Shadow Of The Past

Played Shadowfist again, recently.  Painful commute to Oakland and only played two actual games, but I was incredibly enthused afterwards.

Discovery.  Customizable card games sell on discovery.  It’s why so many of them need constant expansion.  I’m in a discoverer phase.  Not just discovering what cards do or what is good but just what I like about cards and decks.

I have some terribly basic Modern format decks for Hand, Ascended, Lotus, Monarchs that have seen cards played for, if only in a two-player for the Hand deck.  I built a Dragon deck, after playing.  I’m starting to consider multifaction decks with my tiny collection.

All of the decks seemed to flow fine in actual play, which was surprising.  I thought they would tend to need more ways to power up.  But, I won 50% of my four-player games, getting Beaumains and Lord Hawksmoor in play at the same time and having them survive while I was the clear threat.

Because I’m running off one copy of each of the precons and other fixed sets, I’m playing a lot of one-ofs.  As few cards as I have, I still feel like I have some options.

So, what’s the point?  The point is that it’s like the early days with other CCGs for me, with this game.  That’s such a weird feeling.  Maybe it shouldn’t be, but it shows that I’m jaded with games I’ve played to death, not just any CCG.  I also get to test the theory that having few cards is actually more fun than being a Mr. Suitcase.  Though, I already have more cards on order.

I do feel that Modern needs more variety, especially among unique characters.  I estimate about 330 different cards which is only the size of a premier CCG set.

What is a bit different, though, is I actually have an idea what a lot of staple cards are.  I don’t know sites all that well.  In fact, I pretty much ignore synergy between my sites and other cards and look mostly at sites I don’t mind others seizing for each deck, aka looking at sites that hose my strategy.  And, I seem to have a much better idea how to make decisions than I expected to have at this point.

I was asked how many times I’ve played, and the best I could come up with was about 15 times … over 18 years.

Today seems a day for bouncing around from thought to thought, Ascended seem nowhere near as interesting as I was expecting.  Good thing Bite is One-Shot, though I agree that it’s still obnoxious.  Hand characters don’t do a lot for me.  Monarchs suits me well, I want to Brain Fire everything (I liked Deflection in Magic, but 4 mana was a lot, zero power is kind of better).  I have identified a Lotus character for me to favor.  I’ll get around to a monkeyless Jammers deck at some point.

At this point, I’d really like to see some more convenient location to play, but, otherwise, it’s like the good old days, even if the packs I’m cracking have exactly the cards I expect them to have.

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