Vagabond Decks


One would think that given that games such as chess or bridge, which have very limited variety (no matter how many combinations of moves or cards are actually possible), would feel stale long before a customizable card game ever would.

Yet, CCGs have to fight against staleness where games with far fewer components continue to enthrall folks.

As someone not clamoring for more V:TES sets, it’s incumbent upon me to show that the game has plenty of variety as is.

So, here are a few cards I want to play with:


This was a card that people tried to think of ideas for when new and, then, seemed to have ignored in the last decade.  The key to Rave is, of course, as I’ve decided today, Vagabond Mystic.

Vagabond Mystic is a minion that Raves for more than it costs.  That it’s unique actually provides an angle, a Khazar’s Diary angle.  Alternatively or, for the more ambitious, additionally, we can Rave some Bimas, Underbridge Strays, Hexapeds, or whatever.

Sure, it’s action intensive.  But, actions that burn your own minions are always full of win.

Thrones Crumble

While Fata Amria gets way more grief than it should given the plethora of cards printed with way too much text and while Imposing Phantasm is a card I’ve enjoyed playing with and may play with again, I’ve been meaning to play with Thrones Crumble for quite some time.

Who hates titled vampires more than me?  Somebody, I’m sure.  In the meantime, die stupid fatties, die.  Or, at least, burn a couple of blood.

Sure, it’s not actually that harmful, and you may hit “all bloodlines, all the time” day.  The important thing is that you get to annoy boring vampires.  And, you can always run some votes to give vamps titles so that you can mess with them … I think that’s the key to lots of VPs.


Once upon a time, people (myself included) built horrible decks around Lapse.  Fast forward many years and Trujah decks finally became playable.

But, does anyone care about Lapse, anymore?  A little.

All you need is to Clan Impersonate a Trujah to Tzimisce, then Sanguine Instruct Dragos in Temporis, and that’s totally less effort than relying on Taste of Vitae and Shalmath with an Aaron’s Feeding Razor (Clan Impersonated to Malkavian for obvious reasons) to have enough blood for this card.

No, let’s be serious.  It’s no longer about Lapse decks.  It’s all about casual Lapse for your Ankara + big honking gun, tooled up Trujah (through Summon History) deck.  Why not?  With AUS, there’s nothing Trujah decks can’t manage to be reasonably functional at (as long as it involves bouncing bleeds).

Sure, it’s one less slot that would probably be Outside the Hourglass, but c’mon, these days everyone runs Skin of Rock to counter that trite play.

Baltimore Purge

Casual Purge is something I’ve been wanting to do for a long time.  The difficulty is that supporting casual Purge often leads to putting in too many cards to leverage Purge (Freak Drive, Graverobbing, etc.), which defeats the purpose.

In the realm of Lasombra, which has nothing really to do with casual Purge, I had an amusing idea recently, but even that turned out to be less focused than I wanted.

I do know what vampire will be key to a Purge deck.  I should see what else I can do with her that wouldn’t be boring.

Sure, every deck is better with random torporation, but is it really worth doing Ravnos Purge?

Banshee Ironwail

You would think this would be easy.  But, I’ve been trying to get this into a deck interesting enough to play forever.  Unique effects just don’t work that well for me – I’m into interchangeability of my cards.

This would be funny on someone like Kite.  Can Sibyl’s Tongue for it.  Can defend against it easily enough if stolen.

Sure, it’s a melee weapon and melee weapon combat is often atrocious (Weighted Walking Stick being the exception).  But, that’s why you give Kite a Spike-Thrower as well because Spike-Thrower is totally underrated.

Brick Laying

I actually had to look up the text.  I dismissed it long ago, as I’m no fan of younger clauses and didn’t even remember that it had the tap effect.

So, you got to be old.  You probably want a reason to tap folks.  Sounds like a casual play for an Inner Circle vamp.  Just another thing for Hardestadt to do.  Though, also kind of funny for Hazimel, maybe even Appolonius and friends (Helena, Natasha).

Sure, it isn’t Horseshoes.  But, it can also go into a Brick-theme deck.

Descent into Darkness

Spend too much time trying to use this card to get around scarce penalties.  Should be using this card in a horde deck for reduced hordeness.

After all, with Lilith’s Blessing no longer being a card choice for my decks, I need to get blood gain somewhere.  Way to get around Fame, which is one of two master cards I should concern myself more with (which really just means running more Sudden Reversals in decks, as boring as that will get).

Sure, it requires Obtenebration, and I already have ideas for Lasombra decks.  But, it gives Laecanus something useful to do.

Next time (I feel like continuing this subject), more recent sets.


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