Easter VTES

April 9, 2015

What’s more appropriate than playing V:TES on Easter?

We start with a four player game.

David-1 (Tariq wall) -> Brandon (Talbot’s Giovanni) -> Gary (borrowed Aus/Pre/Vic) -> Ian (Nadima wall)

Ah, Talbot’s Chainsaw decks.  Brandon brings out Ferryman.  Gary steals Ferryman.  Brandon’s ready region is a disaster.  David brings out Tariq, who gets skill cards, Atonement, sent to torpor, and Graverobbed.

That does save David from losing Tariq to my Form of Corruption.  I have Army of Rats, Anarch Revolt, Smiling Jack in play while Gary has a Famed vampire in torpor and I play a few Extortions to make things difficult for both David and Brandon.  Brandon does send my Nadima to torpor with Talbot’s as I manage my blocks badly.  She gets eaten.  Army, Revolt, Smiling, Fame all get cleared.  With infinite time, I would sweep as David had no ready region left to speak of and Brandon had been surviving on virtually no pool with almost no library.  Gary had less library than I did and I brought another Nadima out to go with Horrock with Raven Spy and Mirembe.

Maybe I should play more webdecks – this one was one I found that I cut down to 80 cards because I hadn’t played Gangrel with Serpentis in a while, though my intent was to play a more bleedy deck.

David-1 and Gary leave.

Ian (!Toreador w/ Obf) -> Brandon (Gangrel w/ Dom and votes and someThing) -> Andy (!Trem BH bleed) -> David-2 (Ravnos block)

Brandon plays first turn Information Highway and just runs over the table.  It’s sort of amusing, sort of sad that first turn Information Highway is still such a brutal play.  With no vote defense, Brandon just kept KRCing forward, and I didn’t have nearly enough intercept to block forward, plus David stole my first gun for some reason.

Andy (borrowed Baali of the Name 1.1) -> David (Trem) -> Brandon (!Brujah bleed) -> Ian (borrowed Claudio Severino adv.)

I play first turn Information Highway.  Turn two John Dee, turn three Claudio.  I can’t draw into any blood management, so I’m sitting around with two full 9-caps for much of the time.  I wonder if I can just play with them, as that would be funny.  When I do draw Villeins, Brandon Suddens them both.

I thought Andy would hate my TWD, as he often hates them.  This one is so dumb, though, that he thought it was hilarious, even using Angra Mainyu’s stealth ability to steal Powerbase: Montreal.  He overblocks forward, and I bleed him out, with David on the ropes.  I try to bleed David out and get Archoned and John Dee doesn’t have Obfuscate, so I get ousted.  Brandon finishes off David.

David (Nos Flamethrowers w/ Volker) -> Andy (borrowed Jyhad low cap Presence bleed) -> Brandon (Carlotta and friends Dom/Obf bleed) -> Ian (bring three guys out and get bled for 16 in two actions)

I bring three guys with FOR/Obf out and get bled for 16 in two Etrius actions.  David manages to hang on forever with his mighty Carlton and whatever, though Etrius spending lots of blood on stuff helped immensely.  Andy brings out lots of vampires but has inconsistent bleed.  He draws a lot of masters while I watch.  Eventually Andy ousts Brandon and wins the endgame.

What’s the takeaway?

Yet again, I neither write down rules questions we have nor do I write down deck ideas that come to me while I play.  The reality is is that there are many, many possibilities for decks.  Sure, most of them are going to be sucky decks or decks that are just worse than other decks, but, if all people wanted to do was win playing games, they should find some nice two-player games with a healthy competitive environment.  Even two-player CCGs aren’t really all about winning but about the massive variety that CCGs have that most other games don’t.

I also feel like I should play some stuff I’ve played before but haven’t played in a long time.  There’s a nostalgia factor.  There’s also building the same deck with newer cards.  Baali of the Name is a goofy deck that would never occur to people since the infernal rule got changed and since Path of Evil Revelations got printed.  But, I’ve already written up an updated version of Weapon Not Found that doesn’t run five Ashes to Ashes.  Etc.

As to why I haven’t posted in a while, starting a new job has something to do with that.  Have to adjust to a new schedule.  I have opinions on RPG experiences recently (I even played an HoR3 mod for the first time since Gen Con!), but I don’t feel strongly enough about them to get something down on e-paper.