Double-Striking, Swampwalking Squirrel Pumpers

There’s a few things I’ve thought to blog about.  Then, work travel has limited my time, both my travel and my manager’s.

So, Magic.

As I mentioned, my friend is introducing Magic to his son.  We played previously with his old multiplayer decks.  I mentioned Type P.  I was heading over to their place last Sunday, when Gary told me to bring stuff to make P decks.  I grabbed Time Spiral, box with a few Ravnica and mostly Guildpact, and a Dissension box (none of these were full, I don’t have that much random crap lying around).  I figured Time Spiral would have some easier to grok cards, though it also has too many things going on.  The multicolor stuff just has really cool cards.

So, I bartered them Time Spiral tournament packs and boosters for popcorn.  And, I helped his son put together a deck.  While his blue actually looked the most solid!  Based off of the creature base!!  I figured the G/R/b build was easier to process.  He had Stormbind to justify that.  He also had Stuffy Doll!

We played two games.  Both games, he got out Evil Eye of Urborg, a card I just love … see, there are so many things about Magic that are lovable.

In the first game, I played one of my goblin decks.  This was my hardcore goblin deck with only Moggcatcher not being a goblin.  It was in a more serious configuration, i.e. I was playing my Hands of Death.

I beat.  Evil Eye raced me.  I had enough 2/2’s to swarm him for the standard Magic result of a 1-0 (life) victory.  We weren’t playing for ante, this was more to get familiar with both the game and the deck.  Still practicing, I switched to my Llanowar Sentinel deck (it still only has seven) in elf mode, i.e. not playing removal.  As is always the case with Magic, the game came down to us both being at 2 life and his Evil Eye stopping him from flying over for the win, so he had to Stuffy Doll tap, untap with Scryb Ranger, Stuffy Doll tap for the kill.

Doesn’t happen that often IME but, sometimes, Magic works.

So, other than an enthusiasm at looking at some of my numerous P decks and looking around at what sets I have various quantities of, I saved the most recent rules into my P folder.  In my P folder are some challenge charts for what my P decks are interested in facing.  Allow me to paste the first 45 decks.
Snow Raven
Colors: U/B/w
Want: Removal, Dark Ritual, enchantments/enchantment return, bounce, milling/decking
Have: Goblins, Seal of Strength, Destructive Urge, Red, Forests, Mountains, Green enchantment removal
Size: 106

Hell’s Horses
Colors: G/B/u, G/B/w, (5c)
Want: Mana fix, Dark Ritual, removal, flyers, Pernicious Deed, blue permanents
Have: Mountains, bit of red, Chariot of the Sun
Size: 101

Jade Falcon
Colors: G/u/b, maybe W/R
Want: Forests, sac creature effects, soldiers, land destruction, counterspells, elves, zombies, creature generation
Have: Soul Link, some red
Size: 101

Ghost Bear
Colors: B/w/u
Want: Mana acceleration/fix, counterspells, Aquamoeba, removal especially that can affect black, clerics, wizards, tap effects, hand destruction, land
Have: Not too good Red and Green, Nature’s Blessing, Energy Arc, Forests, Mountains
Size: 100

Blood Spirit
Colors: B/r, B/r/g
Want: Black, Swamps, good Red, Terminate, dwarves
Have: Islands, Plains, bit of blue, possible Green/Forests, Razing Snidd
Size: 114

Nova Cat
Colors: W/G/r
Want: Ways to put land in my graveyard, flying defense, ways to deal with regenerators, artifact destruction, Llanowar Sentinels, elf cards
Have: Black, Blue, Islands, Swamps, Redwood Treefolk
Size: 106

Star Adder
Colors: W/R/g, G/R
Want: Sorceries, Instants, squirrel pumpers, artifact search/protection, threshold, Mountains, Forests, Flame Burst
Have: Pulsating Illusion, Islands, Bog Wreckage, Black discard, Crypt Keeper
Size: 102

Smoke Jaguar
Colors: R/b/g, B/r
Want: Threshold, low end Black/Red creatures, Dark Ritual, removal, graveyard recursion, card drawing, good inexpensive sorceries, tap effects, Swamps, Mountains
Have: Good blue, Mind Burst, some White, Islands, Plains, Dwarven Shrine, Abandoned Outpost
Size: 102

Fire Mandrill
Colors: W/B/r (W/R)
Want: Rats, removal, land destruction, mana acceleration, enchantment/artifact removal, graveyard recursion, Shelter, land
Have: Blue not good card drawing, Islands, Green life gain
Size: 102

Diamond Shark
Colors: U/w/g
Want: Mana fix, bounce/gating, removal, untargeted trample, Mishra’s Workshop, Green creatures, quick drops, Blastoderm
Have: Mogg Toadys, not good Red, bad Black, Mountains, Swamps, Skyshroud Claim, Fog Patch
Size: 103

Colors: B/G/r (B/G)
Want: Bombs, swampwalkers, maybe land destruction
Have: Good blue, white, multicolor, Islands, Plains
Size: 101

Cloud Cobra
Colors: R/W/u
Want: Mountains, Plains, walls with power > 0, flyers, pro-red, Anarchist/Recoup
Have: Good Green, some Black, Forests, Swamps
Size: 103

Snord’s Irregulars
Colors: B/U/r, R/W/u
Want: Foil Crosis’s Charm, removal, Crosis cards, maybe life gain in B or U
Have: Druid Lyrist, Norwood Warrior, Forests, Mind Burst
Size: 102

Colors: B/W/u, B/R/u, R/b
Want: Goblins, effects that trigger off goblins, land
Have: Some Green, double Blue, Forests, Islands
Size: 108

Ice Hellion
Colors: R/W/b, R/W/u
Want: Mountains, ways to turn life into killing opponent, burn, cheap creatures, midsized creatures, late game plays, Swamps, cards that protect artifacts, ways to make walls good, life gain, Plains
Have: Some Blue, couple of Islands, Green life gain
Size: 92

Goliath Scorpion
Colors: B/W/u
Want: Counterspells, come into play effects, Faceless Butcher, good enough Red to make playing red worthwhile, weenies, trample or evasion giving effects, Dark Ritual, removal
Have: Little bit of Green, Forests, Militant Monks, Cabal Coffers
Size: 106

Colors: R/b
Want: Red, Mountains, decent Black creatures or removal, Swamps, lots of (mass) creature removal, Barbarians
Have: White or Blue, not good Green, Forests, Islands, Plains
Size: 109

Steel Viper
Colors: G/r/x
Want: Mana acceleration, ways to get more creatures in play, trample/evasion, ways to deal with regeneration, flying defense
Have: 8/8 Black flyer for 11, Plains, Islands, Swamps, Tainted Isle, double mana cost stuff, maybe a color
Size: 103

Colors: B/U/g
Want: Nightmares, Black and/or Blue for a possible two color config, Swamps, (enchantment) search, maybe White
Have: Red, Mountains, maybe White/Plains
Size: 99

Colors: B/R/u
Want: Land destruction, good way to blow up my own critters over multiple turns, maybe zombies
Have: Good White, some Green, Forests, Plains, Armadillo Cloak
Size: 102

Wolf’s Dragoons
Colors: R/B/u
Want: Graveyard recursion, Dragons, threshold producers, mana fixing, creature protection
Have: Green, White, Temporal Spring, Irrigation Ditch, Wax/Wane
Size: 98

Colors: B/G/u/(r)
Want: Black and/or Green, ways to discard or sac a creature, ways to achieve threshold, Braids
Have: White, Plains, Krosan Verge
Size: 96

Colors: B/W/u/r
Want: Legends, nonGreen color fixing, good Red, enchantments/creatures that bounce from the graveyard, card drawing
Have: Decent Green, some multicolor, Forests, Riftstone Portal
Size: 94

Colors: U/R, G/U
Want: Forests, Squirrel stuff, threshold, ways to get back land from the graveyard or put land into play, counterspells, land destruction, mass creature pump
Have: Touch of White, Touch of Black
Size: 96

Colors: B/U/g, B/U/r
Want: Madness in any color except White, infinite mana, infinite cards, good instants and sorceries, sac creatures
Have: Some White, a Plains
Size: 95 (beat Shiva 2-1 and got two land for it *twirls finger*)

Colors: G/B/U
Want: Mana acceleration/fix, Goblins, reason to play Red and White
Have: Multicolor, Wirecat
Size: 97

Colors: W/G/r
Want: Rebel searchers, enchantments, removal, land destruction
Have: Blue, Black, Mercenaries
Size: 96

Colors: G/W/r
Want: Flyers, ways to achieve threshold, permanent creature pump, card drawing
Have: Black, maybe Blue
Size: 96

Colors: B/R/u
Want: Mana acceleration, creatures, flyers, Anarchist
Have: Bit of green, lot of white, forests/plains
Size: 98

Colors: G/r/b
Want: Nightstalkers, mana acceleration/fix, goblins, beasts, zombies
Have: Some blue and white, islands/plains
Size: 99

Colors: W/B/R(r)
Want: Goblins, Lightning Rift, soldiers, zombies, clerics
Have: Elves, beasts, wizards, forests/islands
Size: 101

Colors: G/U/r
Want: Beasts, mana acceleration/fix, Feral Shadow, Breathstealer
Have: Some white, plains
Size: 97

Blood Brothers
Colors: W/B/u
Want: Clerics, Accumulated Knowledge
Have: Unknown
Size: 98

Colors: G/R/b
Want: Unknown
Have: Black/Blue, white, islands/plains
Size: 97

Colors: W/U/b, ?/b/r
Want: Pumpable creatures
Have: Green, treefolk, Harrow, forests, Elfhame Palace, Irrigation Ditch
Size: 100

Followers of Set
Colors: B/U/w, 5C?
Want: Mountains, excuse to play red – its strongest color, mana fix
Have: Unknown
Size: 97

Colors: B/R/g/(u), 5C?
Want: Creatures, mana fix
Have: Maybe white
Size: 95

Brujah Antitribu
Colors: B/U/G
Want: Creature generators, Urborg Elf, way to generate two white mana without playing white, ways to make use of massive card drawing, life gain
Have: Red, multicolor red, probably white, goblins, Martyr’s Tomb
Size: 99

Colors: B/G/r
Want: Threshold producers, graveyard fillers, minions
Have: Some white and blue, islands/plains
Size: 99

Eridani Light Horse
Colors: W/G/r
Want: Creatures, creature pumpers, bird cards, red
Have: Skyshroud Claims, Black, swamps, Barren Moor
Size: 97

Colors: B/R/w
Want: Zombies, creatures, raise dead effects, Anarchist/Recoup, life gain
Have: Green, blue, Aether Burst, forests/islands
Size: 94

True Brujah
Colors: R/B/U
Want: Goblins?, beasts?, land, infinite mana
Have: Slivers?, unknown
Size: 95

Colors: R/W/u, R/G/u
Want: Slivers
Have: Wizards, black, swamps
Size: 98

Colors: B/U/r, G/W/r
Want: Zombies, land
Have: Unknown
Size: 93

Colors: G/R/u
Want: Beasts, double strikers
Have: Unknown
Size: 95

I didn’t ever get around to detailing out my interests for my other ~50 Type P decks.  This is from 2004, by the way.

One may wonder about the difference between wanting “infinite mana” and wanting to “generate 2 white mana without playing white”.  Such is the nature of the “South Bay Style” of Type P.  The “North Bay Style” is this bizarre arena of trying to make your “wizards” better.  That sort of nonsense doesn’t fly down here.  Our culture was all about trying to make our decks evolve into what we wanted them to be.  Dave actually had a creatureless deck.  My dragon deck doesn’t care if it gets more (than 2) Shivan Dragons, it would be fine with some changelings just to have more dragons, though only two cards currently key off of dragons.

My rat samurai deck has two Blazes.  I often leave them in the sideboard.  Rat samurai!!

Before I work on my next post, should say something about Portal.  Portal 2 is arguably my favorite set for making Type P decks – just one-sided(!!) Wraths of God, flyers, burn, and fatties, and Nightstalkers.  But, anyway, the advantage of Portal sets is card text.  I actually think this is a case where Magic does far better than most CCGs – the card text level is much more manageable.  It’s still too much for my tiny little brain to track cards in play that have tap or, Pan Creator forbid, untap effects, but, compared to the encyclopedias that are V:TES cards or the ridiculous number of effects to track in Shadowfist games, it’s something someone might be able to learn when eight years old.

I doubt I have base set packs lying around.  That would have made sense.  Well, whatever.

Btw, did you figure out (assuming you bother to understand how Type P works) why some of the above decks are named after mercenary units rather than clans?


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