Into The Light, But I Got No Fight

Friday night was really about my playing all of my Shadowfist decks I didn’t want to play.  While I’ll keep my Jammers deck together for a bit, as I really have little interest in them, so it’s not worth putting a lot of effort into coming up with something different, I very much wanted to play my Ascended and Hand decks in order to never have to play them again.

Now, I can be faulted for not playing better Ascended cards, except I don’t really find anything interesting about everyone getting power and Shadowy Mentoring away people’s hitters.  I knew the deck had no real strength, something that’s particularly bad in three-player games.  I pretty much just want to find one or two Ascended cards I’m interested in and play a mixed faction deck, at this point.

The Hand deck played better cards, but it had no real purpose.  It just plays stuff.  Yes, it’s Shih Ho Kuai heavy, but he doesn’t do anything interesting.

What is the single biggest issue I have with Modern?  I think it’s not enough interesting characters.  I probably have a general bias against characters, just like I have a bias against creatures in Magic.  For one thing, both are so incredibly easy to take out.  For another thing, they are either too generic or too specific.  I just don’t identify with hardly any of the unique characters in Modern.

Actually, it’s really factional.  Lotus just have so many cards I like, including characters.  I like Abysmal Wyrm.  Feng Kan has grown on me, even though I’ve played with it only, like, twice.  Though Green Snake and White Snake never gets to do their thing and cheaper hitters, like Evil Twin, do so much more work for me in actual play, they be my girls.  I’m even not playing with characters of the faction I like, to focus on playing specific ones.  Next up, oddly, might be Jammers.  Their hitter chicks amuse me, but, tarnation!, are they hard to play with their intense resource requirements.  Dragon have some dudes I’ve left in the box until I either break down my Big Bruiser deck or have an easier time getting foundation characters in play to support multiple Dragon decks.  Hand mostly bore me.  Monarchs, I love, but not for the character choices I have.  Ascended has a couple of non-uniques I like and a couple of uniques I’d consider playing if I could figure out how I’d ever afford them.

I don’t think I provide much useful information by posting entire decklists, but I think an example can point out where I’m coming from.

Ascended Deck (Characters Only)

x5 Mantis Fighter
x4 Tail of the Lizard
x4 Covert Strike Squad
x3 Murder of Crows
x2 Serena Chase

So, probably wondering where the good cards are.  Unfortunately, I went with a low curve mentality and threw in some states for buffing.  Totally.  Didn’t.  Work.  I do like Covert Strike Squad.  Murder of Crows has personality, if not so much goodness.  Stealth and Tactics are all over the place.  But, there’s no fight in the dog.

Temple Guards give my Hand deck some personality, but it’s an underdeveloped theme.  I must admit that one of our four games Friday night saw me horribly misplay by not giving Temple Guards Superleap and punking a Hit Squad – I could have played Iron Monkey and used up one of my “prey’s” character kill cards [facetiousness alert].

The only deck that did anything of note was my Lotus deck, the deck that can actually nuke characters.  I kept Evil Twinning my “prey’s” King of the Thunder Pagoda and his Queen of the Darkness Pagoda, to see massive carnage between us.  That game was amusing in a number of ways.  The two of us who weren’t playing the actual King of the Thunder Pagoda both had 8 power at different times and didn’t steal him or his Evil Twin.  I had to Underworld Coronation the Evil Twin of the King of the Thunder Pagoda.  At one point, I was considering Underworld Coronationing a Scrappy Kid (I assume that’s legal).  I turned Green Snake and White Snake to make a Die!!! bigger.  Time to move on to other Lotusy things, but just so much more fun when you can nuke annoying characters.

One of the main benefits of breaking down decks … maybe, not actually sure … is freeing up some Dockyards for both multifaction decks and for foundation thinning.  The fewer foundations I can play, in general, the happier I’ll be.

I haven’t been terribly motivated to build decks, given plenty of other things going on and only playing once a month, but getting rid of some of my boring decks should motivate me to come up with more interesting builds.

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