Win Tournament Challenge

Completely different from my normal ramblings or reports.

I generate plenty of ideas for what to try to win V:TES tournaments with.  Once upon a time, it was clans, which is why I have the first TWDs for Baali, Daughters, Osebo, Ravnos, and Samedi … and why I had many, many awkward decks over the years.

However, my world of deckbuilding is not necessarily applicable to most others, so I got to thinking that I should try to evoke some ideas for what other people want to see in terms of putting together decks around particular strategies/cards for tournament play.  I’ve seen similar in forums.  I participated in similar for at least one clan newsletter … back when people actually did clan newsletters.

So, if anyone is interested in seeing my spins on how to build decks around different ideas, post a comment.  Can be anything from a single card to a full blown decklist that you want me to look over.

9 Responses to Win Tournament Challenge

  1. DeathInABottle says:

    Any ideas for how to make a Saulot/Uriel combat deck viable? I’ve amassed a collection of Vitae Block and Blissful Agony, which is making me want to try Anathema – which is obviously way, way too complicated.

    • iclee says:

      Does it need to try to chain BA and VB to multi-block vitae? Or, just need to play both cards? Or, just use Uriel and Saulot?

      I can see Anathema in a convoluted casual deck, but I don’t see the deck being consistent enough in either its trick or in ousting anybody. Though, P/J does open up Parity Shift, so maybe. I’d like to get some Animalism into such a deck, but not a lot of P/J with Ani/For in groups 3/4/5 – just Justicars and that takes away from the focus of the deck.

  2. Matt Green says:

    How would you use Dabbler to win a tournament? Trifle, untap effect, should be useful for big caps…it should be non-terrible, but doesn’t seem to have found its tournament stride. I’d be interested to see if our ideas come close.

    • iclee says:

      I’ve done two Dabbler archetypes. The Keystone Kine archetype just didn’t work, but that could be because I don’t like decks that can’t defend themselves – being all aggro, well, why do you care about untapping in a focused KK deck?

      The other was much more fun … one time I played it. Went with Seterpenre and friends. When I modified the deck to be more consistent, it got less interesting. What I did like better about this deck was the possibilities on defense, as the choice of defensive untaps or blood felt more productive.

      There are, of course, a bunch of “I play these not bad cards to do stuff” decks – Aus/Dem/Obf is incredibly easy, Dai/Obf/Pre gives something Baali could use. In truth, Dabbler is totally my type of card, not because I find untapping interesting, as I don’t, but because there are just so many paths one can go down. I’ll try to think of what I think I could win with and not just a “this card combination is hilarious” deck.

  3. Brandon says:

    Can you make an interesting, tournament quality group 1-2 brujah-ish deck? I see a lot of titled vampires, good for No Carthage. There are also some Brujah with fortitude. Just a thought

    • iclee says:

      By interesting, I assume you mean not EuroBrujah, but there’s also Brujah Debate and something else that escapes my mind that people have done with success.

      I just built a group 1/2 Brujah deck, actually, that uses Fortitude. I’ll have to look to see how serious I built it.

  4. Pendargon says:

    I have always wanted to make at least semi-workable deck around Zayyat, the Sandstorm, but i always failed.
    Any ideas?

    • iclee says:

      When I’ve played him, I’ve been unimpressed. His inferior disciplines suck because it’s too much effort to go anarch for qui/tha and inferior Auspex is just bad on anything higher than about a 3 cap.

      He does have vote buddies, but a bunch of his vote buddies have Dominate, so why not just do fat Gangrel with Dominate?

      His own abilities all key off of blood, so one would think a deck full of Restoration into Entrenching or getting some Salubri to Renew his Vigor would make sense, except what are you then doing with his supposed acceleration, as it’s not terribly accelerative to depend upon a 10 cap and depend upon a way to fill him up, nevermind that the same thing can be done with Dominate.

      Now, you could go Loki’s Gift, a card which I both am a fan of and have had a hard time making use of, with hunt bonuses to get him blood and make him more voterrific. The question is whether you go small dudes as support to justify having him push blood down or go more votey PRO dudes. I think the first draft of a deck is to feature him with the support dudes being able to pretty much play the library without him. Have to be serious about voting or stealthing to get rid of Gifts as I tend to choke on them. Reckless Agitation is a way for the support staff to burn off blood to justify blood gain plays intended for Zayyat.

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