Eject The Tape

So, V:TES happened yesterday.  Four Methuselahs congregated and these things happened:


Eric (Nakhthorheb) -> Ian (Obf/Ser/Tha) -> Andy (borrowed Temptation w/Dom) -> Brandon (Deathstar)

“Extremis Boon.” – Ian

Ian 3 VPs, Brandon 1 VP.


Eric (group 4 Ahrimanes) -> Andy (Guruhi Incriminating Videotape) -> Brandon (Cel/Pot/Pre w/ intercept) -> Ian (modified KoT Toreador precon)

“I really need to block him getting another Videotape.” – Brandon

“Incriminating Videotape …” … “DI.”

“I need to get more Videotapes.” – Andy (when trying to convince Eric not to block creating a Bamba)

Everyone 0 VPs  (two Animalism combat decks with intercept in play, two Celerity combat decks with intercept in play = no desire to grind everyone into oblivion just to see who would win)


Ian (!Trem ally) -> Brandon (Temptation w/Dom) -> Eric (Nakhthorheb) -> Andy (Malk SB)

“Thrones Crumble …” – Brandon … “You win.” – Andy

Brandon 3 VPs, Andy 1 VP


With that out of the way, can move on to what really matters – what I think of my decks.

The Obf/Ser/Tha deck was a rebuilding (by grabbing cards that were handy) of my Ragnarok deck.  I finally got some use out of Heart of the City, blocked a Temptation stealthed by Opium Den because no one can get past Detect Authority, and was generally amused by my dominant combat.  It’s an easy deck to change, as it was never really built in the first place.

The Toreador precon was heavily modified, not just some Blood Dolls and wakes but .44s, Blood Dolls and Villeins, and On the Qui Vive, Eluding the Arms of Morpheus, and Wakes.  Considering sample size, that it has never lost has to be taken with a grain of salt.  But, it was really funny to have cards I wanted in hand almost all of the time.  I even felt bad about Barrensing away Suppressing Fire.  Didn’t want it to be 90 cards, but who can mess with success?

The !Trem ally deck has done nothing in two games.  Way too much set up and too many moving parts.  Bringing out just Vagabond Mystic in this game was sad and pathetic.  I can’t play it in tournaments due to Conditioning (and Govern?), so I guess I just junk the premise and play a more versatile Hexaped deck.

In terms of mindset, I’ve been thinking of two opposed paths for new decks.  On the one hand, I think about playing more standard and more aggressive decks to give other people’s decks better tests.  On the other, I’ve been thinking of the vast number of junky cards I haven’t played in ages.  I could just play a few obscure cards in a deck cored on something constructive, of course.  Maybe, that’s a good middle path.


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