Generic Bushi School

After I looked at Secrets of the Empire, I came up with my own generic bushi school.  My interest has nothing to do with ronin and everything to do with Otomo bushi, Miya bushi, etc.  While the skills, starting equipment, and whatever can easily vary, here are the rank techniques for something I just recently remembered I wrote up.

Generic Bushi Training (Bushi)

Rank 1 – Hit Shit

+1k0 Attack Rolls with Samurai weapons and one other weapon.

Rank 2 – Smash Trash

+1k0 Damage Rolls with melee weapons.

Rank 3 – Survive Strive

+Wounds at each rank equal to Stamina minus one.

Rank 4 – Stack Attack

Simple Attacks with Katana or Wakizashi.

Rank 5 – Brighter Fighter

+1k0 Initiative, +0k1 to Rank 1 and Rank 2 techniques.

2 Responses to Generic Bushi School

  1. Andrew Haas says:

    I’d play that, actually very solid compared with some of the trash out there.

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