Lo, More Data

I mentioned in April, when I got to writing about Dementation’s lesser played cards, that there was little point to updating one of my March 2009 posts about what I’ve won tournaments with since, uh, I hadn’t won any TWDA-worthy tournaments in three years.

Having won two recently, increasing my TWDA count by 33% assuming Jeff ports the data, I thought I’d revisit what I’ve won with, or, actually, more what I haven’t won with as that might compel me to come up with certain deck ideas.

I lost interest in winning with different clans.  What interests me far more is what disciplines I haven’t won with and more esoteric things.

Discipline Nots (ignoring cards only played for outferiors):

  • Abombwe
  • Dementation*
  • Necromancy (!!)
  • Obeah
  • Quietus
  • Sanguinus
  • Serpentis
  • Spiritus
  • Temporis
  • Thanatosis**
  • Thaumaturgy
  • Valeren
  • Vicissitude***
  • Visceratika

*    Won nine-player tournament with !Malk stealth bleed.
**   Winning deck not entered into TWDA.
***  Winning deck not entered into TWDA.

Half are bloodline disciplines, including both scarce clan disciplines.  Abombwe is similarly specialized.  Obtenebration just came off the list, and the other two “Sabbat” disciplines don’t concern me much.

That leaves one original gangsta discipline in Thaumaturgy and a whopping three out of four of the indie disciplines, including Necromancy.  One can see how I would fail to win with Nagaraja no matter how many attempts, but to not win with them, Harbingers, nor Giovanni?  Oct-a-Libra!

Does any of this really motivate me?  I guess I could try to get interested in doing something with Quietus.  I like what Brandon did with Principia Discordia, which kills two birds (Serpentis) with one stone, maybe three if crazy enough to use CrimethInc. at Thaumaturgy as well.  But, this seems rather forced.

Trying to find some other tidbits.  I have no deck in the TWDA with an equipment card that costs more than two pool.  I have three vote decks in the TWDA (if you consider the Honor the Elders deck a vote deck) and not a single Tradition card or Parity Shift … but with two Praxis Seizures and a Protect Thine Own.

I still have zero copies of Conditioning and Govern the Unaligned in the TWDA.  No copies of Freak Drive, either.  “Weapon Not Found”, my winning Samedi deck that didn’t make it into the TWDA, did have Freak Drives, but looking up the decklist, I see that it didn’t have any Conditionings.  Technically, I have Potence cards in the TWDA, all of two of them – one Thrown Sewer Lid, one Stunt Cycle – not from my Osebo deck but from my Pander deck!  I now have a winning Protean deck but still zero copies of Earth Control, Earth Meld, Form of Mist, and aggpoke cards.

Not a single The Embrace, Creation Rites, or other babymaking card.  I have such oft played allies as Ghouled Street Thug and Rom Gypsy in the TWDA, apparently the only one to have Ghouled Street Thug.  The two new decks add some more allies, including normal ones like Carlton and Underbridge, but it’s interesting to me how few allies there are given how much I like allies.

Clan breakdowns are obvious, but what about sect breakdowns?  Ravnos, Baali, DoC – indies.  “Toreador” – Cammie.  Osebo – Laibon.  Pander – Sabbat.  !Gangrel + Adana is kind of nothing, and the Kiasyd deck is an actual anarch deck and not just some Anarch Converts to cryptthin.  The Cammie and Sabbat decks, notably, both vote.

Speaking of voting, three vote decks as mentioned, though the Honor the Elders deck wins from swarm bleed and the Pander deck is supposed to do tap and bleed stuff, which I totally forgot about when I played it.  The Ravnos deck is intercept, if it’s anything at all, much like the Kiasyd deck is intercept combat only with hardly any intercept.  Baali and Osebo are stealth bleed.  !Gangrel is more viably a mix of intercept and combat.  I know I can’t win with rush decks, so I guess this distribution makes sense.  Though, no ally deck and no winnie deck.

Yeah, I think this gives food for deck ideas.


5 Responses to Lo, More Data

  1. ianleefan says:

    Hall of Fame updated.

    Why didn’t the other decks make the TWDA?

    • iclee says:

      The Tzimisce deck, “Living Lolita Loco”, was from 2001, was the first VEKN sanctioned tournament I won, the second I recall playing, and nobody posted the tournament results as far as I’m aware. I posted my deck to the newsgroup but never said it had won a tournament. I was much more interested in seeing what sort of responses I would get at the time than being given community credit. So, I wouldn’t have expected this to ever be entered in the TWDA

      The Samedi deck was posted as a tournament winning deck – http://games.groups.yahoo.com/group/rgtcjdeckarchive/message/719. I was never sure why it wasn’t included in the TWDA, but my best guess is that either Jeff Kuta’s tournament comments or my reporting led to the belief that it didn’t qualify. Or, maybe it just got overlooked long enough that too much time passed when its omission was pointed out.

      Besides both being stealth bleed decks, another commonality was it was two of my more successful results in terms of round by round placement.

      Of course, at this point, it’s hard to even find the newsgroup posts referring to these decks.

      [edit] Found Kuta’s report – https://groups.google.com/forum/?fromgroups=#!topic/rec.games.trading-cards.jyhad/WEX1vQ9cnis

  2. icleefan says:

    I’m interested in the Tzimisce deck too if you have a record of the event somewhere.


    • iclee says:

      Please attend Praxis Siezure: San Ramon on 2/18/01 6pm at DunDraCon held
      at the San Ramon Marriott. 30 miles east of SF at the 580/680
      interchange. Sanctioned tourney with Prizes.
      Brad Nozik
      Prince of San Francisco


      Funny conversation. I remember it. No results post that I can find. I don’t think Brad ever did one and my only follow up was posting the decklist with no context for it.

      Name of Event: Praxis Seizure: San Ramon
      Location: DunDraCon 2001, San Ramon CA
      Date: February 18th, 2001
      Attendance: 17
      Winner: Ian Lee

      I had 12 out of 13 VPs – 2 GWs 8 VPs going into the finals, GW 4 VPs in the finals.

      Living Lolita Loca [originally Loco but people pointed out the obvious improvement right away]

      [I can enter it into Secret Library to clean up formatting.]
      Crypt (average 4, low 8, high 24):
      Pander (2)
      Christine Boscacci x2

      Tzimisce (10)
      Horatio x2
      Lolita Houston x3
      Caliban x2
      Corine Marcon x2

      Library (80):
      Masters (18)
      Anarch Troublemaker
      Blood Doll x5
      Dreams of the Sphinx
      Heidelburg Castle, Germany
      Library Hunting Ground
      Pentex(TM) Loves You!
      Storage Annex
      The Hungry Coyote
      The Path of Metamorphosis
      Vicissitude x5

      Clan cards (4)
      Living Manse x4

      Auspex cards (6)
      Telepathic Misdirection x6

      Vicissitude cards (32)
      Breath of the Dragon
      Changeling x11
      Chiropteran Marauder x4
      Horrid Form x2
      Meld with the Land x5
      Plasmic Form x9

      Actions (9)
      Computer Hacking x4
      The Embrace x5

      Equipment (4)
      Ivory Bow
      Saturday Night Special x3

      Retainers (2)
      J.S. Simmons Esq.
      Tasha Morgan

      Desperation cards (5)
      Wake with Evening’s Freshness x5

      General: At its core, this is a weenie stealth bleed deck. The variation comes from depending almost entirely on Vicissitude for stealth, plus bleed, and combat.

      Strengths: Greatest strength is probably psychological, which manifests in two ways. Players fear Vicissitude combat. This deck does run a bit of aggravated damage to encourage the fear. On the flip side, Vicissitude isn’t thought of as a bleed discipline. A common reaction is “How much? 4?!?” Our metagame also seems to make this deck better. We don’t see a lot of hard, forward moving decks.

      Weaknesses: Pool loss. While there isn’t much pool investment playing this deck, it also doesn’t recover pool particularly well and has little defense against pool loss – hopes to ignore its predator all together. Vote or bleed will often be hard to deal with. Telepathic Misdirection is the only real defense against either. Wake is almost always only useful in combination with TM. Bleed bounce, of course. Almost pathetically, being blocked. Two stealth is it for bleeds, and that uses up a Changeling. There’s one tap card, when this deck really needs more. Crypt. The crypt is both redundant and excessively even, making getting an odd number of transfers suboptimal, but there doesn’t seem to be a better configuration. Vicissitude is the only vital discipline. Older vampires slow the deck to a crawl. Sticking with Tzimisce is important so that the Kennys can take advantage of The Path of Metamorphosis. Focus. This deck only does one thing with any sort of competence, and other disciplines can do it better.

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