Interlude: Miskolc

At least, I think it’s Miskolc.

So, I would have been happy to finish my “series” on skill lists.  Actually, it occurred to me that taking a look at Solomon Kane wouldn’t be horrible since that’s a system I do actually make house rules for.  But, today was straightening up the computer room so that people can get around to fix some damage.

While not so late I couldn’t do something more involved, in cleaning up, I came across a page of notes from a Gen Con of yesteryear.  The notes for the RPG sessions are atrocious, though it appears I played some sort of Doctor Who game that year, quite the challenge to get into those, though it sounds like we were just part of UNIT.

Anyway, the important part of this discovery is that it has my notes about Miskolc (I have it written down as Mishkos, after some online research, I’m pretty sure they are one and the same).  That would be Miskolc, Hungary.  Why do I have notes about it?  It wasn’t because of a RPG session.  It was from something far funnier.

That year, I went with a friend who lives in the area.  We did mostly different things at the con.  When the con was over, we were exhausted.  So, we rested in the hotel room, turning the TV on after we talked about our various gaming experiences.  Somehow, we ended up on a travel channel or foreign channel or something that had a travel episode on Miskolc.

We were dying laughing.  From my notes:

Imaginary Tailor – I remember distinctly when the narrator started in on the town being known for its imaginary tailor.  Was that misheard?  Maybe.  But, the existence of the Little Tailor of Prague (close enough!) meant I couldn’t not connect the two.

200,000 … several times – Miskolc (according to the narrator, Wiki entry suggests otherwise) got to a population of 200,000 … several times.  We started thinking about scenarios for this.

Castle Ditch – There was something about how bread or food was served in the castle ditch.  I can still picture them panning a camera across what looked like the castle’s (empty) moat; I think there was a table with a woman and others dressed in archaic dress serving food, but this may just be the influence on my imagination from the Tailor.

Department Store – I don’t remember this at all.  Maybe, it was something about how the city had a department store.

Stone Theater – If you read the Wiki entry I did, Miskolc is credited with the first stone theater.  My notes, besides saying “stone theater”, also say “first” and “destroyed/rebuilt”.

Bank – Why is having a bank funny?  This sounded like a modern travel guide with comments about the city’s history.  My notes are “over 7 years” – I distinctly recall the narrator mentioning that the city had a bank for over seven years.  (That’s one more than six!)

Did you have to be there (and kind of high from exhaustion)?  Probably.  That I still remember lying on a bed, laughing hysterically while the narrator droned on about the amazing features of this singular city, from a gaming convention in 2006(?), suggests being there was a good place to be.

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