Fisticuffs [20150319]

I don’t have much to say about playing 3/12, but, then, I don’t have much to say about playing last Thursday.  Mostly, I just want to post my deck from that game.

Yup, we played one 2.5 hour game, four-player game, and that was enough.  While there is a definite sense that games are being too grindy, to where it looks like we will take a break for a bit, I thought it was an interesting game, if not for one of the players.

Don (Fire) -> Ray (Hand) -> Joren (Jammer/Monarchs) -> Ian (7 Masters)

Got to the point where there was only one FSS in play after 2 hours, with several annoying NFSSs in play, including Summer Fire Palace from a second player!

Joren had Jayne Insane for a long time and she kept changing stats.  Ray was a threat for a moment, with Cheng Hu Bai and Sifu Beumer, the latter surviving for ages and getting Hands Without Shadow to be a menace.

Don got stuff going but got stopped a lot.  Then, everyone except Ray became a threat to win with multiple burned for victory sites.

I spent most of the game with just a Mountain Hermit in play.  He kept joining attacks!!  The first one, with Northern Long Fist, got taken out.  The second got Invincible Stance, which got broken, then got Celestial Stance.  Phoenix Stance didn’t come out until I put Red Bat in play.  Jade Willow came out for free and multi-attacked for the win off of my last Mountain Hermit, though I had another trick.  My events tended to be really important.  So much damage was being thrown around between the two Monarchs decks that Kunlun Clan Assault fit right in and helped murder stuff.

Name:  Stance Master
Faction:  7 Masters
Size:  50

7 Masters Cards (28)
Characters (15)
1x Ghost Wind
1x Gold Lion
1x Ho Chen
1x Jade Willow
1x Monsoon
3x Mountain Hermit
1x Red Bat
1x Sky Dragon
3x Wah-Shan Clan Warriors
1x Wudang Monk
1x Wu Man Kai

Edges (2)
1x Balanced Harmonies
1x Bridge of Birds

Events (10)
2x Beneficent Tao
5x Kunlun Clan Assault
2x Monkey Fools the Tiger
1x Pao Yeh Pao Lo Mi

Sites (1)
1x Wudang Mountain

Generic Cards (22)
Events (6)
1x Scroll of Incantation
2x Solar Flare
1x The Becoming
1x Willow Step
1x Wing of the Crane

Feng Shui Sites (11)
1x Martyr’s Tomb
5x Rainforest Ruins
1x Stone Dolmens
3x Tangram Alley
1x The Shangshu Mansion

States (5)
1x Celestial Stance
1x Invincible Stance
1x Lunar Sword
1x Northern Long Fist
1x Phoenix Stance

So, 7 Masters are obviously broken.  Every card you play is ridiculously good.  Red Bat was only about 10 Fighting in my deck, but 10 Fighting for zero cost is … okay.  Jade Willow is as absurd as she sounded from reading a tournament report with a deck built around her.  Amazingly enough, free cards that aren’t typically free is kind of a broken thing in CCGs.  Monkey Fools the Tiger is straight up murder, while every time I’ve played Pao Yeh Pao Lo Mi, I’ve won …

While I love that KCA gives multiple talents to play amusing cards, like Stances, 7 Masters may just be too powerful for me to play, given that I’ve won every game I’ve ever played with a 7M deck.  I’m going to have to play various events and states from this deck in other decks, as they are pleasing.

Anyway, I’m getting to a point where it’s becoming harder to get enthused about deckbuilding.  I think it’s because I’m building too many of the same sort of deck, building around a lot of ramp characters and trying too hard to avoid various cheese cards.  I think I can bust out some 30 card decks with 5x certain cards I like that I’m not playing as consistently and be amused for a game or two, though, as I said, looks like a break for a while.

Not that that’s a good sign.  Whenever people want to take a break from a CCG, it seems like the real problem is that they just don’t like the CCG that much.  I find the fix to bad games or unhealthy environments to be to play more!!  The number one problem I see is staleness, with people not building decks more often, but other people have other problems with CCGs.  Lower expectations, people.  Lower expectations.  Will enjoy life more.  CCGs are really, really hard to get right.  I’d still much rather play Babylon 5 with Drakh, ISA, and Crusade piles than play Magic.  You just have to accept that only Ultimate Combat! is the best CCG ever.


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