Clan Cards – Indies

December 14, 2014

Finally, going to wrap this series up, both because I think I made my point to the extent that I will try to make it and because I want to move on to other things, like CCG playday reports, the nature of good and evil, and other trifles.


Twenty-eight clan cards.  Yup, indies get more than twice what Cammies and Sabbies get for clan cards.  Why?

They don’t get Traditions.  There was a lot less of “This independent vampire …” than “This Sabbat vampire …” back in the day or, at least, there are 106 cards in my outdated FELDB database that have Sabbat and only 19 that have Independent.  In other words, there’s less connection between the indies than between the sect-cies.

In the RPG, each indie is supposed to have their own thing going on.  Ass and FoS might have a lot of the same territory and share a discipline, but they aren’t tight.  Then, especially the Giovanni hang elsewhere.

The indies have unique flavor.  There’s an argument for it being a mistake to separate antitribu and the originals mechanically in the CCG by calling them different clans.  I tend to favor separating them precisely to add more variety, but whatever.  As much as the Lasombra and Tzimisce have their own personalities, they are always associated with being part of a larger group, with Lasombra antitribu and Old Clan Tzimisce being thought of as exceptions.  Meanwhile, a Sabbat Assamite in the CCG is primarily an Assamite and far less a Sabbie, except for the Black Hand decks – Sabbat FoS would be a better example, but whatever.

At the point where you get 28 clan cards, worrying about what’s missing seems kind of pointless.  Quietus may still have a dearth of good cards, which significantly impacts Assamites, but they are in no way hurting for having a variety of things you can play.

Followers of Set

Twenty-seven cards.  One of the themes of the indies is allies.  FoS have a lot of allies these days, but, back in the day, it was crappy Giovanni allies that was something notable about playing the clan.

This post isn’t going to go on very long …


Twenty-eight.  One thing about more recent clan cards for the indies is how powerful some of them are.  Dis Pater is not crazy in effect, but, the cost/effect calculation makes it such a desirable card.  Then, Sudario Refraction is just broken.  I didn’t bother calling out some Ass or FoS cards, in part because they tend to be well known, in part because I’m not trying to make a lot of points in this post.


Speaking of broken, The Path of Paradox and Week of Nightmares are two of the most powerful cards in the game.  Keep in mind that TPoP got printed first in Final Nights, that Chimerstry was crazy expensive prior to it and Gabrin.  Chimerstry at one less blood is obscene.  Goes to how the various Paths are very different in power levels, yet are doing the same conceptual things.

The Path of Typhon is something I keep thinking about using in various ways, but it’s not essential.  TPoP is essential for making Ravnos silly.  The Path of Bone is not essential, but it does make Transfusion hilariously fun.  The Path of Blood is much like TPoT – something I keep wanting to take advantage yet not finding enough benefit to justify the cost in deck slots, etc.

Week of Nightmares is inferior to Palla Grande in mechanics, but Ravnos have stealth (and Tumnimos), though Celerity/Presence has gotten a lot more evasive.  That synergy has meant that results seem to show that WoN is the more powerful card, though both have led to many, many tournament wins.

Oh, yeah, they have 24 cards, including such winners as Shilmulo Tarot and Treasured Samadji.


The game is all about indies.  Wait, it’s not?  It does seem kind of odd how they get so many toys.  Why do Giovanni deserve more toys than Lasombra, Ravnos more than Tzimisce, FoS more than Malks/!Malks combined?

Is it because of clan specific disciplines making them harder to mix and match?  Um, Lasombra, Tzimisce …

The point of this series was that there are areas of the core game that could have been expanded rather than introducing numerous more esoteric elements to the game.  I don’t know that that can be said about indies, as they get tons of vampires and tons of clan cards and Quietus has 42 cards where Protean has 41.

Really, the main thing I’d like to see is more crossover disciplinewise.  Tzimisce with Necromancy isn’t a thing, nor is Lasombra with Quietus, even though Assamite antitribu are a thing and Harbingers started hanging with the Sabbat.