DunDraCon 2016

Had something to post about before the con … and ran out of time.  In theory, have next few posts planned.

So, the con.


Drove from work.  Had nothing to do once I got to the con.  Tried going to bed early.  Scintillating, I know.

The main thing is to start the whining.  The con schedule was terrible.  There was nothing I could play in I felt strongly about.  Even in those slots where I was running stuff, there wasn’t anything I saw that was, like, “Oh my god, I am so going to bawl.”


I have my first of two boardgame slots to run at 9AM.  I have someone interested in 20th Century Limited, but he can do other things, and I have other people already started in on something.  I run Cardcassonne, Priests of Ra, Loch Ness, Mogul.

Yup, another year of Rio Grande miscellaneous.

Unlike my own group that liked Loch Ness the most of a previous batch, Loch Ness really didn’t appeal much.  Cardcassonne wasn’t that much of a hit, though, of the games I had with me, it’s the one I find most interesting.  Where my learning game of Mogul with three players was rather boring, Mogul ended up being the favorite for this group.  It seemed to play better with four people, even though, ironically, when I was trying to find the five player setup rules which I haven’t been able to find in my effort to quickly scan boardgamegeek, people said the game plays best with three.

Unlike last year, I eschewed playing myself.  That allowed me to run multiple games at once, which didn’t happen.  It prevented my making more informed decisions than the others, which seemed like a problem before.

I really should have scheduled for like 9 players.  I could run two games at once and get through my con responsibilities in half the time.

Meanwhile, Brett was running V:TES demos.  He had seven people signed up.  Not all of them showed.  He did a second demo with three Asian women that looked familiar.  I found out why.  A couple of them were at my event last year because they were friends of an old B5 CCG buddy.  We were talking and he mentioned how his friends ended up doing a V:TES demo, which was the last thing he could imagine them doing.  I was, like, “Oh my god, I so totally now know why I, like, totally thought they looked familiar.”

After my thing, food.  Since I had nothing to do until the V:TES tournament that night, I had a long lunch with one of my roommates.  Then, nap time.

The tournament was four players, not unexpected for a con event.  After the tournament, we played a five.

Brett (!Nos) -> Kevin (weenie Celerity) -> Ian (Little Mountain 4/5) -> Brad (merged Tariq)

Kevin gets Carter on turn one.  Brad gets Lazar.  Brett transfers.  Kevin brings out a second minion.


And, that’s why we play CCGs.

Brett Villeins Parmenides to make him extra valuable.

I don’t transfer much so that I can LMC for as much as possible.  I do bring out Baroque to help Morlock out.

Brett !Noses.  Stealth defeats Kevin’s minions and Kevin discards rush cards in back to back turns.

For a while, Tariq and company fight the !Nos, but, eventually, Brad doesn’t think he can take out Brett or me, so they make a table split deal.  I fend off rushes well enough to get Brad but never bounce a bleed through my skill card on Baroque and have a pretty poor set up in the endgame for surviving KRCs.  Oh, Brett did fail his Political Stranglehold when he realized I’d gain six pool from it.

After that, someone who still has a collection but didn’t bring his stuff showed up and borrowed Brett’s Tremere demo deck.  The rest of us randomized in the same seating order, so …

Brett (Mummies) -> Kevin (Tariq from above) -> Ian (Tzimisce Don’t Block) -> Brad (Cel from above) -> ?? (Trem)

Forget about results.  Here are some highlights from just another, typical, mundane, banal game of V:TES

Seeing Brett get miniony and Kevin be impotent, I decide I must be a balancer of tables.  I choose to reshuffle Aranthebes back into Brett’s deck with Carlton untapped.  Carlton blocks.

Skin Trap.

Lucky Blow.

My next action was to put a Graft Counter on Qetu the Evil Doer.  Yup, that happened.

I burned Halim Bey and Black Lotus to stop bounces.  I burned Brad’s Max Lowell to stop him from having enough actions to tap out oust whatshisname.  I burned Brad’s only .44 with a Canine Horde.

Brett got ousted by Dominate.  In the endgame, I got ousted because Tzimisce Don’t Block.

Not too late, sleep time.


Another four hour block of Rio Grande.  I run Cafe International, a game I just don’t find that compelling, though it might be more interesting if you get the nuances of it.  Loch Ness, Cardcassonne, Mogul.  Never bust out Pantheon, 20th Century Limited.

Yet again, Mogul seems to do okay, though the result being a blowout might have mitigated enthusiasm.  Cardcassonne did a bit better this time around.

Having nothing to … wait, hold on, I do have something to do.  I grab food quickly.  I go to a seminar/workshop on writing RPG adventures.

The primary concept of the workshop is using a two-goal paradigm rather than a single goal paradigm.  It was pointed out that not many movies or whatever actually only have a single goal, especially not among popular movies.  Raiders of the Lost Ark was an example used of a successful movie where the protagonists tried to do the same thing throughout the whole movie.

It was okay.  One of the notable things was how many people’s stories were really similar.  Seems like quite a few GMs are into epic fantasy, which amuses me, though the others were often bringing up Pathfinder or 5e D&D as what they were building off of, where I didn’t bother sharing my nine-act example because it was so similar to someone else’s that was still fantasy, just Against the Dark Yogiish.

I hung around after that to find out who would win the roll off for beds, then who to bribe.  That led to my hanging out and talking with my only current GM for a while about Through the Breach and other things, while he helped run A Game of Thrones Boardgame 1e.  That game only lasted like four turns.  Guess.  Don’t know the game?  Do know the game?  Yes, white won.

Off to bed.


Speaking of Through the Breach, the most appealing thing on the schedule that I could play in was my GM’s con game at 10AM.

I think some of the players were frustrated by how our patron was (secretly) playing us.  I was amazed at how much time people put into talking about what to do, especially such things as writing up a contract over mineral rights.

I played Wild Bill, the robot, uh, construct from some starting adventure.  It worked okay.  If we played out things at the end to actually understand what was happening, might have had a crisis at the betrayal, but, mostly, was just happy with how everyone treated me like a person.  It was amusing how I Black Jokered a lockpicking test, given that it was one of my specialties, which only helped us in the climactic battle to prevent zombies from coming up out of the mines.

Gave me a chance to get more familiar with the world and mechanics.


I keep saying “that I could have played in”.  There were two events I was interested in on the schedule.  Both were during the day Friday.  Both were Feng Shui 2e.  Both were run by the same person.

Maybe just me, but that seems like suboptimal planning.  I could take off Fridays, but that burns my personal time.  I get that I’ll miss stuff that could be interesting.  I fail to see why so many things I would find interesting are just not doable when you have work to do.

The con schedule was awful, like an F.  Of course, if you are into D&D, Pathfinder, Call of Cthulhu, Hero Games, you would have been much more jazzed by the schedule.  But, the con was okay.  I didn’t feel bad about it.  I kind of expect to not have much I want to do.  I got to talk to people for a while, including people I rarely see anymore.  That’s as enjoyable as anything else.

I nuked Carlton with an 8-cap Tzimisce playing Lucky Blow.

Food?  Did someone wonder about food?  Three straight days of pastrami sandwiches on dutch crunch from Bagel St. Cafe with a large peach smoothie with whip cream.  My friend Eric drove up Monday morning when I was leaving BSC, and he made some comment about my eating there.  “It’s the only place I’ve eaten at.”

Assuming I get some time soon, I will power up the wayback machine.

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