Sure, I played Shadowfist Thursday and even won a game because of the power of Li Po.  Sure, had my PC die Friday night in our online Fading Suns game, so I have to think about what my new character will be.  Kurgan?  Without my dude, there’s no religious character in the party, though I think there was too much pressure on my character to hold up the religious aspects of the world.

Sure, I’m supposed to run a game Wednesday night.  I was thinking it was going to be Champions, but I am back to Against the Dark Yogi because I had a clearer idea of plot in my brainial region.  Either way, mechanics need to be explained.  I just actually know something about Hero mechanics.  I’ll report back, I’m sure.

But, let’s talk about gifts.

Let’s start with the boring but simple.  What would I want as gaming gifts?

An Ultimate Combat! tournament where I get another chance to win a playmat (the greatest gaming accessory I’ve ever acquired).  I think sealed deck would be more fun, actually.  As much as constructed might be fun, I don’t know if it is as fun in tournament play, where it may be too brutal and too repetitive.

For V:TES to go back into business production and for all of the e-sets to either be junked or turned into printed sets.  Actually, it’s not the sets so much as individual cards that I’d like to see some junking or some changing.

For the upcoming V:TES tournaments to be enjoyed by all.

Heroes of Rokugan: Nightmare War to either start or to never have to worry about … for me; I realize others have already started.  I’ve been away for L5R play for some time, now.  I’m perfectly fine with getting back to playing L5R, but I want it to be coherent.

To feel like the last home campaign of L5R is truly complete.  I mentioned posting stuff from the campaign, but I stopped because there was at least one major thing I was waiting on.  I don’t know what the situation is.  It’s been so long since things ended that I don’t know if anyone cares anymore about my providing some insight into what I was doing.

To be inspired to build more decks for V:TES and Shadowfist.

To have the computer room organized so that I don’t have gaming stuff piled up on the floor as I currently do.  In the vein of being more organized, try to find four or so mahjong sets I own that I don’t currently know the location of just so that I can confirm inventory.  Not like I would fly anywhere with one unless I knew I was gifting a set to somebody, but the interest in the game has been renewed.

To feel like I have time to think and create for RPGs.

To get a plan together for Origins, even though no due dates should be any time soon.  To have a Gen Con hotel option when I know the passkey system is going to be a joke again this year.

To find more playmats for CCG play that I have interest in as my current crop is kind of iffy for covering all possibilities.

For someone else to want to run a long term campaign of something I find intriguing.

What about gifts for other people?

While I’m not inclined to get gaming stuff for family, I have looked at fantasy books.  I ended up at a used book store because:  I’m too late to order things from Amazon; local new books book store doesn’t have most of what I want; when it does have something it’s ungodly expensive in a steal your money kind of way.  For example, first trilogy of Corum is something I could find.  It was split up in three, $10 books.  Or, I could find the trilogy in one $3 book because it’s stupid for such short books to be split up into three separate books, and it’s a sad money grab to charge $10 for what’s a reprint of like a 150 page book.

The problem with gifts for friends is then you enter a reciprocity situation that I just don’t want to get into.  I don’t have any great desire for people to get me things (I’ll just buy any things I want, though, sometimes it’s interesting to get things because I wouldn’t have bought them and they open up a new world of things I’m interested in).  Nor do I remotely enjoy shopping for other people, though it’s amusing how sometimes it’s easy to find things for friends.

If consulted, I could give some ideas for things to get other people.  I’ve played a number of boardgames to where I could envision who might like what.  CCGs are hard to spring on people, though it’s easy enough to gift stuff to someone already interested.  RPG books are something that comes to mind much more today than in the past for reasons that aren’t entirely clear.  For instance, L5R 4e books are just really nice looking.  Even if you don’t like the system or the world, might be inspired by the presentation.  Other books that are more about culture and less about mechanics seem like possibilities, though, again, more so possibilities for gamer friends.  Dice can be an accessory I can imagine actually giving to people and not just gamers – non-gamers don’t understand how common polyhedral dice are in the gaming world.  Mahjong dice are something non-mahjong players might find more interesting.  Using weird six-sided dice for mahjong is a possibility.

I’m increasingly looking at non-stuff gifts because I, personally, have way too much stuff and need to reduce those things that aren’t important to me.  Plus, I realized experiences are the best things in life a while back, anyway.  In fact, my anti-present thing comes from getting presents but not getting experiences to go with them when I was young as toys and games and whatever were in a vacuum of lack of people to play things with.  I sort of realized that tickets to events and whatnot are a legit thing to consider, recently.  Of course, travel is a great thing to have, just a messy thing to gift out of the blue.


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