Wash
2  Wider View
1  Yoruba Shrine

Action (13 cards)
1  Computer Hacking
2  Conceal
1  Far Mastery
1  Graverobbing
4  Khabar: Glory
1  Loss
2  Songs of the Distant Vitae
1  Web of Knives Recruit

Action Modifier (13 cards)
3  Cloak the Gathering
1  Elder Impersonation
2  Faceless Night
1  Leverage
1  Lost in Crowds
1  Old Friends
3  Spying Mission
1  Veil the Legions

Reaction (17 cards)
3  Confusion of the Eye
3  Deflection
1  Delaying Tactics
3  Nest of Eagles
3  On the Qui Vive
4  Wake with Evening`s Freshness

Combat (4 cards)
2  No Trace
1  Quick Exit
1  Selective Silence

Ally (2 cards)
1  Deviki Prasanta
1  Mylan Horseed (Goblin)

Equipment (1 cards)
1  Seal of Veddartha

Combo (6 cards)
1  Murmur of the False Will
5  Swallowed by the Night

With more time, I would have come up with a real deck, not just as Kuta called it “Malk96”, though, given my banned list, not all that akin to, say, Kate’s deck.  Oh well, another of my kicks is to stop playing torturously difficult decks just to work in some card.  Nice, chill stealth bleed.

Conceal was a terrible metagame decision, unregardable in every one of my games.  The maneuvers should have helped me more against Shamblers, but, of course, I didn’t draw them early.


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