[Classic] DDC tournament report [2/22/2001]

So, the question was asked why the two decks I mentioned in my last post never got entered in the TWDA.  Comments section of that post addresses that.  I did try to search for comments I made on the newsgroup back in 2001 and 2002 for the two decks.  That didn’t work so well.

On the other hand, there’s this amusing post to our (old) local V:TES Yahoogroup from February 22nd, 2001.  Well, at least the second to last sentence is amusing.  I also found my tournament report to our local list for the other deck, but I’m sure that’s of no interest.

* * *

Was originally going to send this just to Melanie, but it occurred to me that it doesn’t precisely help her since she’s on this list anyway and that everyone might be interested sooner but maybe not later. Should we put tournament reports up on the site? I can’t remember what was discussed.

First round:

Brad (Butts), myself, John, Jim

Brad was playing a toolboxy (bit of everything) Lasombra deck. My deck is [will be] posted in the deck section. John was playing his weenie whittle deck – global pool loss with Anarch Revolts and/or Antediluvian Awakening plus obfuscated bleeds. Jim was playing a weenie bleed deck using presence and dominate (that’s all I saw in this game).

Brad spent a lot of time defending, putting little pressure on me. Jim was having trouble getting his bleeds through while continuously losing pool. John didn’t draw much in the way of bleed control. I got a good draw and was bleeding regularly. Both a Revolt and an Awakening were in play. I hadn’t invested much in pool, so it was mainly a race to see whether John, Jim, or Brad got ousted first. A stealthed bleed of 4 by Jim got bounced around the table to John which softened him up for the kill. John’s own Anarch Revolt killed him (which saved me from having to take an extra action bleeding him). After my prey went, the table collapsed as the remaining players were low in pool, which was the pattern for the day.

Second round:

David, myself, Brian (sp?), Frank

David is new to the game and never put any pressure on me. I got out 4 vamps by the end of turn 4. Brian was one turn away from Minion Tapping Alexandra for a lot. But, I had just enough bleed and stealth to oust him prior. Little of import happened once Brian was ousted. Frank’s deck was horrible (I can say this without offense as it was the !Ventrue starter modified with cards that had nothing to do with the starter, like !Toreador vamps) and put no pressure on during the game except to put out an Awakening while David walled up. I put out a lot of Kennys (Embraces) until my hand was full of stealth bleed again. So, once I made my move, Frank was ousted and David was facing around 8 minions.

Final round:

Brad, myself, John, Cory, Chad

Having the most VPs going in, I got to choose last for seating position. My plan wasn’t too complicated, and the others cooperated. I had already envisioned sitting between Brad and John, with John as my prey. And, I was looking to stay away from decks I hadn’t seen. I hadn’t seen either Cory’s or Chad’s. I considered some other options, but none seemed to make as much sense as squeezing between Brad and John.

Cory’s deck was a weenie stealth deck with mostly Nosferatu. Chad’s seemed like another toolboxy Lasombra deck, though he vote bled where Brad’s deck didn’t (from what I saw).

Brad did little offensively or defensively. I drew a lot of permanents and a lot of my Telepathic Misdirections, so I spent much of the early game building up and discarding. John blocked a turn two Kenny, which helped slow my build down – extra minion would have meant more actions to flush my permanents. John played an early Awakening, I think turn one. He drew into much more of his bleed control and cut my bleeding down quite a bit with Telepathic Counter once I started trying to move forward. His deck seemed to be playing okay, but his prey was hurting him. Cory kept a relatively large amount of pool by virtue of influencing up only about 3 vamps, all very cheap. He was also playing with Embraces, so he had more minions than he influenced out. That Cory wasn’t close to being ousted for most of the game was John’s first problem. John’s second was that the two of them contested Dimple for most of the game. As John pointed out during the game, this pretty much only helped me. Chad was often in danger of being ousted. The Awakening was hurting him the most as Cory was whittling on his pool. But, he had a vote lock and wasn’t being intercepted, so his vote bleed dropped Brad down to where Brad was an easy oust. Up until that point, there was an interesting dynamic in terms of what Chad’s allies were hoping for. I was hoping Cory would oust Chad first to give him enough pool to withstand John’s deck. John, obviously, hoped that Chad wouldn’t go down using the same reasoning. Chad still didn’t have a lot of pool after the oust. A later Minion Tap helped, though.

After that first oust, no one looked particularly strong, though Chad had the most offense. I was hurting by virtue of not being able to mount an effective offense, though I was putting out Kennys as they weren’t costing me any pool. My pool was dipping, though I had a couple Blood Dolls. It was in the high single digits. John was hurting in pool from the long contest. Cory was starting to get in the danger zone as well.

Then, John played Game of Malkav … not Malkavian Prank. When he played the card, Brad (still sitting at the table) and I both heard Prank. John certainly wishes it were a Prank, even ignoring what happened. With a Prank, he could have boosted Chad, and there was no chance of him, John, losing any pool. Once I realized it was the Game, I had to completely change my thinking.

I wasn’t doing well, though John only had 6? pool. I wasn’t drawing stealth to get my bleeds through. And, I didn’t know how many turns I could survive my predator. I wasn’t even up to blocking as I kept tapping out every turn trying to do something constructive. So, I was tempted to go big. If I gained, I had a better time cushion to go over the top later. Losing big wasn’t incredibly different from the slow crawl to oblivion I felt like my deck was sending me. I was already tempted to choose 5 when I started trying to figure out what would suck besides someone choosing 4. John gaining 6 would suck. As the only one capable of going 6, 5 looked better as a defense against the “player’s (of the Game) option”. I couldn’t see him choosing 4-5 when he could choose 6, and it briefly crossed my mind that choosing low for him was as bad as choosing low for me. I chose 5 …

Gaining 11 pool was game. Cory and Chad were both too low in pool. I had a lot of permanents and kept putting out more as well as going all out with bleeds now that I was out of danger.

Luck. I definitely had it on my side. You may not have noticed, but every game I went second. Going second with my deck is the best possible position. I have no odd caps, so any odd position is inefficient. Second has an edge on fourth as I have plenty of 2 and 6 caps, and I often have plenty of actions to take. In my first two rounds, the deck match ups were perfect. And, of course, John’s Game won me the tournament.

I felt guilty when it came to prizes. Brad (Nozik) dealt out 5 cards, and I would get to choose first. This was repeated until they were gone. However, Chad, who came in second by virtue of his 1VP in the final round, got some decent stuff including a cool t-shirt I passed up for a Body Flare (I really do have lots of t-shirts). And, none of the others got any VPs. And, I’ll probably never win another tournament. So, I guess a different mechanism for prize allocation can go into effect *next* time.


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