HoR & Shadowfist – May

Talk about a terrible title.  But, the only close to flowing title I could come up with is Fisticuffs and Phoenix and that puts the stress too much on the last.

Let’s start with Heroes of Rokugan.  I’ve now played two mods since Gen Con 2014.  For one, I had the perfect character to spend hours shopping, festival eventing, etc.  Unfortunately, the mod had a murder investigation, we had a lot of players, and some people had to leave quickly.  It wasn’t satisfying, as the only thing my alt character is good for is frivolous things and boring plot had to come first.

Today, I played a combat mod.  I played my main.  We rolled initiative a couple of times, but I never drew one of my four swords nor did anything ever attack me.  This was very satisfying.  It was one of the other mod archetypes – the linear, convince some all powerful thing to be not evil, mod.  I used one of my bushi school’s three techniques.  The rank three one.  Yup, I got to spend a Void Point to add my Honor to a Perform: Shakuhachi roll for when a Unicorn felt like dancing.  I even got some shopping in with my 3 koku character.

HoR can be pretty strange in how what’s appealing is highly unpredictable.  Sometimes going to hate the “please, all powerful NPC, stop being crazy” mods and sometimes going to like them.

The obvious takeaway from getting back to HoR is that I find the side things most enjoyable.  I like using less used skills.  I like interacting with the world in a way that doesn’t involve “2 Raises for Feint”.

I’m both significantly behind and not that behind.  I don’t think I’m going to care much about playing high rank mods, just as I missed most of the HoR2 high rank mods.  On the other hand, I have six mods in the 50s I haven’t played.

I need 1xp to power up into a real midrank bushi, aka gain Simple Attacks.  I still don’t know that that matters in that I have no feel for the campaign and am not actually trying to accomplish anything, but it may be important to balance sessions given that I can’t rely on the others at the table being combat monsters.  It would probably be more entertaining to have my character die before the end of the campaign, just to have the character do something interesting.

So, Shadowfist.

Last two sessions – May 7th and April 30th – saw us have two fast games per session.  We were done both times before the store closed at 10PM.  We used Cardiff 5-player team rules, which may not be perfect but is totally the way to play fivesies.

In April, I played my Magic Dragon deck, had to play Wu Ming Yi to get two magic in play to put Phoenix Stance on Lenny Wu.  Wait, there is a Phoenix theme to all of this.  Throw Li Han into the mix, and there’s the symmetry of having a Guts dude, a Regenerate dude, and putting a state in play that gives both to some other dude.  I didn’t do much in that game.

In the second game that night, I played my Flower Glower deck, Blossoms of the Black Lotus would get taken out, only to be replaced by another 3-power hitter.  Thorn tokens and one of my allies having Long Shadows and Long Shadows’ Evil Twin caused team noble and virtuous Lotus to win.

Last Thursday, I started out with my Bonebow Army deck.  I got up to 11 cards in hand with Lusignan’s Automaton and Lusignan in play, and I couldn’t legally play like eight of the cards.  I never got two Monarchs resources to play that half of the deck.  I was ridiculously choked on Feng Shui Sites, with no Dockyard in the deck.  I won because I put four FSSs in play and never got attacked, and one of my allies had a strong early game.  Well, actually, I won because the two enemy players didn’t do a whole lot, partially because I’d attack right to take out NFSSs that generated power.

Second game, I played an Architects Ambush deck.  And, I did stuff!  I attacked with little interception because nobody could kill my ambushers by intercepting except through dying to Carnival of Carnage.  Many Neutron Bombs and/or Underworld Coronations kept things mostly clear of characters throughout both games.  Again, attacking right kept one enemy crippled.  Ah, Cardiff-5, where crippling two players while burning for victory is the thing to do.

So, now, I have two more undefeated decks.  I should break them down before I lose a game.  KublaCon is coming, so I’ll need decks for that, but I doubt there will be much team play.  I think my decks really need team play as that are slow and clunky and play lots of weak cards.  Mmmmm … just like V:TES.  Thank Caine that V:TES is a team game … right?

So, other.

I have ideas for blog posts!  Huzzah!  I’m tired all of the time.  Sigh.  I will try to work on some L5R posts, as I got a request for one, and I still haven’t done Skills.


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