February 2016 Kick

Oh, sure, I still play games.

I “ran” the second Arkham Investigator adventure last Saturday, followed by playing Power Grid and Citadels that evening with other gamefolk.

I played V:TES Sunday, where we got in three quick games before lunch, which is so not the Bay Area metagame.  But, when you have four players, games are faster.  When you win a game by playing a Brujah demo deck, rushing your Kiasyd predator and constantly bleeding your prey, how long can that take?

Thursday, Shadowfist, two three player games.  The first was many an attempt to win, with my Ascended/Hand deck not being able to quite get through, even though I kept 4-5 power generating sites in play for ages.  The second saw me be irrelevant, playing Lotus!!

But, I’ve also been doing other things.  Kickstartering things.

Conan Kickstarter

Why?  We had a lot of fun with the d20 version of Conan.  Why care about a new version when, here’s a secret people reading about gaming, RPGs never become obsolete?

Nostalgia?  I don’t have any sense of the mechanics and anything involving multiple d20s sounds terrible to me, but I think that it’s a great world for gaming.  It might be the best world for gaming.  I could imagine just using the new books as reference materials for a game using a different system.  Though, to be fair, it’s not like d20 is that appealing to me.

7th Sea

Bewildering.  What?  It’s crazy that it has taken this long for a second edition.  The pent up demand obviously proves that it could have been making money for years.  Though, I actually see Kickstarter as pretty much the only way to go for RPGs based on the fact that so many far exceed what are probably understated goals.

First edition had some pretty clunky mechanics.  Too many skills.  Swordsman Schools being not all that great.  Dracheneisen being overpowered.  Where you had Roll&Keep, a la L5R, you had trait issues that undermined the awesomeosity.

Yet, you can still see 7th Sea run today.  Hugely popular.  Why?

Fantasy Europe.  No, seriously.  How many RPGs do fantasy Europe?

Hawkmoon, except that’s a future, post apocalyptic, incredibly distorted fantasy Europe.  Sure, I don’t play lots of things.  So, there are likely dozens of games that are close enough on Europe to be recognizable as opposed to “there be orcs” or whatever.

But, as someone who occasionally games and occasionally reads about gaming, I can’t think of notable examples.

It’s rather kitchen sink, plus with more aliens, but you can ignore that and focus on whatever regional stereotypes float your galleon.


Which do you think I supported at a higher level?

So, Kickstarter.  It can be exceedingly silly when people get support for sandwiches, but I love how it allows me to directly support a game’s production.  If I would have known about the John Carter RPG, which I assumed got KSed since it’s also Modiphius, I would have KSed that.

I don’t always like the levels of support.  I get that some people love dice and will throw in $10/$20 more just to get some marginally different dice.  I would generally prefer more hardcopies of the books at a favorable cost, as that’s a way to spread the game to others up front.

I like the idea of vanity stuff.  Actually, on a tangent, the Shadowfist group was talking about how the next Shadowfist KS really needs to do vanity stuff, plus be better at generating enthusiasm, plus actually package the product in a way that people want it.

I don’t care much about .pdfs.  Yeah, I get them when I can’t get hardcopies, but physical books are so, so much easier to read and learn from.  It’s why I still don’t have much sense of Fading Suns, even though I have a bunch of books in .pdf.

I like tailored add-ons.  For Year of the Goat, I got an unbalanced number of precons because Jammers don’t mean that much to me and specific cards do.  Admittedly, I keep forgetting I can just order singles from Daniel, which would have made a lot more sense as it was singles I was identifying to justify my distribution of precons.

There are many things I won’t KS.  It’s not so much because I would never play them, after all, how much am I going to play either of these RPGs?  I’ve barely played Feng Shui 2e.  It’s more because I feel like supporting certain things.  I really love CCGs and RPGs.  Of RPGs, things like Age of Legends, which I probably forgot to mention I backed or Aquelarre, which I also backed and didn’t promote … are things that I just want to see happen so that we get the sort of games in the marketplace I favor, even if I don’t play them.

I might find it interesting to actually have miniatures to use for gaming, but I’m too much a theater of the mind guy to really care.  Boardgames don’t have the depth of appeal to me that CCGs and RPGs have.  Electronic gaming leaves me cold.

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