KublaCon 2014 Decks

For weal or ill, comments on my Shadowfist tournament decks in this separate post.

Name:  One of Eleven
Faction:  Syndicate
Size:  55

Syndicate Cards (38)
Characters (21)
1x Corporate Hacker
1x Echo and Silence
1x Hirake Kazuko
3x Mars Colonist
2x Nihilist
1x Rei Okamoto
1x Salaryman
2x Song, The Little Dragon
1x Street Doc
1x Street Racers
1x Street Sweepers
1x Tattooed Man
3x Triad Punks
2x Zero-G Sumo

Edges (1)
1x Corporate Warfare

Events (10)
1x Catching Bullets
2x Data Mining
1x Data Theft
1x Inconvenient Debt
1x Reprogramming
2x The Price of Progress
2x Underworld Contacts

Sites (1)
1x Cybermod Parlor

States (5)
3x Hyper Alloy Blade
2x Synchronic Beam Emitter

Generic Cards (17)
Events (7)
2x Salvage
4x Scrounging
1x The Algernon Effect

Feng Shui Sites (10)
1x Booby-Trapped Tomb
5x Dockyard
1x Forgotten Temple
1x Gambling House
1x Kowloon Gate
1x Temple of Celestial Mercy

This is very much a “Let me see what these various cards do” deck and not remotely the size I prefer in my Shadowfist decks (45 cards).

What’s funny is that Dockyard, the key to every deck, wasn’t remotely useful in the tournament as I always had the foundations I needed.  Cybermod Parlor is kind of bad when you play against people who seize your non-FS Sites all of the time.  Probably should go with more Salvages to just keep recycling Data Mining.  Reprogramming was played once and didn’t matter.  Underworld Contacts was very useful but still doesn’t seem like it’s that good.

Echo and Silence and Salaryman were not unexpectedly uninspiring.  I much preferred Synchronic Beam Emitter to Hyper Alloy Blade, but, then, I vastly prefer zero cost cards to cards that cost one.  I’d still like to see some of the sketchy characters in play just to make sure they are lame, but it would be easy to focus on Zero-G Sumo and Song.  Nihilist never did anything important, as well.

Name:  Demons & Dockyards
Faction:  Lotus
Size:  50

Lotus Cards (36)
Characters (23)
1x Abaddon the Destroyer
3x Abysmal Wyrm
4x Evil Twin
2x Exorcist
3x Feng Kan
3x Hungry Ghosts
5x Imp
1x Jake Rattlebones
1x Sewer Scum

Edges (2)
2x Insidious Plans

Events (11)
1x Bribery
1x Death of 1,000 Cuts
1x Feeding the Hungry
2x Spirit Wrack
5x Tortured Memories
1x Underworld Coronation

Generic Cards (14)
Events (5)
1x Discerning Fire
4x Pocket Demon

Feng Shui Sites (9)
1x Booby-Trapped Tomb
4x Dockyard
2x Forgotten Temple
1x Gambling House
1x Kowloon Gate

Green Snake and White Snake are my gals, but I figured I’d go a mostly boring good stuff Lotus deck for the tournament.  This is kind of a Jake Rattlebones deck, except I only owned one of him.  After seeing the annoyance that is Death of a 1,000 Cuts used in multiples, I need to consider running multiples.  I never drew an Evil Twin in the one game I played with this deck, which might have been a big deal considering how undercosted it is.

Name:  Terribly Transformed
Faction:  Ascended
Size:  45

Ascended Cards (31)
Characters (19)
4x Covert Strike Squad
2x Lynx on the Prowl
5x Mantis Fighter
1x Mr. X
2x Tail of the Lizard
1x Tears of the Crocodile
4x Wolf Clan Hunters

Edges (1)
1x Night Moves

Events (6)
2x Bull Market
4x Operation Killdeer

States (5)
1x Path of the Wily Mongoose
3x Shadowy Mentor
1x Walk on the Wild Side

Generic Cards (14)
Events (4)
4x Violet Meditation

Feng Shui Sites (10)
1x Booby-Trapped Tomb
2x City Park
1x Forgotten Temple
1x Humble Dojo
1x Medicinal Flower Garden
1x Mobius Gardens
1x Nightclub
1x Thousand Sword Mountain
1x Whirlpool of Blood

I so hate the Ascended … no, not really, they just bore me.  I hate Bull Market.  I (obviously) hate Bite of the Jellyfish (explaining why there isn’t one).  I think Shadowy Mentor isn’t a good card at four, but it also pales so much in comparison to Tortured Memories.  I like Covert Strike Squad and Tail of the Lizard, but that’s nearly it for Modern Ascended characters I have any interest in.

Name:  Cop Bruisers
Faction:  Dragon
Size:  45

Dragon Cards (30)
Characters (15)
4x Big Bruiser
2x Chinese Doctor
4x Cop on the Edge
5x Junkyard Boys

Events (14)
1x Back for Seconds
1x Fighting Spirit
2x Final Brawl
1x Fortune Favors the Bold
2x Golden Comeback
4x “Is That All You Got?”
1x Never Found the Body
1x Never Surrender
1x Stunt Driving

Sites (1)
1x Dragon Hideout

Generic Cards (15)
Events (5)
5x Scrounging

Feng Shui Sites (10)
3x Diamond Beach
5x Dockyard
1x Manufactured Island
1x Mobius Gardens

I did the Big Bruiser deck.  I did the Cop on the Edge deck.  I didn’t expect to play this, so I merged the two to have something to lend to people.  This lacks the style that the other two decks had, though I can see the Big Bruiser deck kind of being dull.  One can already see my love for event type cards in CCGs with this deck.  I need to find the best event-based deck archetypes.

For Modern play, there are just so many Lotus things to do.  There are no Ascended things to do (I tried thinking of something that would interest me).  Dragon – I’m still drawn more to Cop on the Edge for style but drawn to how much better Big Bruiser is for mechanics.  I kind of want to do something else, but I have no interest in vehicle decks.

For Classic play, I need to refine to get a more stylish Syndicate deck, though I really did enjoy playing the one above.  I will keep secret my other faction plans, but it shouldn’t be a shock what I’ll get drawn to in the CCG no matter how much my interests may differ in the RPG.


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