The Coming Darkness – Shadowfist Kickstarter

While mostly playing RPGs and not thinking much about V:TES recently, I haven’t had anything new to say about Shadowfist due to the last two attempts to get together for multiplayer games falling through.

The latest Kickstarter is up:

Halfway backed with the rest of the month to go.

I think I now get the “style” of Shadowfist.  A number of CCGs have had humor – I almost got into Guardians as my friend Andrew was into it.  While I’m no fan of monkeys, I do get amused at some of the cards I see, and it does lend some depth to the game when the card name and card abilities sync up well.

What else about Shadowfist?

I find that I’m more interested in building decks around themes rather than trying to build good decks.  There are good and bad points to that.  The bad point is that there’s value to players trying to build the best decks they can to maximize the edge they get for superior deckbuilding.  The good point is that it adds value to the game to me besides just trying to do better at it.

It may be more like a Babylon 5 rather than a Vampire situation for me.  V:TES doesn’t give me much thematically to work with as I don’t really care about the individual vampires or the factional elements from a thematic standpoint.  Sure, there are a few vampires I prefer due to art or whatever, but it has minimal deckbuilding relevance.

Meanwhile, with B5, I could go mechanical themes, like speed Centauri military which I enjoyed a lot, or thematic themes, like … eh, I don’t know, Centauri B5 Influence deck, Narn B5 Influence deck – I sure liked pumping B5 Influence.

Well, whatever, the point is that I think I can get attached to individual Shadowfist cards due to other things than their mechanics.

Another aspect of building decks for Shadowfist, that has nothing to do with making better decks, is that I can focus on the card type which interests me the most – events.  Just like I was a B5 event lover, an advantage lover in Ultimate Combat!, and just like how I prefer action modifiers and reactions in V:TES, I’m all about transient effects that throw the math off.  Permanents that are actually permanent are boring.  Cards from hand is the name of the game.

I’m still trying to find a reason to take interest in some of the factions, notably the sorry Ascended.  I keep coming back to Lotus in Modern to have removal and, I didn’t think this would be the case with Dragons, but I come back to them as well.  I saw a bunch of vehicle crap and thought “Lame, I hate equipment on my heroes.”  But, Dragons do events.  Dragons feel like they have more cool dudes.  Cooled on Monarchs as I just keep seeing doing similar things with them.  Hand has gotten a bit more interesting to me, as I’ve gotten more interested in non-FS Sites, plus there are a bunch of events I haven’t played with because they seemed sucky.

With our Feng Shui game on indefinite hiatus due to my being bad at ensuring there was a regular game and due to one of the players having a newborn to look after, I don’t get to use the cards to support the RPG, some of the value of getting into the game isn’t there.  Then, I could really use more regular play to keep enthused about deckbuilding.  Plus, there are plenty of players in the area who just aren’t all that inspired to get together and play, which is not a healthy sign.  Still, I like the idea of my playing the game, and I hope to see some improvement in play driven by the Modern format.  To be clear, I’m fine with not just playing Modern, more than fine, actually, as I have non-Modern cards, but CCGs easily get bloated, and some degree of reboot enables cleaning up a lot of the clutter in the game.

V:TES could really use a massive decluttering, but that’s a topic for another post I’ve been considering.

Finally, KublaCon is around the corner, and that seems the best opportunity to get more diverse Shadowfist play in.


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