So, gaming.  I had Friday off, I played not a game.  I had class on Saturday, yes, I had class on Independence Day in the vicinity of a state of one of the United ones.  I, then, went to a park where there was chili tasting, had unexciting chili sliders and tater tots, and retired indoors to play Arkham Investigator The King Cometh.  We did not do well, scoring only 10 points.  Scored way better playing A Grain of Evil some number of weeks ago.

But, it’s Sunday where we get into something more umamiful.  Off to chez Haas for VTES.

There are eight of us for the play that is casual.

Game 1:

Alex (Lasombra vote) -> Ian (Hatchling) -> Brandon (Santa acceleration) -> Eric (Lasombra fight)

I have the perfect crypt draw of Ferox, elder Ferox, Obsidian, Erinyi.  Of course, my deck has six Wider Views and I play like four early on.  I begin to Hatch an evil plan, which causes my prey’s Kindred Spirits to go backwards, as you know playing indigenous Gargoyles always does.

Brandon doesn’t accelerate much, so plays with an Anarch Convert, Santaleous, and adds Bloody Mary later.  Lord Vauxhall gets an Improvised Flamethrower and Abbot.  Alex puts out the Lasombra who takes no damage from allies and calls votes, only putting into play two Abyssal Hunters right before he gets stealth bled out.

I eventually get a flyer, three groundpounders, and my uncontrolled region out.  Swarm bleeding takes out Brandon because we know that Gargoyles with a capacity above one and their progeny who can’t stop votes totally wreck tables when being stealth bled backwards and being KRCed.  Eric concedes in the endgame to the mighty wall/legion.

Interesting that Hatchling got its text changed.

Brandon commented that this is why every deck should run Scourge of the Enochians.  I’d argue that this game is a perfect example of why Scourge of the Enochians is a horribly designed card.  If Scourge sees routine play, this deck scoops.  I’m sure that’s exactly the intent of putting in weenie hosers – to cause non-slave Gargoyle decks to scoop.  Now, should there be a card that nukes weenies when there are a horde of them in play?  Possibly.  Vote decks already kill horde decks, as Alex’s deck could have easily of done if he survived longer or drew differently.

Twas fun to play that deck.  Unfortunately, by winning, I may have to retire it, at least in my hands.  Because we all know just how pleasing it is for Ian to say “every time …”, whether that continues “… I’ve played the deck, I’ve won” or “… I’ve played the deck in a tournament, it won”.

Game 2:

David A. (Ass Strike At the True Flesh) -> Ian (Political Antagonist) -> Brett (Merged Melinda Sabbie vote) -> Brandon (Ass Priority Contract)

Lot of Ass on Ass violence/contesting.  So, that was game.

If you have a vote deck at a table and you don’t do anything to it, … who do you expect to win?

I should have discarded more aggressively, then I might have had multiple Antagonists in play for extra metagaming brilliance.

Game 3:

Andy (Malk SB) -> Brett (borrowed Pot/Pre) -> David CK (borrowed Giovanni Talbot’s) -> Ian (4cl Jyhad Toreador)

After I backousted David, having every vote pass, the first two with nothing more than the vote card itself providing sufficient votes, I, of course, grind out the Malks in the endgame.  The poor, feeble, helpless Malks have to DI my Distraction to prevent … cycling.

Of course, I never managed to bounce a single bleed and gave Ramiel superior Celerity, so business as usual for team Toreador.

We could have played another game, but it was after 4PM on a Sunday and the Berkeley group had to drive a ways.

So, Andy and I jumped into a HoR3 mod that was advertised on the forum.

Poisoned Thread

High rank mod, with unknown tags because … no tags put into module request page.  Obvious investigation mod.

We do stuff.  It is highly effective.  Here is my great spoiler for the mod:  I fought with a katana and took no wounds.

I don’t actually think my SR-4 Suzume Bushi has ever used a katana before.  Sure, I’ve used a Tsurugi because … really … who hasn’t?  I happened to have something in one of my hands, a source of light, that prevented no-dachiness of no-dachidom.  I killed 3-4 dudes.

Interesting thing about this character.  Having no armor is really, really subgood.  I might have been able to get away with that in the IR-1 days, but I somehow imagine that other high rank fights are not going to be as frabjous.

We successfulize!  We do so in a relatively short amount of time – 4.5 hours.  Callooh callay for being able to go home at nearly 10PM on a Sunday, after gaming for 10.5 hours minus an hour or so for getting overpriced Vietnamese food of less than frabjous quality.

At the moment, I’m allergying, which I attribute to staying up well past my bed time.

Oh, well.  Such are the mighty challenges a gamer must undertake in life.  I’m sure there are those who suffer 10, 20% as much.  When I feel up to it, I’ll toast some Perrier-Jouet to their travails.


One Response to Polymathematical

  1. Mauziz says:

    Those were some awesome games. And a big thanks to you and the others for aiding in my “Leave Torpor” action. The poor Melinda deck needs some changes – right now it’s not Sabbat enough. If only there were some decent Sabbat only events… Auto-de-fe is insufficient to make a distinctive voting deck… :(

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