Reblog: Metagame Game

I was reading this post:  The Metagame Game.

I thought of a few thoughts.

First, this is exactly the sort of topic or direction discussion should go in that I believe makes sense while the game is not currently being published.  There are plenty of things to talk about with V:TES without getting into new cards, card ideas, what never got fixed, what shouldn’t be in the game, and so forth.

Second, there’s plenty of space for clever ideas, like this.

Okay, that out of the way, what do I think about my playing the game?

I think an aspect of this exercise is that you have different decks for different situations.  My local deck is going to metagame the metagame differently than a deck I’d put together for thinking through the NAC metagame, or whatever.  I’d even have different metagame decks for NorCal and SoCal.

Around here, there are plenty of decks in recent years that were a number of large vampires, including such things as ICMs, that vote and bled.  Voting is something I expect far less of in SoCal.  Meanwhile, I expect a lot more comboish decks.  Not combo decks.  But, decks that rely upon particular combos.  NorCal, not much of that.

In either part of the state, I wouldn’t expect to see much of decks focused on something that I specifically fear.  It’s not that winnie Animalism, winnie Auspex, or whatever wouldn’t see play in the state, it’s just that there’s far more “my 9-cap bleeds with Conditioning” or the like, that I can’t get that excited about, that I’d expect.

While my vision of how to win at the game is such that the question “Do you think you can win at this table?” isn’t as meaningful to me, I do see tremendous potential for preparing for final tables by going through the exercise of where the right place to sit is.  I would take player style into account, but I do find placement of decks a major factor in the game, unlike the idea of deck strength.  Nobody wants the winnie bleed or winnie vote decks as predator.  Etc.

Then, for random assignment, there’s always going through the exercise of considering how you will win the table.  Most of us who have played a decent number of tournaments probably just do this as a matter of experience, but it’s a great exercise for players who aren’t as experienced in table management.

Anyway, not a lot to add.  Just thought I’d market this some and throw in a few thoughts that came to mind.


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