Had eight yesterday for casual play.  After two games, two left, and we played a six.

Anew, too many deck ideas.  Those eight decks written up July 6th/7th?  Yet to pull the cards for any.  Pulling cards – going through unsorted piles, finding the right sleeves, etc. – comprises the effort of deckbuilding.  Built new deck Sunday morning.  Built deck for another.

Andy (Lutz & Friends) -> Ray (Toreador guns) -> Ian (Seterpenre Dabbler) -> Rich (Gangrel w/ Dom)

Ray and Rich have not kept up with the game, nice to have them show and play.

Seterpenre gains Celerity, Fortitude, superior Dementation, later Dabbler and Blood Doll.  Zero stealth, superior Madman’s Quill blocked by Angus, Seterpenre Amaranthed, Angus Bloodhunted.  Pentweret holds down the fort until Seterpenre Jr. gains Celerity, Fortitude, superior Dementation, later Dabbler and two Blood Dolls (plus prey’s The Rack), superior Celerity and superior Fortitude.  Lutz Soul Painted by Seterpenre, rendered impotent.  Rich backousted immediately after Renegade Garou recruited.  Game times out.  Lilith’s Blessing never used – too much blood on Setites.  Guide and Mentor used twice.

Ray (same) -> Ian (Pre/Pro Jyhad/DS/AH-library) -> Eric (Kiasyd SB) -> Brandon (!Trem Eternally Vigilant)

I discard Shackles of Enkidu but decide to bring out Roman Alexander, then discard Backways.  Don Cruez and Kallista gain PRE/PRO.  Igo has Giant’s Blood, Claws’ Kiasyd, Kallista diablerie blocked.

Eric bleeds.  Brandon bounces.  Ray dies.

I finish off Eric.  Brandon tooled up.  I lose.

Jeff (Seterpenre Dabbler) -> David (Petaniqua ally) -> Eric (Imbued) -> Ian (Foul Blood, The Final Nights style) -> Andy (Lutz & Friends) -> Brandon (Shamblers)

Eric recruits Ossian.  David contests.  I lose Ubende to Society of Leopold.  Brandon rushes Imbued and Bloody Mary.  Jeff sits and spins.  David recruits Infernal Servitor and Muddled Vampire Hunter, puts Madness Network in play.  Eric bleeds some.

I discard core of deck – Foul Blood, most The Final Nights, XTC-Laced Blood.  Lutz gets AK-47.  I recruit Impundulu, who sends Imbued to hospital where she is pillowfaced.  Eric’s game sucks.  Shambler rushes Petaniqua as Brandon expects oblivion.  Petaniqua eaten by Gregory Winter.  David’s game sucks.  Jeff finally gets deck going, bleeds with Madman’s Quill.  Andy ousts.  Jeff ousts.  Lutz sent to torpor by Seterpenre’s Coma while blocking Soul Painting – no Fortitude on Seterpenre, no Soak, Society of Leopold claims another victim.  Jeff’s game sucks.  Fame on Lutz and Imbued bleeds oust me before I can diablerize Lutz.  Andy recovers.  Andy wins.


Many Dabbler possibilities, too many.

Previously tried to get others to build decks I lacked time for, didn’t work – too many decks.

Seterpenre should be played more often.

Allies squeamish near Pentweret.

Decks that contain random cards, e.g. Shackles of Enkidu, and oust players more fun.

Soul Painting … broken.

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