All The Win – Part II

Following up from, here are library cards from N-Z that appeal to me for trying to make use of in tournament decks.

Nightstick is a card I keep thinking about because it’s really not bad by various measurements, yet is a terrible card.  It’s a really good card in a very bad environment, like pseudo-limited (this is not a recognized format, just constructed that looks a lot like limited).  Anyone could just drop it into a deck, but why would they?  Not a card that calls that strongly for this exercise, but a card I just find sort of passable for seeing more play.

Personal Scourge makes the top echelons of my list.  It’s just funny and harmless, and I’m not inclined to win with standard Dementation stealth bleed, in part because there’s nothing notable about doing so, in part because I already have, if only in a nine-player tournament.

Polaris Coach seems an entirely forgotten card.  It’s quite interesting.  Not good.  But interesting.  There is a deck archetype it could go into, but it’s a rather specific archetype – low native stealth, forward-only looking.  Natural fit with Daughters, in theory.  In practice, I never got blocked playing DoC, so adding more stealth just wastes card slots – should take out evasion.

“Just wait until I Precision you to death” is a line that could have been heard for many a year.  Except, who cares?  I find Victim of Habit to be less good than it used to be, and I wonder if it’s because there’s more bloat in the metagame, to where a prick here or there isn’t all that.

Maybe I should rebuild my Regaining the Upper Hand deck to prove how devastating it is.  It’s not like I played that deck in a tournament.  Maybe I won’t have three of my vampires Sensory Deprivationed.

I had to look up Rubicon.  I actually had forgotten completely what the card did.  Just a note, certainly no contender.

Nobody expects Shadow Parasite!  Key to all of my OBT intercept combat decks … that never win.

Shock Troops is a card I built around for a tournament deck.  Unlike most of the cards I mention, it’s an actual build around type card, giving it gravitas when it comes to this exercise.  On the other hand, I lost interest a long time ago, even Matt Morgan’s Blood Brother deck that I’m undefeated playing didn’t renew my interest.

Soul Painting is such an overlooked card.  It’s annoying as hell, very possibly kills a vampire as much as Sens. Dep. does, when used correctly.  Kind of weird that it doesn’t seem to exist for other folks, though maybe that Aus/Pre has plenty of good things to do is the reason.

Ah, Summon the Abyss.  I tried.  I failed.  Why bother going to the same well?  It’s not like the card has any flexibility where I’d build the deck differently.

Sunrise Service is a card I keep forgetting about that there are a variety of ways to go and where the card doesn’t have to take up much space, if a deck is already messing around with getting out of torpor or wanting to live in torpor.  It’s got a cool name, too.

The Becoming just has so many possibilities.  Bad ones, in my experience.  And, that’s the key.  I’ve actually played with this card in multiple decks – it’s about as bad as people seem to think it is.

The Portrait.  Number #1, still?  Or, has it lost its place as best card to win a tournament with, e-e-e-v-e-r?  Probably not #1, anymore, as I kind of got tired of playing it.

Thrones Crumble – I understand why this card gets ignored as it’s both narrow and doesn’t involve stealth bleeding.  But, I think it’s techy.

Veneficorum Artum Sanguis has not been in a tournament winning deck?  This I find weird.  Can just Magic it out and hand it off to a THA-less dude to THA ’em up.  That takes like one card slot in some decks.

I’ve forgotten how much Vial of Elder Vitae suits me.  Vial of Garou Blood was in one of my more memorable Prophecies League decks.  And, it even factored into a RPG session I had at a con, one time, while playing my Project Twilight character.  Gives it some list cred.

Zip Line is a card that I think has some use.  I just can’t figure out where I’d want to play it.  My Dom/For Zip Line deck was boring as hell.  Maybe ally stealth bleed.  Polaris Coaches to stealth allies into play and Zip Lines to stealth them by the nonexistent intercept that so many decks have.  Tutu, being Doubly Evil, can certainly amass a bunch of Zip Lines without wasting a ton of actions, so maybe a new mummy deck.

Only one person chimed in with what card that person wanted to win with.  Guess this was less interesting of a subject than I thought.  I’ll have to find more compelling topics.

Thanks, Matt.


3 Responses to All The Win – Part II

  1. TorranceCircle says:

    Sunrise Service. Art is cool! Name is cool! (as you already mentioned) I just feel “unblockable” has to be good in some way, right? On that note, what about Mantle of the Moon? A disciplineless Horrific Countenance for Ravnos. Again, “unblockable” has to be good, RIGHT?

    • iclee says:

      Ravnos are already hard to block. They natively lack both Dominate and Presence. With Dementation, can use Dementation stealth. They don’t often vote. The actions you might want to be unblockable are all expensive, themselves: Reckless Agitation, Sensory Deprivation, Nightmare Curse, Fantasy World, etc.

      So, no, I haven’t found any use for Mantle of the Moon. Now, drop Ankara Citadel on Mata Hari and Sens. Dep. folks or something isn’t the end of the world, but she has Obfuscate, so she is already unblockable.

  2. mgreen02 says:

    No problem, I think it’s an interesting topic. I really, really, need to play more.

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