Fisticuffs [20150205]

It really is the nature of Shadowfist that if I don’t post quickly about games, I’ll forget a lot of what happens.

Don (Sites) -> Ian (Sea Dragons) -> Joren (Faceoffs) -> Ray (Dragon ??) -> Justin (Architect Cops)

This was a really messed up game.  It took 2 hours or so, so it didn’t drag.  Don had all five Killing Grounds in play.  His Sniper Nest was taken by Justin.  His The Home Front was taken by me.  His Forty-Story Inferno was taken by Joren.  Ray was actually winning for a while even though he played virtually nothing in terms of characters because Don Potlatched to him.

I had problematic decisions on attacking left or right because Joren kept setting up a site structure that would give him five power if I didn’t go left, while Don kept tucking FSSs behind his NFSSs.  Joren played The Thunder Dome, Justin played Police Station.  The siteness of everything was off the hoof.

I Scrounginged Don for seven … for Non-Feng Shui Sites, of course.  Ray cleared Edges a couple of times with Thunder on Thunder.

My Sea Dragons would get taken out by cancel effects – Larcenous Mist once, Temple of the Monkey King another time (there were two TotMKs in play at the end).  That was kind of annoying since I’m trying to find things I want to do with Monarchs and the metagame really discourages X Fighting characters.

Joren kept getting Armorers out, but he played only one hitter.  Ray played no hitters.  Justin played a Buro Godhammer on someone to make them hitterish but really didn’t put out much over the course of the game, either.  Don had Ba-BOOM! out twice and Brass Monkey for some hitterishness.

Joren eventually won off of having characters, a heavily damaged site to go after, and the rest of us not, nor having event stoppage.  I could have taken a shot at winning right before his turn if I chose to use Mirrored Lake to reduce Ray’s front site a bit for a couple of my foundations to go after, but I didn’t and it sounded like Endless Corridor would have stopped me, anyway.

I quite like my deck that combines Monarchs and Jammers, the latter mainly for Thermobaric Explosions, which I’ve been wanting to play with.  I just think that I should be building lots of multifaction decks just to create unique decks.  I quite like the idea of playing lots of one-ofs to feed Sea Dragons, however more Razor’s Hotties and Brain Fires would be helpful for not seeing Sea Dragons messed with.  Alternatively, I could add Dragon foundations and run Golden Comeback, et al.

Don didn’t think he’d have time for another five-player.

Joren (??) -> Ian (Flower Glower) -> Ray (Dragon ??) -> Justin (7 Masters/Hand)

This was not a terribly compelling game.  I actually can’t even recall what foundations Joren put out, which was like the only thing he did.  Ray played small characters, who died.  I tried going after Ray’s Thousand Sword Mountain when everyone was at two FSSs.  I got stopped.  Ray didn’t play anything all that strong, so Justin came in with Black Belt Rebels.  That power gain went into Ghost Wind.  With nobody putting anything of significance in play, Jade Willow got added and nobody could do anything.

Justin (Hand Swords) -> Ray (Lotus) -> Joren (Jammer Edges) -> Ian (Hand Superleap)

This was not the most interesting game, either, though a lot more was going on than in the previous.  I actually had Kung Fu Master, The Iron Monkey, and two Temple Guards in play.  Three of those four got Discerning Fired away when Ray won.

Before Ray won, Joren played Anarchy in the HK and had power and dudes, but I murdered both with the first The Iron Monkey.  Justin really never got much going, having two Inner Gardens and some sword stuff but just not anything dangerous.  I probably should have done more to stop Ray going after a site when he dropped two The Hungry, but I kept trying to figure out whether I could take 2-3 sites in a turn.  Ray was concerned that I’d Confucian Stability his Discerning Fire, but …

I keep running very few events, especially stoppage events, because I’m concerned with games having too much stoppage.  This causes problems the other way, as my ability to stop others from winning is tied to what enables me to win – characters.  Since people keep wanting my characters off the table, I can’t do anything to stop bids for victory.

My plan is to run more events.  I’m not excited by removal events except weird ones like Thermobaric Explosion and Math Bomb, but I think character damage, Toughness giving, and other more subtle effects are the way to go.

I’m also getting less inspired by single faction decks, but I’m not sure what combinations of factions interest me more.  Maybe it doesn’t matter.  Just randomly pairing or triring factions will give me the limitations to spark creativity.

I’m also unsure what decks I should break down.  My two Hand decks are pretty different, but I’m starting to feel like they play out in similar ways.  Both are Modern, so I need a Classic Hand deck, anyway.  Some of my Modern decks are just because they are simple and straightforward.  Then, breakdown or just modify?  I took the Drop Bears out of my Unstoppable Jammers deck, but it seems pretty boring, now, even though Explosive Delivery Service is a really cool card (if a total thematic failure).


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