Fisticuffs [20150212]

First of all, why software companies feel a need to make their products worse, I have no idea.  Yet again, I have to switch back to classic mode on WordPress to avoid pastel hell.  I’m not just talking about the aesthetics, which are atrocious and reminiscent of GoToMeeting’s changes, things Google likes to do, etc.  What is wrong with these people?  I’m talking about such things as being able to see all of my tags.  Just absurd.

Going to try to make this quick, as DunDraCon starts today.

We played two games last night.  Both five players.  One was over in about half an hour, the other in 2.5 hours.

Ian (7 Masters) -> Joren (Monarchs Faceoff) – Ray (Ascended Elephants) -> Don (Scrappy Lotus) -> Justin (Dragon Uniques)

I play a Wah-Shan Clan Warriors to get a 7 Masters resource.  Joren tries to Combat Courtship 1/1 against 1/1.  He has Armorer.  I have Pao Yeh Pao Lo Mi to not give him two power and not lose any of my own.  I bring out Gold Lion on turn four because I don’t have the resources to bring out a different character.  Gold Lion goes after Ray, burn for power his Nine Dragon Temple, he Bites to gain eight power.  Next turn, I go after Ray, burn for power.  Turn 6 or 7, I drop Mountain Hermit and Ho Chen and win, discarding the only Kunlun Clan Assault I draw to Ho Chen because I have zero power.

Terrible game?  Sure.  Hilarious?  Of course.

Ian (Accupressure Master Toughness) -> Joren (Lotus Vampirism) -> Ray (as above) -> Don (*The* Monarchs) -> Justin (as above)

While I Railroad Workers, FSS, Little Grasshopper on the first turn, I do very little else until the end of the game.  Joren doesn’t draw hitters, so his Hungry Ghosts have to get tooled up with Six Demon Bags, Vampirism, etc.  His Soul Reaver gets Amulet of the Turtle and nobody besides Justin ever tried to intercept it.

Justin got his Jenny Zhang, Golden Comeback stuff going, though he ended with an Alexandre Chen off of one Final Showdown.  He was threaty.  Meanwhile, Ray played out Triumvirate Dealmakers, Rat Fink, and Recruits before dropping three 13-Fighting Might of the Elephants.  That was not that threatening given that Don played Queen of the Darkness Pagoda, King of the Fire Pagoda, Once and Future Champion … and a couple serious hitters – Auramancers.  We took out the Auramancers.  Funny thing is that mine grow larger faster because, as an opponent, I don’t remove cards from my smoke pile that often.

A couple of my Fists of Shadow blew up The Hungry and some Monarch edge.  I put out an Accupressure Master and it got taken out by an Under the Knife Hungry Ghosts.  I put out two more Accupressure Masters and dropped Elephant Styles on them after getting White and Yellow Senshi Chambers in play.  I made a half-hearted bid for victory which Don should have let Joren stop, and Joren won because nobody had anything to defend with.

Lot of Fighting on the table, lot of people turning characters allowing others to burn for victory.  Lot of burned for victory.

It was entertaining, though less for me than others, as I didn’t bring anything out for a long time that mattered, then mostly sat on defense with my Accupressure Masters.

I still haven’t gotten around to decks with substantially more events, so I have suck for stoppage.  A lot of my older decks have lost interest for me, but, fortunately, I had two brand new decks to play and have a bunch of decks only played once.

Biggest takeaway?  Superleap wins a lot of games.  Another?  I got to start putting character removal of some sort back into decks – can’t trust anyone else to run it.


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