Fisticuffs [20150305]

While not compelled to speak of every game, I thought a few details would be amusing from last night.

Ian (Sea Dragons) -> Don (Dragon/Architect guns) -> Ray (borrowed Thunder) -> Joren (Dragon weapons)

People played FSSs as not a lot of characters were out.  I played only two because I had Crystal Field and I didn’t particularly wanted to be targeted.  I put out Mad Scientist and Knightcaps, used Thermobaric Explosion to kill everything in play except Beaumains and that was game.  Don won with a Chinese Doctor(!!) tooled up with guns.

My Mad Scientist did go for a site with one body left, but an Auramancer braved intercepting.  Amazingly enough, Jammer resources don’t help a lot when your hand is full of Monarchs cards and cards like … Larcenous Mist.

Total time?  Maybe a bit more than 30 minutes.

Don (as above) -> Ray (as above) -> Joren (as above) -> Ian (Dr. Iron Golem variant)

This looked like it wouldn’t last much more than 30 minutes, as Don got an Ex-Commando with various guns while the rest of us had little.  We all had to go into stoppage mode, with Ray and Joren having little ability to play anything.

So, my Iron Fists McQueen cleared out Don’s chaff, came back with Final Showdown, and took out the first Ex-Commando.  The others didn’t prove all that threatening due to a lack of guns to buff them.

I made a bid for victory with Junkyard Boys, Chinese Doctor, Khofesh, Iron Fists McQueen, and Hitlist in play, but I did the math poorly and knew it wasn’t going to work once I started it.  I settled into waiting for “Is That All You Got?” to have recovery for the inevitable loss of a unique character.

The problem with that was that Don got out a tooled up You Xia with stuff, Ray attacked right with Beaumains, Lord Hawksmoor, and Lucius Centares, and Joren got out Johnny Tso and Seamus with states, including Tesla Lightning Blasters.

The Blasters easily ate my characters.  Don and Ray destroyed each other.  Don decked.  I had to fight Joren by myself and couldn’t do anything to his characters.

We played Star Realms afterwards, as it was late enough.

What’s the takeaway?

I don’t know if I have one.

I could metagame more.  States are reasonably common, so nullifying them is a thing.  I worry, though, that Larcenous Mist becomes too common, as it obliterates decks I might want to play, like Sea Dragons.  Edges are very common.  The Hungry gets played a lot.  Spot, character removal would be really strong much of the time, as it’s more about making huge dudes, then middling dudes.  On the other hand, swarms were something we were seeing for a while.  They may have gone away as Final Brawl is incredibly common (Ray).

Or, I could go for more powerful plays on my part and force other people to play answers.  That can be potentially bad as I’ve won some of the worst games we’ve played, not off of strong cards, but just because there were no answers.

As much as I wasn’t doing that much in the second game, I played every unique character in my deck and stopped the game from ending in 30 minutes, with a chance to win.

I probably should change up in deckbuilding style, though.  I’ve gone increasingly to silly and should have some decks that are more coherent mechanically.  At the same time, there are cards I could be trying out and trying out to see if they are good rather than just if they are funny.


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