Second Impressions

Much is made of first impressions.  For good reason.

It’s an area of life in general I could work a lot on.  So, forget them.

Second impressions.  Not everything is good.  Not everything can get better.  But, a lot of things can get better.

Feng Shui 2e is Kickstartering at the moment –

This relates somewhat to my theme.  First edition has a lot of style and some pretty awful mechanics.  There are way too many attributes.  AV is almost the end all and be all of effectiveness.  In those cases that it isn’t, like weapon stat differences, the game becomes silly with everyone running around with AK-47s because they are just strictly better.  Costs of schticks to use just seem haphazard, nevermind how expensive certain paths become to do the thing you want to do.

From what I could gather at Gen Con, sounds like Robin and team did a massive clean up to get the mechanics closer to the fluidity level that the game should have.

Stone Age seemed like an awful boardgame the first time I played it, though it seemed to get better towards the end.  Realized it’s a perfectly decent game once everyone became more familiar with the mechanics.

It occurred to me recently that I experienced Shadowfist before I saw my first Jyhad card!  I vaguely recall a demo of the game at Manafest 1995.  Well, I vaguely recall participating in a demo rather than just watching a demo.  Of course, I also experienced Highlander, Rage, Duel for the Stars (Race for the Galaxy in an earlier form), and one or two other CCGs besides Ultimate Combat! before I saw a Jyhad card.

I think Shadowfist has some issues, but so does everything else.  I didn’t get it in 1995, but I’m perfectly happy to play it now.  In fact, looks like we might have a regular Thursday game going at Game Kastle Santa Clara.

But, what got me thinking about second impressions was actually BattleTech.  No, I didn’t like the game more after my first experience.  But, I like our play a lot more after we have fixed various things.  We even fixed a scenario midstream last session because it was being annoying the way I devised things.  After the abort, the second try played out reasonably well.

One thing I’ve thought about is how our boardgame group has house ruled boardgames to try to make them better.  While house rules are omnipresent with RPGs and talked about quite a bit with CCGs, especially those that don’t have much of a tournament scene, I don’t get the sense that house ruling boardgames is all that common.

But, sometimes games get a lot better when you fix them.

Sometimes, it’s having different components.  Sometimes, it’s different players.

I’m not really sure how someone makes a decision to give something a second try.  Seems like a variety of factors.  I guess my point is that sometimes a second try leads to discovery that something is not as bad as it seemed at first.  There are so many alternatives in life, a nice problem to have compared to those who don’t have them, that it can be easy to try something once and eschew it for ever after.

But, then, how would one ever be able to be given credit for being like the only person ever to actually build Hyborian Gates decks?

Wandering off topic, I have played games of V:TES and Shadowfist recently.  I do not think I have the enthusiasm to do reports on the actual play.  Well, whatever.  I did show how to win with Incriminating Videotape.  I think I discarded the copy I drew some hour into the game or so.  I did win the last Shadowfist game I played by putting an Urban Monk into play on the same turn I played my fourth FSS, after my “predator” Neutron Bombed and couldn’t quite get through my Catacombs for the win.

I was thinking that there are so many experiences I’ve enjoyed from gaming that I can’t specifically recall because of volume and because things just run together.  It may seem rather minor to record miscellaneous games, but maybe having some sort of record of those games is better than just forgetting them.

Occasionally, like when I’ve been lazy, I’ll modify my V:TES decks.  I find that I modify existing Shadowfist decks a lot.  I don’t know if that’s because there are more cards that I always want to play or because I constantly want to change decks rather than play them more than once.  While I have yet to get enthusiastic about new Ascended options, the faction that has had the least appeal to me, there’s a surprising amount of Hand stuff I like playing from the latest three sets.

I suppose there’s one other thing that has made me consider second impressions, though it’s outside the realm of gaming.  The new Doctor has generated much the same extremes in remarks that other Doctors have, possibly more as some folks have never experienced an old Doctor.  I like the idea of a Doctor more similar to the original run ones rather than the boyfriend ones of the reboot.  But, I also realize that the show is quite flawed and often less satisfying than I think it should be.  Anyway, regardless, rather than go off the deep end or gush uncontrollably about a new Doctor, I’m amazed that people can’t just give it some time to settle in.


One Response to Second Impressions

  1. Brandon says:

    I have been meaning to write up the VTES games we played last time, I’ve just been caught up with murdering people in the FPS Chivalry. I’ll see if what I remember about them is worth posting later this week.

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