Rarely Matters

As mentioned in the vekn.net forums, I thought I’d take a look at the rarity breakdown of my V:TES tournament winning decks.


I don’t believe that rares are needed for V:TES or that there’s a significant advantage to having them.  But, where’s the proof?  In the Christmas pudding?

Actually, it will probably just be funny rather than enlightening to take a look.  Generally just going to assign rarity based on what was reasonably available at the time (to my recollection), with vampire rarity for library cards being uncommon and ignoring fixed rarity for library cards (since that’s how other CCGs handle fixed rarity).

Living Lolita Loca

Terrence was precon only.

58 commons, 5 uncommons, 17 rares

The Embrace (5), Breath of the Dragon (1), Ivory Bow (1), Living Manse (4), Anarch Troublemaker (1), Dreams of the Sphinx (1), Heidelberg Castle, Germany (1), The Hungry Coyote (1), J.S. Simmons, Esquire (1), Tasha Morgan (1)

Of Ghastly Dreams

Khalil Ravana precon only.

64 commons, 13 uncommons, 13 rares

Heidelberg Castle, Germany (1), The Path of Paradox (3), Week of Nightmares (1), Fleecing the Gaje (1), Nightmare Curse (4), Rumors of Gehenna (1), Ivory Bow (1), Treasured Samadji (1)

Baali of the Name 1.1

66 commons, 4* uncommons, 20 rares

*  Behind You! was a rare at the time.

Dreams of the Sphinx (2), Blessing of the Name (13), Contagion (1), Entrancement (2), Behind You! (2)

Weapon Not Found

50 commons, 4* uncommons, 26 rares

*  Freak Drive was a rare at the time.

Daring the Dawn (3), Day Operation (1), Freak Drive (9), Ashes to Ashes (5), Dust to Dust (5), Ivory Bow (1), Dreams of the Sphinx (1), Regenerative Blood (1)

Mellow-Yellow Drama

60 commons, 9 uncommons, 11 rares

Bastille Opera House (2), Paris Opera House (1), Entrancement (1), Awe (1), Echo of Harmonies (3), Siren’s Lure (2), Praxis Seizure: Cairo (1)

Silent Sympathy

68 commons, 13 uncommons, 9 rares

The Coven (1), Awe (1), Business Pressure (4), Protect Thine Own (1), Rumors of Gehenna (2)

“When in doubt … win.”

Can always argue that Tupdogs were relatively rare, but whatever.

64 commons, 5 uncommons, 11 rares

Dreams of the Sphinx (1), Mbare Market, Harare (1), Giant’s Blood (1), Ancestor Insight (1), Victim of Habit (1), Strange Day (1), My Enemy’s Enemy (1), Shaman (1), Ivory Bow (1), Changeling Skin Mask (1), Kduva’s Mask (1)

Pale Panda Warriors

55 commons, 8 uncommons, 12 rares

Dreams of the Sphinx (1), Joseph Pander (1), Entrancement (3), Epiphany (3), Ghouled Street Thug (1), Legacy of Pander (3)

Thunder Is Impressive

Adana de Sforza required two KoT precons.

64* commons, 18 uncommons, 4 rares, 4** promos

*  Counting Flesh of Marble as common.

**  10th Anniversary only as promos.

Giant’s Blood (1), Tension in the Ranks (1), Mr. Winthrop (1), Adaptability (1)

Channel 10 (1), Wall Street Night, Financial Newspaper (1), Carlton van Wyk (2)


69 commons, 8 uncommons, 11 rares, 2 promos

Great Symposium (1), Black Metamorphosis (1), Scarlet Lore (1), Trainer (2), Draeven Softfoot (Changeling) (1), Basilisk’s Touch (1), Darkling Trickery (3), Entombment (1)

Lilith’s Blessing (2)

* * *

So clearly we have overwhelming proof that you need rares to win.  Without Blessing of the Name, Ashes to Ashes, Business Pressure, Trainer, … it’s back to the kiddie pool with you.

Man, I love me my money games.  As soon as I can hop on eBay, I’ll totally be raking it in.

[What we can really tell is pretty much nothing, but there’s a reason I don’t consider deck quality to matter a whole lot.]

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