Challenge 3 – Brujah Group 1/2

Brandon’s request:

Can you make an interesting, tournament quality group 1-2 brujah-ish deck? I see a lot of titled vampires, good for No Carthage. There are also some Brujah with fortitude. Just a thought


I actually had just built a group 1/2, Brujah w/ Fortitude deck.  Sidetrack time …

We played some casuals yesterday, mostly three-players so they weren’t all that normal.  For one of them, Brandon borrowed the deck I had built.  It was not all that serious, kind of bloated, and didn’t have enough votes.

But, what was interesting was that it accidentally was more of a bleed deck than vote deck.

… So, in this iteration, I embraced that path a touch more.

Deck Name:   Challenge – Brujah Un-Deux

Crypt: (12 cards, Min: 22, Max: 43, Avg: 8.58)
3  Appolonius                         CEL for pot PRE10 Brujah
2  Brachah                            for CEL PRE    5  Brujah
2  Crusher                            CEL for PRE POT9  Brujah
3  Gwendolyn                          aus CEL FOR POT PRE tha11 Brujah
2  Rake                               aus cel pot PRE6  Brujah

Library: (80 cards)
Master (19 cards)
1  Barrens, The
1  Carthage Remembered
1  Dreams of the Sphinx
2  Fortitude
1  Giant`s Blood
1  Information Highway
1  Monastery of Shadows
2  New Carthage
2  Sudden Reversal
5  Villein
2  Wider View

Action (5 cards)
1  Blood Hunt
2  Enchant Kindred
1  Entrancement
1  Judgment: Camarilla Segregation

Action Modifier (17 cards)
1  Approximation of Loyalty
6  Forced March
2  Iron Glare
3  Perfect Paragon
5  Voter Captivation

Political Action (12 cards)
1  Ancient Influence
1  Banishment
1  Brujah Justicar
1  Consanguineous Boon
1  Imperator
1  Kine Resources Contested
1  Neonate Breach
1  Praxis Seizure: Rome
2  Reinforcements
1  Reins of Power
1  Rumors of Gehenna

Reaction (5 cards)
3  On the Qui Vive
2  Wake with Evening`s Freshness

Combat (7 cards)
7  Majesty

Equipment (1 cards)
1  Seal of Veddartha

Combo (14 cards)
2  Force of Personality
6  Resist Earth`s Grasp
6  Scalpel Tongue

This is not a fun deck to play behind a deck with a bunch of bounce, as you really don’t have a lot of good stuff to do, so you kind of just want to bleed some to be a predator.  On the other hand, it’s actually a bit too focused for my tastes, though it would likely seem unfocused for many others.  Brandon hated my Alastoring out equipment in the earlier deck, which was fairly reasonable.  Could easily do more with votes, probably cut the Enchant Kindreds at that point, the Bloodhunt, the Seal, and maybe the second New Carthage.

Very much not a deck where you want to have a bleed deck behind you.  Could run Archon Investigation, which I seem to be playing so often these days in tournaments that it would be tricksome if I didn’t run it, but not so much Protected Resources, as the deck kind of needs to *sneak* some bleeds in, which it should be able to do against not terribly defensive decks.  The other thing it should do is discard Scalpel Tongues as fast as possible if they don’t look like they will matter, I often choke on them, though the intent is to help with a tap bleed strategy.

Carthage Remembered is a pretty easy cut, being kind of prayerish.  Bloodhunt is similarly prayerish and not terribly needed in a deck that can already do stuff crosstable.  More acceleration would be good.  I don’t have the other deck in front of me at the moment, so I can’t say what I cut from that I might put back.  Could you do this better with 4/5?  Sure, whatever.

Legendary Vampire belongs more in a Legendary Apple knows the Heart of the City deck … for all of the grief he gets, Apple is actually quite scary offensively.

Lost in Translation can be added, if it’s expected to work.  I have my doubts, one, and, two, blood is actually rather precious in this deck.

What is clearly missing, now that I remember forgetting to put them in, is Tangle of Atropos’ Hand.  Lots of them.  Guess a Scalpel, Majesty, and wake would go to make some room.  This is, after all, a stealth bleed deck with plus bleed vampires, with a side of vote bloat.


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