Special Report – Cauchemars attack!

Played some foursies yesterday.

Game 1:

Andy (borrowed The World’s a Canvas) -> Ian (Helena defends sleaze) -> David (Petaniqua Madness) -> Brandon (anarch Auspex)

This was amusing for how painful it was for all involved, probably even Brandon.  Andy asked me for my worst deck as, whenever I’ve given him one of my old tournament winning decks, he can’t believe that such crap ever won.  So, I gave him a The World’s a Canvas deck that tries to play both Dominate and Vicissitude (no “make uncontrolled” tech).  He is a turn too late to screw over my bringing out Helena (adv) as my first minion.  With no titled minion in play at any point in this game, every TWaC is a dead draw.

I proceed to do nothing with Helena until Dr. Douglas Netchurch joins Helena.  David gets blocked trying to get Concordance by weenieish Auspex to his left while trying to pull off his Concordance + Madness Network + As the Crow combo.  Then, Petaniqua gets Pentexed, which Andy’s many dudes had no success in removing until after Brandon gets an Ivory Bow.  Brandon’s Ian Forestal comes out, gets equipped with a .44, and is able to play some random three-ways – Detect Authority for intercept (because it’s well known how bad Auspex intercept is), CrimethInc., which is just salt in the wound …

… to Andy, who bemoans my deck constantly and the inability of 5/6 of my crypt to play the CrimethInc. in his hand, even though he quickly got out four dudes (though the Anarch Convert shouldn’t have been brought out), bleeds past my Helena a few times, and has plenty of pool.  Sure, his hand was useless, but hand shmand.

This was how compelling my game was – Helena (adv), Doug, Tony, and my first three ash heap cards were discarded Kindred Coercions.  My fourth was admittedly Conditioning, but my fifth and sixth were … Special Report and Sins of the Cauchemar, played to stop David from bringing out Ossian, which he thought was a mistake (blocking).  But, I couldn’t deal with Ossian if he ever decided to go backwards.

I could have removed Pentex.  I could have bled harder to oust David.  I could have not bounced to Brandon, who murdered Andy’s dudes with Ivory Bow.  Instead, I just hoped my predator and prey would get stronger.  Pentex finally broken, David started going forward.  I tried to oust him as he was too weak to really do anything to Brandon, and I had Govern/Conditioning and stealth in my hand to try to get Brandon at a crucial juncture.  But, Brandon ousted Andy, and the endgame was lame.

Game 2:

David (DoC beat you down) -> Andy (borrowed Osebo SB) -> Brandon (!Toreador vote) -> Ian (Marijava Thuggee)

Unlike the last borrowed deck, Andy borrowed one of my three most dominant tournament winning decks … and got beaten into the ground by Daughters bleeding and Shattering Crescendos.  Andy could only get Massassi and a 4-cap out all game, strangely rushing with Massassi, hitting for one … that got prevented.  Brandon had a slow start voting.  I got Yazid and Morlock, followed by Teresita and a Thuggee.  I could easily bleed David.  Unfortunately, a crosstable Golconda kept David around longer, so Brandon had enough time to get better cards and the Heart of Nizchetus.  If I had more pool, I would have kept David around, who promised to contest the Heart, Society crosstable, and Shatter crosstable, but I was too low, so I ousted him.  With Guarded Rubrics and Tattoo Signal, my plus bleeders finished off Andy.  I would bleed for 9 or so a turn, but Brandon just kept Tapping and Capping until there was no way I could race his voting me out, and a couple of KRCs finished me off.

Game 3:

Ian (Victor/Victor) -> Brandon (high cap Ani/Aus) -> David (FOR/Dom Force of Will) -> Andy (Al-Muntathir and friends)

Victor Pelletier is a justicar.  VP bleeds for three.  Brandon Fames Truman and brings out Khalid.  VP tries Consanguineous Condemnation to tap Khalid and succeeds, Freaks, and tries to bleed, and fails.  Every other Con Con gets blocked after I show how busted it can be.

VP gets Pentexed for his efforts, and David breaks it with the Famed Truman with Daring the Dawn.  When Karl goes to rescue, Karl also ends up in torpor.  I was tres confused.  Anyway, with VP and Victor Donaldson joining their wonder twin powers and the flunkie Joao Bile around to do dirty work, I bleed Brandon for 11 with Govern and a couple of Conditionings, ousting him.

Andy has had time to tool up as David has no stealth, just Daring the Dawn, which didn’t show up that often in this game.  Andy’s Neighbor John gets a .44 and a Bowl of Convergence, and I need David to moi-der Andy.  I call Con Con with the intention of tapping our Neighbor, but it gets blocked by Nicomedes, who continues to try to block after I play inferior Dawn Operation, and who goes to torpor from the dread pirate Victor Pelletier.  Emily Carson goes to feast, as I have vote lock, and our Neighbor blocks for some reason, which lets David get enough bleed through to oust Andy.  Andy, being tired, was heard to say “I think I chose the only possible way for me to get ousted” in regards to his final plays of the game.

I bleed David’s defenseless deck for a ton.  He can’t oust me on the counterattack, and he concedes while at 1 pool.

I only played one Golconda all game, on Khalid.  Was hoping to hit the Trujah, later, but whatever.  The combined power of two Victors and Con Con is nothing to scoff at.

So, what did we learn?

Never borrow my decks.  Andy has now played two of my three most dominant tournament winning decks and gotten smashed once and couldn’t believe how bad the other one was.

Dr. Douglas Netchurch is an okay blocker, as long as you are running Special Report and Sins of the Cauchemar.

Con Con is pure political action sleaze.

There’s a reason Minion Tap has been considered overpowered.  Good thing there’s a hoser these days to prevent bloat abuse.

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