Fisticuffs [20141002]

Same four.  I hadn’t realized that I actually should have been building new decks.  I had left those decks from the previous week that I was done with just sitting intact.

As our fourth was late, I quickly turned Rattlebones.dec into a Rattlebonesless.dec for the next time we play.  I looked through my Monarchs and Dragon decks and realized I had already made some minor changes so that they weren’t the same – smaller which equates to more fun.

Speaking of smaller …

Ray (Lotus recursion Destroyer/Tracker style) -> Justin (7 Masters/Hand) -> Ian (Ascended Agents) -> Joren (Lotus recursion Whiskey/Rope style)

Was someone saying something about permacursion being fractured?  I vaguely recall brilliant insight into all matters fractured.

Joren gets out sites, a Devil’s Rope (unique promos are moronic according to Brilliant Insightman), and a couple Demon Whiskey.  Having seen this before, I knew that there was one worse thing Lotus do recursively …

Ray put out Underworld Trackers.

I tried to keep Joren under control but still got intercepting grief for bothering to put characters into play and turning them to attack.  My Cops on the Take just got Tortured Memories into Rope or my Legal Eagle with a SWAT Van would get attacked or my Academy Instructors would get attacked.  That’s another feature of the metagame which leads to lots of sites in play and difficulty punching through – characters keep getting attacked (in addition to getting intercepted when trying to keep someone in check).

I ended the game with 11 power and three Operation Killdeers in hand.  Oh, and five cards in my deck.  I didn’t win.  Even if I had drawn those five cards, no character I had left had more than two fighting.  Not enough hitters.  See, as I’m routinely running around with more than five power and sometimes double digit power in these games, I should be playing more hitters and crazy expensive ones, to boot.

Justin did hardly anything.  Couldn’t figure out where his characters were.  I had Corporate Informered him to see that he had only one interesting play in hand.  As he kept sitting on 7+ power, I had Kicksbacksed him only to see Joren do most of the spend three power at the same time thing.

I never did get an agent token into play.  Guess I got to rebuild this 35 card deck to be more consistent.  I did get two Cops on the Take in play at a time for a brief shining moment of doing annoying turning stuff on attack and getting murdered on other people’s turns.

Ray got hit with Inauspicious Reburial cleaning out two Underworld Trackers and his Destroyer, but Petal’s Attendant helped him rebuild his resource pool.  With a Feng Kan that survived to not be Reburialed, the Attendant, and something else that was midsized, plus a Tortured Bloody Hordes in reserve, we had nothing to stop him.

Ray (Triumvirate) -> Justin (Architects w/ States) -> Ian (Superleap & Sites) -> Joren (Architects)

Ray got Molten Heart into play and that was perturbing.  Counterfeit Heart made him scary even when he didn’t have Queen of the Ice Pagoda and two Blades of Darkness in play.  Justin got a Plasma Trooper Robot Armed but that was a problem with a Waterfall Sanctuary in play that we all wanted to attack.  Assault Drone did overtime work on clearing out both Blades of Darkness and making the Queen tiny enough to finish off.  It even survived, healed the following turn – being turned when I won.

What was funny about my setup was that my Venerable Apothecary (the first one) was the most vulnerable target.  I got to heal it with Lui Loyi before he got smashed by someone who had no power intercepting.  I got two damage on a Kung Fu Master but had to keep attacking with him to try to keep people under control.  That didn’t work so well and he finally got Paradox Beast to the face.

This game was incredibly strange.  There were a number of sites in play that weren’t FSS, so Justin was at two, then one FSS with a Trade Center.  Ray had two power a turn off of triumvirate stuff, so he got attacked and was down to one FSS.  Joren had tons of power, so we attacked his sites, reducing him to one.

So, with enough power to have Jade Monk, Li Po, couple Temple Guards, couple Students, and later Iron Monkey in play, I just superleapt over everyone to take three sites in one turn, the only three FSS in play except mine.  That’s some kind of flawless victory, right?  Nobody else in a four-player game having any FSS in play without some sort of site suppression deck at the table?

Somehow, two Architects decks couldn’t find a way to eventkill Li Po, Iron Monkey, or any stupid guy to stop my attacks.  I did have Secrets of Shaolin and Confusion Stability in hand to mess with events, but I had Secrets in my hand for most of the game and didn’t want to play it the only time I could have played it.  Hmmm … maybe not so great in this meta.

My Garden of Peaceful Reflection did have 19 Body at the end of the game, with only nine of the chi being in play.  For a meta that hates characters and a deck without character recursion, that was quite strange how many I had ready to superleap for flawless victory.  Li Po even took the final site by himself from Ray and his single, one-fighting dude.

Again, I seem to have no problem amassing massive amounts of power in our games, which may have something to do with how I put in alternate power plays to not be in a powerless, “I can’t do anything with 1-2 power” mode.  Since it’s easy to have three FSS in play in this meta, those just uppower to where dropping some seven cost hitter doesn’t seem all that challenging, though, in this case, it was the six cost Li Po who made everyone a hopping menace.

I’m definitely playing the Ascended deck again, with a few tweaks to get more fighting into play.  I may actually play the 40 card Hand Site/Superleap deck again.  So, I’ll worry about writing up these decks later, when they are ready to be broken down.



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