[Classic] Gen Con 2008

As I said, I can’t find a full write up of Gen Con 2008’s gaming (I do know what I preregged for) and what notes I have suck.  With a few edits, this is an e-mail I sent to someone about the games.

* * *

By far the most interesting thing was my last game on Saturday.  Besides L5R’s living campaign (5 mods and a quasiLARP), I did True Dungeon, a modern churchcentric horror, and two betatests (which should go nowhere).  The first one wasn’t terribly interesting except the party was Jack Burton (Big Trouble in Little China), Peter Venckman (Ghostbusters), Carl Kolchak, Daphne Blake (Scooby Doo), and Anita Blake [me] … on the Love Boat.  The Saturday game, OTOH, was described by one player as “this is the most fucked up game I’ve ever played” and he didn’t mean it in a bad way.

Game was a huge mixed bag as the GM was horrendous, but oh the concept.  The concept was that we were dreams in the real world – everybody loves the concept, the mechanics and how you should play the game …

One person dropped out while the GM was explaining because she understood his words but couldn’t get the abstractness.  Our characters had three archetypes.  Mine were: guardian angel, sage, owl.  Another’s were:  heroic warrior, beacon of light, and, eventually, double-edged sword.  The other guy’s, which he knew immediately he wanted to play, were:  book, door, endless hallway.  Early on in our adventure we entered a dungeon we created and the GM was saying we had gone into an incredibly abstract place.  In that dungeon, we created prisoners that the book captured in his endless hallway where they remained trapped until we met the Queen of the Faeries and the book had them sing to her before it let them either exit to the streets of the city or to the faerie mound.

The quote of the game was:
GM:  Explains that there is a man sitting at a table (must be important).
PC:  “A man or a layered archetype dream?”
GM:  “Yes.”

I was having huge problems trying to wrap my head around the spatial problems of standing right next to a beacon of light and with whether we were supposed to be creating the world or falling short of that and just modifying it.  Lot of other insanity, like my PayPaling to myself missing people, quests, and a monster from The Dragon’s bank account so that the PC’s could get back what they had lost in their dreams – the heroic warrior was missing quests, I was missing people who needed my protection or guidance, and the endless hallway was missing the threat in its perpetual chase scene.

It was one of those I couldn’t stop laughing moments at one point.


One Response to [Classic] Gen Con 2008

  1. Azel says:

    Heh, that sounds very reminiscent of an Ethereal PCs campaign in In Nomine. Is it a new system?

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