Experiment #2

There’s really little reason not to begin another experiment in playing V:TES with a limited collection.  In the past, I’ve mentioned going from Experiment #1’s one of each Third Edition precon and one box of Third Edition boosters to a box of starters and two boxes of boosters – a more normal buy in for a CCG.  That doesn’t enthuse me overmuch.

Instead, I keep wondering about what to do with a Giovanni precon from Lords of the Night.  And, there’s always been the question as to whether the Ravnos precon can ever be used as a basis for a deck or whether you just mine it for Week of Pleasant Dreams and a few other cards.

So, the next experiment is one of each of the Lords of the Night precons and probably a box of boosters from Lords of the Night, as I don’t feel like wasting unopened boosters.  Though, unlike Third Edition, I didn’t record booster results down to the common level, so there will need to be some sort of faking up vampires and commons to go with the first box’s rares.

The questions are similar to those from Experiment #1.  But, the situation is different.  Obviously, LotN is all about the original four indie clans, so there’s only so much clan variety available.  One hopes, though, that the greater focus means that there are more variations with each clan that are viable.

And, obviously, there are some different expectations based on what sort of cards got printed in the precons and boosters.  One reason to go with LotN is that LotN is a strong set for generic effects.  It introduced multiple wakes, generic bounce, Camera Phone, and Target Vitals.  The question is going to be how much the precons will need to provide in terms of other staple effects both generic and staple to the clans and for the disciplines.  I fear lack of pool gain the most as this is the “Vessel” set.

Going in, having quite a bit of distance from when I cracked my first LotN precons, here are some expectations:

  1. The Ravnos will be extremely hard to work with.
  2. Creativity will be how to survive with no Blood Dolls, Minion Taps, or Villeins.  I wonder if decks will bias strongly either to quick ousts or lots of defense to prolong games until Vessel matters.
  3. The FoS will be more tempting than anything else – better high caps, The Eternals of Sirius, better precon, etc.

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