Fisticuffs [20150101]

New year, new decks.  We even got three games in, though one of them was a terrible game … if very funny … for me.

Five player

Ian (Unique Dragons) -> Don (Architects) -> Ray (The Hungry Kun Kan) -> Justin (7 Masters and Hand) -> Joren (Lotus/Monarchs Tokens)

Ray got out The Hungry and burned two sites for victory early.  We ganged up to kill his (Infernal) Army, Abaddon the Destroyer, and Kun Kan.  He, then, on the verge of victory, started playing Glimpses of the Abyss so that nobody was close to victory.  Justin got out Red Bat, Sky Dragon (who was deathly afraid of Abaddon), Ghost Wind.  He had good power off of Trade Center for much of the game, started moving closer to victory.  Joren had little going on early, where he didn’t have the resources he needed, but eventually kept putting out a bunch of tokens, mostly by Tortured Memoriesing Red Bat and Fractured Souling him.  Joren’s horde won largely because everyone else lost their characters to Ray’s Underworld Coronation on a Kun Kan and lacked recovery.

My prey didn’t do a whole lot.  I brought out a bunch of unique Dragon characters, having more magic in my pool than Ray’s Lotus deck!  My Swift Eagle got followed by Wu Bin of Turtle Island (who got The New Heroes), Yosef Halevi, Bei Tairong, and The Spirit of Kongxiangsi.  Of those, two were the most interesting.  Bei Tairong’s Superleap and +1 damage and +1 Toughness from The New Heroes proved useful for doing stuff.  Yosef Halevi would have taken out both an intercepting Abaddon and the Infernal Army (undamaged) if I understood how all of the effects interacted clearly when playing That Which Does Not Kill Me …

I played The Jackson Gang after Underworld Coronation cleared the board.  They got taken out by Spirit Wrack, and my only other character in the game was Brave Villagers.  My prey did play Homo Omega.  I have no idea whether any of the versions of Homo Omega are any good in the CCG, but I always think about our Feng Shui campaign where he was our neighbor in the Netherworld and dropped by to ask us for some assistance.

Joren did play a couple of Auramancers, but we killed them before they could grow.  Only Justin’s deck that runs Hand to play Into the Light to recurse Red Bat, et al, would have done a lot of fueling of it.

2.5 hours.  Not crazy for a five-way.

Game 2

Justin (Purist) -> Ian (Purist) -> Joren (Demon Hordes) -> Ray (Dragon Guns)

This game was awful.  But, it was funny.  It still lasted something like 40 minutes even though I just dropped Obsidian Mountain, put another one next to it, put a The Great Wall next to that, Math Bombed to take out every character in play but my Memory Spirit, Golden Spiked Math Bomb to clear out any interceptors, and took Diamond Beach and Temple of Angry Spirits with some combination of Uncertainty Spirit, Aether Spirit, Ordinal Spirit, and Zen Logician.  Yup, Ordinal Spirit versus Angry Spirits for the win!

As there’s no way this deck will ever work this well again, time to scrap and play a more focused Purist deck.  This was just to try a variety of Purist cards, and I got to … see virtually none of my deck due to the explosive power of Math!

Game 3

Ian (Ascended Agent) -> Joren (Demon Hordes) -> Ray (Dragon Guns) -> Justin (Purist)

Everyone else kept their decks as they didn’t really do virtually anything in the previous game.  My 40-card Agent deck is incredibly redundant and full of not very strong characters that somehow get murdered constantly by my opponents every time I play this deck.  Maybe playing stronger cards will see people leave me alone more.  You know, like Aether Spirit or Swift Eagle.

Other than put an Insurance Policy on my Rainforest Ruins, I had virtually no impact on this game.  Demon Whiskeys came, went, came back, but Joren didn’t really get anything going.  Justin put out Secret Headquarters and three FSSs.  Ray put out lots of guns on Ranchers, then Senoritas and just kind of walked into winning when there was little on the board and some relatively open sites.  Problem was that there were heavily damaged sites – Mountain Sanctuary with nine damage and my Rainforest Ruins with 10 and a Cave network with two.

Another ~40 minute game, so at least we ended quickly.  I’ve got to stop playing this Agent deck as it really depends upon no one caring about it, yet my vastly more dangerous decks get far less grief.

Of the three decks I played, only the Dragon deck will see another play – after all, there’s a bunch of weird unique characters I never put out, including two I had in my hand when I couldn’t generate enough power to play anything above a one-cost character.

Name:  Pure Domination
Faction:  Purist
Size:  60

Purist Cards (40)
Characters (25)
1x 36-Legged Horror
1x Aether Spirit
2x Arcane Scientist
1x Children of the Sharp Knives
1x Esteban Vicente
1x Fermat’s Soldiers
1x Inoue Oram
1x Jenaya Ou
1x Keeper of Echoes
1x Kisa Serkov
1x Mathemagician
1x Memory Spirit
1x Ordinal Spirit
2x Purist Aspirant
1x Shadow Legion
2x Symphonic Disciples
1x True Believer
1x Uncertainty Spirit
1x Void
1x Void Sorcerer
1x Zen Logician
1x Zen Ritualist

Edges (1)
1x Quantum Sorcery

Events (9)
1x Déjà Vu
1x Delay the Inevitable
1x Echo Cancellation
1x Entropy Sphere
1x Entropy Tap
1x Glimpse of Brief Eternity
1x Math Bomb
1x Paradox Divination
1x Temporal Anomaly

Sites (2)
1x Paradox Archives
1x Paradox Garden

States (3)
1x Origami Handguns
1x Portal Nexus
1x Whispers in the Dark

Generic Cards (20)
Events (5)
1x Curse of Discord
2x Pocket Demon
1x Solar Flare
1x The Golden Spike

Feng Shui Sites (15)
2x Bamboo Forest
2x Hydroponic Garden
1x Martyr’s Tomb
5x Obsidian Mountain
5x The Great Wall

For what is the greatest Purist deck ever designed in the history of creation, I already had a number of ideas for vastly inferior, yet far more focused Purist decks.  Maybe some day, far, far into the future, I will find a way to lose with my Purist decks if I keep building less and less coherent decks than this perfect construction of pure perfection.

5x The Great Wall, baby, 5x The Great Wall.

Name:  Agent 86
Faction:  Ascended
Size:  40

Ascended Cards (30)
Characters (17)
4x Academy Instructor
1x Chief Inspector Pang
3x Cop on the Take
2x Corporate Informer
2x Death Shadow
2x Legal Eagle
3x Recruits

Edges (4)
3x Kickbacks
1x Night Moves

Events (6)
4x Operation Killdeer
1x Realpolitik
1x Secret Handshake

States (3)
1x Insurance Policy
2x SWAT Van

Generic Cards (10)
Feng Shui Sites (10)
2x Crystal Field
1x Humble Dojo
1x Medicinal Flower Garden
2x Möbius Gardens
1x Phlogiston Mine
1x Rainforest Ruins
1x Solar Farm
1x The Hidden Grotto

Totally half-assed.  But, I was actually interested in playing an Ascended deck and, now, I’m back to “what do the Ascended do that remotely interests me besides put out Reascended hitters that get Golden Comebacked?”


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