HoR3 Rankings – Updated

See Samurai Squad for previous rankings of HoR3 mods.

Scenario Stars Rank – Quality Fun Rank – Fun
SOB07 3.5 1 4 2
SOB00 3.5 2 3.5 4
SOB18 3 3 3.5 6
SOB15 3 4 4 1
SOB06 3 5 3.5 5
SOB09 3 6 3.5 8
SOB22 3 7 3 17
SOB29 3 8 3.5 7
SOB32 3 9 3.5 9
SOB13 3 10 3 14
SOB36 3 11 1.5 30
SOB31 3 12 3 15
SOB12 2.5 13 3.5 9
SOB24 2.5 14 3 12
SOB20 2.5 15 3 16
SOB11 2.5 16 3.5 3
SOB19 2.5 17 3 19
SOB01 2.5 18 2.5 21
SOB35 2.5 19 2.5 23
SOB08 2.5 20 2.5 24
SOB14 2.5 21 2.5 20
SOB21 2.5 22 2 26
SOB04 2.5 23 3 11
SOB28 2.5 24 1.5 31
SOB33 2.5 25 3 18
SOB16 2.5 26 2 27
SOB10 2 27 1 34
SOB23 2 28 3 13
SOB17 2 29 2 25
SOB27 2 30 2 29
SOB03 2 31 1.5 32
SOB02 2 32 1.5 33
SOB25 1.5 33 1 35
SOB05 1 34 0.5 36
SOB30 0.5 35 2 28
SOB34 3 n/a 2.5 22
SOB26 n/a n/a n/a n/a

Some thoughts:

The mods with five or more difference in ranking between the two rankings in favor of fun are:  15, 11, 4, 33, 16, 23, 17, 30.  Who you play mods with can have a big difference, and certainly some of this has to do with playing with particular groups or people.  And, of course, playing a character better suited to a mod impacts likely enjoyment.  At the same time, just because something is much more fun than it is “objectively” well designed/written shouldn’t be taken as a pass on a mod.  SoB30 is terrible; I just happened to not hate my experience because I wasn’t that involved in beating my head against a wall to try to move the plot forward.

Mods with five or more difference the other direction, i.e. I rate the mod higher than my experience playing it by a significant amount, are:  22, 36, 28, 10.  This also could have something to do with group, but, as a shorter list, I can address each mod briefly.  SoB22 has a structural confusion aspect to it as well as has a key point that is hard on the GM and players unless the GM understands the situation and communicates clearly enough that players have some idea what is suicidal or not.  SoB36 was a matter of an okay mod where reading the mod backwards would have likely helped my GM a lot with how a party is intended to deal with it.  It’s the only mod in which my table has failed.  SoB28 was a case of most of the party being irrelevant to the meat of the mod, which is not a point in the mod’s favor from a quality standpoint, but I can see different parties having more interesting times with it.  SoB10 wasn’t good – I just happened to end up enjoying other not so good mods more to where it got pushed down in the fun rankings.

Of course, one of the problems with these rankings is that it’s very hard to separate some of them.  I finally started putting in ties, though I only have one at the moment.  There could be a lot of ties if I went through and rethought about all of the mods.

Of course, another problem is remembering details of each mod.  When there were fewer mods, remembering and ranking was easier.  Now, I’m starting to mix mods up in my mind, have forgotten much of what occurred until I check notes, or whatever.

A few miscellaneous notes:

SoB34 – I don’t have a ranking for quality but do have quality stars.  I haven’t read the mod through carefully.  The number of stars really has more to do with how a cool an idea it is and how it seems to hold together a lot better than SoB28.  It could very well be rated higher but less likely lower.  I mentioned to staff that I believe I would have had a lot more fun with this mod if my expectations were different or even if it just came out at a different time.  It was a favorite of two of our players.

SoB35 – Why rate SoB7 so high and this mod so much lower when they have such similarities?  SoB7 certainly gets credit for coming first; SoB35 comes across as a “people thought this was cool, let’s do it again” situation where the doing it again was horribly confusing.  I played the mod, read the mod repeatedly, and only hours into running it did I think I finally understand how the mechanics of it were supposed to work.

I had the impression that the recent crop of mods 32-36 were a step up funwise, but that was really more 31-33.  In actuality, there are winners and losers and neithers throughout, without any clear period of strength or weakness.

In a number of cases, I’ve given good fun ratings to mods that were openended.  On the other hand, I’m finding that some of the openended mods don’t really require doing much or acting like a party.  I’m not sure how I feel about that.  Also, some openended mods very much lend themselves to running very long … if people get to do the things they want to do (and often can’t do in other mods).

Another comment I made to staff was that the structure of the campaign really doesn’t incentivize alt characters.  Could say HoR2 didn’t do that, either, but I found that having a sailor character worked for the Shipping Lanes mods, where I’ve had a hard time with the supposed series in HoR3, especially the Thwarted Destiny series.  True encouragement for alts would come from having more clarity on which NPCs are going to show up in which mods, which mods have follow ups to other mods, series being tighter, more low rank mods at this stage of the campaign where many players have rank 3 PCs …

… including myself.  I waited to play SoB36 before ranking up my main to rank 3, which wasn’t all that when the mod didn’t involve anything suited to my main and it was the only mod my tables failed.  Though, I didn’t really need XP from the mod, so only getting 3XP was fine.

Now, I should have more clarity on which character to play in which mod.  Previously, it was one character for any combat mod and the other for most non-combat mods.  That didn’t always work as the tags for the mods don’t always make sense.  And, that would still be irksome when my other character would have been suited to a particular challenge in a mod that was unusual, like Games: Sadane being a skill one of my characters has but the other couldn’t care less about.  Now, any low mod is an alt play.  If he bites it in some combat mod because he can’t fight worth crap, that’s fine.  I have back ups already built for both my main and alt.  The back up for my main is quite amusing but needs a lot of XP to be remotely functional.  The back up for my alt is not amusing, but it’s a far, far better conceived character – I actually have zero incentive to rank my alt up as I hate the rank 2 of his school and the chances of doing the one thing I want to do, Multiple Schools into Kakita Artisan, is so unlikely to happen.


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