Yup, more V:TES.  One of the main effects of playing a CCG is getting ideas for new decks.  One of the main effects of being around players you aren’t always around is getting ideas for new decks.

My main makeaway, though, from Orccon isn’t any specific deck.  It’s general things I’d like to do with decks that I forget about.

1.  Smaller Crypts

I’ve always found 5-caps and 6-caps pleasing.  It’s true that the current card pool has done a lot to push high cap play, and I see the metagame answer being winnies to punish high cap decks.  However, I don’t really care about what’s good in the metagame when it comes to actually playing the game.

I’m both interested in dorks and midcaps.  Banishment, Pentex, et al, all hurt less when you have four or five dudes doing deeds.  Just having 4+ dudes greatly increases action versatility since I’m not a big Freak Drive player.  More token bleeds, more token table actions, more hunts (missing the good ole days of hunting), more flexibility when it comes to pool management are seekworthy things.

So, why did I go high?  Variety.  I’ve built a lot of decks that ran one or two disciplines or three inclan disciplines, which is where midcaps tend to function.  I’ve never been sanguine on smallfries, not even when they were support dorks, as I’ve tended to be pro-disciplines and superiors are so much better than inferiors for a bunch of disciplines.

Whether it was unusual mixes of disciplines that tended to be more common in the sky or whether it was using the abilities of certain highflyers, I’d like to get back to “just some guys”.  But, see below for a countertrend.

2.  Goodstuff

There’s way too much goodstuff in V:TES, a function of an everexpanding cardpool.  It’s certain cards, such as Perfectionist, that I want to run more often.  It’s like how I always seem to get value out of Life in the City, but it rarely makes the cut.  Hell, I seem to get value out of Storage Annex but occasionally forget it exists.

With combat having become more of a thing, the random .44 is not as exciting, but there is usually room for a few discardable cards.  I think about Conceal at times but not consistently enough.  Earth Meld is so good, and yet I seem to run it rarely, more rarely than how rarely I run Protean.  Leverage is rarely played anymore, though that could change if I go shorter with the crypt.  Kind of hard to justify Leverage when the plan is an 11-cap, a 10-cap, and maybe a 6-cap.

Mostly an issue with masters and equipment, especially the former, but I’m sure there are some other cards that slip my mind that are goodstuffish.

3.  Proportion Changes

This is something I hadn’t been thinking a lot about that struck me over the weekend.  I want to take archetypes I’ve built before and mess with the proportions.  I’ve been doing this by taking out more and more offense for … I’m not sure what.  I’m building way too many low offense decks, so one path is more burn.  But, actually, more of the ideas I think about are ideas like Kiasyd going heavier combat (admittedly, I’ve done this multiple times).  Vote decks that run more votes is a thought.  Intercept combat with more combat is a thought.  Rush with more stealth is … not a good thought.  It’s mostly about having some sort of baseline and mucking about with it to see if that makes it terrible or not.

4.  Vampire Specials

Where 1. was about not building to specials, in theory.  This isn’t actually about superstar decks and the like.  I’d actually like to do more with tinier dude specials.  InJest saw Dr. Jest’s, Jazz’s, and Melissa’s specials being used in one round.  Obviously, I’m not concerned by having good specials to work with, just the random oddities that some folks get.  Even +1 STR versus a clan or the like would be somewhat entertaining.

5.  Remembering Cards

Where 2. is sort of remembering good cards, this is about remembering other cards.  So much talk of Boons one of the days.  Some Boons are kind of bad but not unplayable.  There are numerous cards that I think “oh, yeah, meant to play that” whether because I haven’t played it or haven’t played it in a long time.

Earth-Feeder, Hall of Hades’ Court, Inscription, Glass Walker Pact would be more of the build around kind of cards that I could do something with, but there are just miscellaneous cards I keep forgetting that aren’t unplayable but don’t see any play.


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