Eastern Events

Been visiting family.  Got together with DC V:TES group, played some Mahjong, and talked boardgames a bit with a singer/musician.

Pete Oh hosted.  Matt, I’ve played the most with.  Christoph, I’ve played some with.  And, Erik is someone who played back in the day and got back into the game.

We started a four-player but junked it after a few turns after Matt showed up.  Probably a good thing, anyway, as Imbued were doing whatever they wanted.

Game 1:

Christoph (Aus/Obf/Pre) -> Erik (Ravnos w/ Dom) -> Ian (Bio-Ex) -> Matt (BH Nocturn) -> Pete (Ahrimanes 2/3)

Christoph brought out Count Ormonde, who got Sensory Depped.  Francois Villon took forever to get out and didn’t do much.  Erik put out Joaquina, a Tumnimos, Joaquina got Dominate, and Ingrid Russo!  He continued to build his forces with Etienne (with Dominate) and others.  We were wondering where Gabrin was.  For a while, he had The Path of Paradox, but I burned it.  With neither his predator nor prey hurting him significantly, it was going to be bad, even if Week of Nightmares didn’t show.

I brought out Aisling, Magiced up Ankara, and had too many Magics of the Smith all game, which was kind of odd.  I could have used wakes.  Yasmin and Elena Mendoza Vasquez joined things and Ponticulus got Sensory Depped.  This was the same deck I played locally, recently.  First time ever putting Ponticulus into play.  My efforts to reduce my pool were successful, though not so much through Biothaumaturgic Experiment as through Sport Bike, Ivory Bow, and even a late game hunting ground.

Matt went crazy with Appius + Enkil Cog, Saul, Kestrelle, and Lucy.  By crazy, I mean he did stuff that was largely Nocturnal.  Pete seemed good with Howler, Siamese, and Lemon, but Howler got Anarch Troublemaker tapped and Matt bled Pete out.  That was somewhat unexpected.

I had a choice – either try to defend against the bleedy horde behind me or stop Matt from winning.  I deemed the latter more relevant to my winning, but I also figured the table wouldn’t care about my containment efforts and Erik would oust me for 1vp.  I torped a couple of Matt’s dudes, including Appius, but there was a distinct lack of eating Appius with Tumnimos.  Didn’t really matter, eventually, as I died, Christoph died, and Erik took the endgame with his horde.

Still didn’t do the funny thing with my deck, but it’s amazing how annoying permanent intercept and combat can be to other decks.  Good thing I introduced this novel strategy to the game with this deck built around Biothaumaturgic Experiment.

Game 2:

Christoph (DoC/Ventrue) -> Ian (Ventrue?) -> Matt (BB) -> Erik (Dom/Obf high caps) -> Erik (Ishtarri and …)

Matt drops Anarch Revolt, which seems an odd choice to me for a low combat BB deck that doesn’t do anything anarchy.  Tom comes out and goes anarch.  Bunch of the rest of Chicago Circle come out.  As I don’t block stealth actions and Erik’s deck was a mystery as to what it was trying to do, Matt did whatever he wanted.

Erik brought out Etrius and Gilbert and, eventually, Lucian but didn’t do a whole lot.  Pete brought out Barth and Ubende, the latter got Despiral, the former a .44.  There was bleed stuff and Forced March and whatever but it wasn’t clear what was supposed to be going on over there, either.

Christoph and I had issues with crypt overlap.  I brought out Heather Florent and Courtland Leighton and Christoph indicated that was two of his uncontrolled.  He brought out Jazz, and that’s someone I got on decrypt.  I Blood Dolled and mostly hunted, not because I feared going forward as much as I lacked anything I particularly wanted to do.  I could have ignored the threat of contestation and just played things normally.  I did bring out Lucia after a while as I couldn’t decrypt who I wanted and nobody plays Lucia, but it was too late.  Christoph passed votes through Erik’s apathy, which caused me to lose lots of pool.  Matt bled Erik out, giving Christoph vote lock, then bled Pete out right before Pete could oust (assuming Jazz didn’t bounce).  Christoph voted me out for 1vp and conceded.

Not a meaningful test of my deck.  Because I totally expect to run into contestment issues with group 1 vampires not of the Anson variety …

Game 3:

Pete (Nos theme deck) -> Ian (Kiev) -> Erik (Nos/!) -> Matt (Zombo Combo) -> Christoph (Mata Hari)

Pete’s girls get guns.  Erik Havens forward and Deep Song rushes backwards and I Conceal out two Desert Eagles, Octopod, and Immortal Grapple means I only punch for three after we counter each others’ Target Vitals.  I, then, spend much of the rest of the game hunting and Gestalt/Elder Intervention/Pack Tacticsing to block stealth Nos with guns.  Pete and I contest Tasha and J.S.  I ignore Erik much of the time to have him go forward, while Christoph’s only meaningful defensive play is Nightmare Curse backwards before he gets ousted.  Even though Matt has permacept in front of him and permacept (Raptor!) behind him, there’s lots of not blocking his hunts and allymaking, and Pete is ousted.  I finally give up and go forward and have a Kyrylo burned to Archon Investigation, though I can’t block a bunch of stealthed bleeds and die pretty quickly after getting Matt to 1 pool.

Was getting picked up later, so hung out a bit with Matt and Pete as they had some Chromancer things to discuss.

Thanks Pete for hosting and for snacks.  Thanks to the players who were able to make it out when I was in town.

Switching gears, a brother’s girlfriend and a border of my father and stepmother were taught mahjong by the family, even scoring!  Though, we didn’t keep score and didn’t get past playing through South, either session.  We really need to write down our family’s rules, as someday, we won’t remember all of the obscure stuff, since there are a nigh infinite number of ways that people play (more so, score) mahjong in the world.  We do individual meld scoring, for instance, and have losers settle between each other each hand.

I was at a bar (the least suitable place for me to be for more than just the fact that I don’t drink) to listen to hip hop/rap/rock mash-ups (um, slightly different from what I listen to on the radio or Pandora) and got to talking to a singer/musician about his boardgame idea.  Yup, that’s a pretty good description of what my life is like.  He was the lead singer in my brother’s previous band, and this was my brother’s band’s last show, so there were plenty of guest stars.  Not much reason to talk about his game, as he’s still developing it.  Maybe I should have developed musical skills to be both nerdy and get babes.  Just another regret I can talk about if I ever write that Regret blog post.

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