Allergic VTES

Really, I had allergy issues all day yesterday, whether morning BattleTech or afternoon V:TES.  Don’t like inflicting my sneezing on folks, but the gaming must go on.

BattleTech went well, a draw as the scenario was all about testing LosTech weapon systems.  The most famous Cataphract in all of our campaign fell down needing a four to make a piloting roll, preventing a kick, and leading to next round’s crit to the cockpit (before about 15 other weapon systems were going to blow the mech apart).  Merc Dervish and Trebuchet retreated, evening up the victory point totals our sides had.

I feel like every time I play V:TES I should say “I still do play V:TES” even though, in a given year, I probably play more V:TES than any other game besides the L5R RPG.  From a duration standpoint, V:TES probably comes out ahead as V:TES sessions are often 6+ hours long.

I showed up towards the end of game one.  Sergio from Portugal is in town for a while, so they have four players without me.  We get ‘merican food:  sandwich, hot dog, burger, falafel, gyro.  Then, I proceed to bring one of my more unstoppable decks to my first game.

Sergio (Giovanni powerbleed) -> Andy (Malk My Kin Against the World) -> Brandon (Aus/Cel/Pro vote) -> Eric (EuroBrujah) -> Ian (Incriminating Videotape)

I bring out Quira.  She bleeds at zero stealth a couple of times before Etrius comes out.  And, that’s game.

I could have really used Marie Faucigny, did finally cycle enough to draw Wider View, and inefficiently brought her out after Etrius crushed all before him.  See, what makes Parity Shift so annoying is that it so often goes in some direction besides forward, though it’s pretty annoying forward to.  Malks did 3 pool damage backward with KRC due to vote situation.  Protean voters were fine seeing powerbleeders lose 5 pool crosstable as it looked like two VPs for Giovanni if they got more turns.

Eric did try to rush me, but Etrius blocked and Swallowed by the Night to avoid punchface.  With Sergio at 5 pool because Etrius commanded it be so with the power of his sitting around not doing anything, I bled with Quira at stealth, then bled with Etrius at stealth, somehow not finding a Deflection.  With Andy low on pool and contesting the title of Prince of Rome all game between Tryphosa and Constanza, he transferred out feeling impotent before the ferocity of Etrius.  Eric got ousted, which made me sad both for the pool gain and because I was hoping he would knock down some of Brandon’s five dudes.  While Marie Faucigny was acquiring some sweet Videotapes for Etrius to watch, Pentex came a knocking and it was all about “home” movies.  Time ran out before Etrius needed to raze his enemies (or start in on Sorority Vampire Vixens 41, Part IV).

And, thus, the deck has proved that it cannot ever lose and, in fact, must always win, when piloted by someone who is a VCR expert.  If only the deck didn’t run Eyes of Argus, I could play it in a tournament, but, alas, it shall have to be someone else’s crushing victory to take the greatest crypt ever (in the last few months, maybe a year) and show that the truth is victory and victory is inevitable.  Remember.  It’s not the Videotape, it’s the minute possibility that an Incriminating Videotape might get put into play before time is called that is utterly devastating to your opponents.


Deck Name:   140731t  Incriminating Queens
Created By:  Marie Faucigny
Description: Has Eyes of Argus, so can`t be played in a tournament.

Crypt: (12 cards, Min: 24, Max: 44, Avg: 8)
4  Etrius                             AUS DOM OBF pro THA11 Tremere
4  Marie Faucigny                     dem tha AUS OBF7  Malkavian Antitribu
4  Quira                              AUS OBF obt tha6  Malkavian Antitribu

Library: (80 cards)
Master (19 cards)
1  Barrens, The
5  Blood Doll
2  Direct Intervention
2  Heidelberg Castle, Germany
4  Storage Annex
5  Wider View

Action (6 cards)
3  Magic of the Smith
1  Rave
1  Rutor`s Hand
1  Sibyl`s Tongue

Action Modifier (12 cards)
3  Cloak the Gathering
1  Elder Impersonation
1  Faceless Night
2  Lost in Crowds
1  Mirror Walk
4  Spying Mission

Reaction (21 cards)
3  Confusion of the Eye
1  Delaying Tactics
4  Eyes of Argus
2  My Enemy`s Enemy
5  On the Qui Vive
6  Telepathic Misdirection

Combat (2 cards)
1  Flames of the Netherworld
1  No Trace

Equipment (16 cards)
1  .44 Magnum
3  Cooler
6  Incriminating Videotape
2  Leather Jacket
2  Pier 13, Port of Baltimore
1  Sargon Fragment, The
1  Veneficorum Artum Sanguis

Combo (4 cards)
4  Swallowed by the Night


Needing to play quick, I have this not serious Daughters deck built that I pulled out to die fast and live hard, raarrr.

Sergio (borrowed Bay and Howl) -> Andy (DEM bleed) -> Eric (Santa & Serenna) -> Ian (G-6 DoC) -> Brandon (winnie Pre vote)

I started with two Shattering Crescendoes in my hand.  I thought I’d need to go after Andy, but he seemed to be only mostly deadifying Eric.  Andy and Sergio contested Dreams until Andy was at one pool, so the contest probably was a mistake.  Sergio got to one pool, but he had Under Siege and, thus, was immune to having a predator.  Well, a couple of Crescendoes forward had something to do with limiting Brandon’s numbers (I drew a third quickly).

Eric did Santalize my Paris Opera House, which seemed not to be terribly important, didn’t Santalize a Vessel, which I rated a coin flip of a decision.  Before I could offer a deal to Giant’s Blood Santa, Eric played Giant’s Blood.

Arguably, I could have let Brandon oust Sergio, but Sergio had put Andy into a position where it probably would have been two VPs with vote lock, which would have been annoying, so I ousted Brandon.  Eric didn’t last that long before the power of Embraces and Conditionings.  I had to face Caitlin with Mr. Winthrop and Abbot and an Under Siege in play and had a theoretical path to victory but was not going to win, even if time hadn’t run out.

Lesson kiddies – play in NoCal, expect long games where Daughters decks hold the edge multiple rounds against 7+ minions.

Deck Name:   140607  DoC Group 6 Only
Created By:  Hillanvale

Crypt: (12 cards, Min: 4, Max: 26, Avg: 3.66)
4  Anarch Convert                     none           1  Caitiff
2  Harlan Graves                      FOR mel pre    4  Daughters of Cacophony
2  Hillanvale                         FOR MEL obf    5  Daughters of Cacophony
2  Janet Langer                       MEL pre        3  Daughters of Cacophony
2  Scout Youngwood                    MEL OBF PRE for qui8  Daughters of


Library: (70 cards)
Master (19 cards)
3  Blood Doll
1  Command Performance
1  Giant`s Blood
2  Obfuscate
1  Paris Opera House
3  Perfectionist
3  Storage Annex
3  Vessel
2  Wider View

Action (12 cards)
1  Art`s Traumatic Essence
4  Concert Tour
1  Persistent Echo
6  Shattering Crescendo

Action Modifier (22 cards)
2  Cloak the Gathering
1  Faceless Night
6  Freak Drive
5  Missing Voice, The
1  Phantom Speaker
2  Siren`s Lure
1  True Love`s Face
4  Virtuosa

Reaction (5 cards)
4  On the Qui Vive
1  Tourette`s Voice

Combat (8 cards)
1  Death of the Drum
2  Dodge
2  Majesty
2  Soak
1  Toreador`s Bane

Ally (2 cards)
2  Member of the Entourage

Combo (2 cards)
1  Madrigal
1  Swallowed by the Night

By the way, if wondering how I survived two hours with this deck, first turn Anarch Convert, second turn Blood Doll hunt, third turn hunt, fourth …

I got to play True Love’s Face at double superior.  … and, yes, there really are only six Shattering Crescendoes in this deck.  Possibly something to consider if you’ve ever seen me play it.

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