I backed a Kickstarter campaign

Which might seem odd, given that I have no Shadowfist collection, have played very little in my life, and have never been all that interested in it before.

Before getting into the why’s, not being an old hand at Kickstarter, I was curious as to what the chances were that the last $5,000 would be made.  Unsurprisingly, campaigns seem to do most of their funding early and late.  I found some analysis around successful versus unsuccessful patterns, and momentum is huge.  Of course, what I wonder is how often a campaign that’s close to hitting its target sees the project owner arrange supplemental funding to hit the target and what threshold “close to hitting” is.

So, why?

I think it’s a bunch of small reasons that are just enough critical mass to get me to invest to a degree in the game.

While my Feng Shui Tu Huo campaign isn’t standard Feng Shui, having the cardgame to reference may help the players understand aspects of my campaign better.

While Shadowfist has recently embraced a LCG model, calling it Dynamic Card Game or some such, I respect its collectible card game history.  I also have liked the local Shadowfist community.  In a way, I’m less concerned about my playing the game (which, again, I’ve done very little of, having spent more time watching people I know play than play myself) than in supporting the people who always were fans of the game.

While I game enough, having something along the lines of a Tuesday night, Friday night, Saturday, and every other Sunday gaming schedule, I feel like some variety.  I used to miss playing a two-player CCG after Wheel of Time died, but now, I just kind of miss having more involvement in any CCG (customizable card game to cover both collectible and living).  Yes, one could argue that this has been brought on by not having new V:TES sets.  But, even new V:TES cards lack a level of freshness that I could get more into.  V:TES is bloated.  Shadowfist, the TCG, is also bloated, but the DCG is not.  And, I lack familiarity with the Shadowfist cardpool, so things are new to me.

Which means that now is a relatively not bad time to get into the game – I can live in the DCG world (Modern), if I want, live in a full blown world and try to play some with Merlin and whoever, or live in some hybrid world, like I used to for Jyhad/V:TES.

There’s one more element that comes to mind as impetus for getting into something new(ish), and that’s that much of my gaming is driven by me.  I’m running two RPG campaigns and running mods for Heroes of Rokugan.  While I don’t promote V:TES in direct ways virtually at all, anymore, I do it from the shadows by doing things like having this blog.  My Friday night game is highly dependent upon me to show up and help determine what RPG we do (in that I prefer playing what we usually play because anything else has enthusiasm problems).  My Saturday game seems dependent upon my pushing activity for things to happen.  Just playing something (even though I would probably be the person pushing play with, say, my FSTH group) has a more relaxing, comfortable feel.  As for why not just play more boardgames, where I don’t take lead, has to do with how much more interesting I find CCGs or RPGs.  Boardgames, to me, really have no investment.  Sure, I may think about them and what strategies to employ when not playing them, but it’s nothing like CCGs and RPGs.

Maybe not exactly the same element, but maybe it’s another facet of last paragraph’s is the sense of belonging to a gaming community.  I think KublaCon did a good job of pointing this out.  I no longer run up to San Francisco to play RPGs with Brad and the crew.  I am part of essentially five gaming groups at this point, one of which doesn’t get together that often, but there is some overlap, and, because HoR3 doesn’t make me feel like I’m part of the larger living campaign but just gives me linked adventures to play, I don’t feel like I’m part of that many communities … for whatever reason.  Which could be because I’m running more and being a player less, which is why I’m not sure whether this is part of the above or not.

Ultimately, just looking for something new to embrace.  That’s not a new pattern.  I often cycle through games I own, when left to my own devices.  May only play ones which other people play but end up spending thought on a “circuit” of games I don’t play.

We are supposed to be starting a new RPG campaign Sunday, one I’m not running.  That might be enough of a freshness kick to stop me from looking around for something new, but if the Shadowfist Kickstarter happens, then I might try to play some by the Fall, possibly a game day in July, as well.


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