Princess Police – Episode Guide

Saturday, July 11th, 2015.  Our final session of a Legend of the Five Rings campaign that had its first session on March 3rd, 2012.  The second longest RPG campaign I have ever played in.  While technically not complete, as we await the denouement of the campaign from the GM, plus there are some things I might send out, no more actual play.  I am very likely going to post some from fictions, session notes, emails, or whatever here – those things I think are interesting for someone who wasn’t “there”.  While our Conan campaign had a lot more material, quite a bit of it isn’t suitable for public consumption, not that everything from this campaign is suitable, either.

First up, a breakdown of the sessions, with a variety of injokes – some of which I might get around to explaining:

Princess Police Episode Guide

Topaz Championship
Sessions: 1-4
Important Locations: Tsuma
Events: #3 – Izumi Topaz Champion

The Kitten Trail
Sessions: 5-12
Party: Daniwa joins #7
Important Locations: Zakyo Toshi

Ryoko Owari
Sessions: 13-23
Party: Tanshin joins #21
Important Locations: Ryoko Owari, Kudo Mura
Events: #21 – Bird “killed”

Kudo Mura
Sessions: 23-26
Important Locations: Kudo Mura
Events: #26 – extensive information on organization

Kyuden Miya
Sessions: 27-31
Important Locations: Kyuden Miya
Events: #27 – Kitten executed

Winter Court
Sessions: 32-64
Party: Kagayatsuki leaves #32, Kidai joins #32; Mikael joins #42; Lia leaves #??
Important Locations: Pale Oak Castle, Otosan Uchi
Events: #32 – Otomo Seiji appears; #38 – picnic!!; #40 – geese murder!!; #41 – Izumi Sumai Champion!!; #44 – Touch of Jurojin; #45 – Mikael Horsemanship Champion!!; #45 – Bird flies again; #51 – Yoake appears; #53 – Seiji flees, Emperor saved, Emerald Magistrate for everyone!!; #55 – Diwe dream; #56 – costume party; #57 – Shadowspawn attack Emperor, Nana’s soul freed!!; #58 – Yobanjin; #59 – Mikael Kenjutsu Champion, Shorai Iaijutsu Champion!!; #60 – Vision tomb sealing; #63 – Mikael Phoenix, Tanaka Centipede, Tanshin ends Undertaker’s streak, Gaijin attack Emperor!!; #64 – WC ends, promotions, bandits + Yobanjin!!

Mantis Isles
Sessions: 65-66
Party: Katsuro in the ‘hood #65
Important Locations: Mantis Isles
Events: #65 – Seiji slain!!

Mura Sabishii Toshi
Sessions: 67
Party: Katsuro not so much in the ‘hood
Important Locations: Lonely Shore City
Events: #67 – Kumohito defeated, Bayushi Courtiers 0, Kidai 2 …

Tani Senshio
Sessions: 68
Important Locations: Valley of the Centipede
Events: #68 – Moshi heir slain, Blessed by Rokugan’s preeminent hottie, Tanaka Moshi-ed!!

Sessions: 69-76
Important Locations: Tsuma, former Unicorn Lands
Events: #69 – Crustaceans!!; #70 Ostrich no Oni, Shino; #72 Fuyumi recovered, Kitsune guidance; #73 Lia’s fiancee finished; #74 centuries ago!!; #75 Kibatsu’s love!!; #76 Dragonfly divination, Taka Topaz!!

Ryoko Owari Toshi
Sessions: 77-80
Important Locations: Ryoko Owari Toshi, Three Willows Village
Events: #77 Toritaka Akane/Heichi Yokichi; #78 Junhime taken!!; #79 Izumi patricides, Junhime freed!!; #80 Big Bunny presses Bunny Babe on Harried Hare, Legion traitor dead during duel, 1st Legion/3rd Division command!!

Mission’s End
Sessions: 80-88
Important Locations: Razor of the Dawn Castle, Plains Above Evil
Events: #81 Inaka Runs, Shadowlands horde, hurricane!!; #83 Onwakaze; #84 Naga, Yume-do!!; #85 Akasha City; #86 Tear of Heaven; #87 Kira killed!!; #88 Diwe, Done!!


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