Today would be perfect for some sort of Rebirth themed post about V:TES.  I have been low V:TES this year.  It’s Easter.  Rebirth could totally be a Card of the Weak entry – I see zero copies in tournament winning decks.

But, there’s nothing interesting to me about Rebirth.  What is of more interest to me is what would get me enthused about V:TES again.  Not so much outside of the game, as, of course, all I need to be enthused … well interested … about a game is playing it and not hating it.

I’m not in a V:TES deckbuilding mode at the moment.  To get into that mode likely wouldn’t require a lot.  But, a general issue for what sort of decks I want to build has been finding those things that I don’t do often enough.

I do clans.  I do disciplines.  I do titles.  Sects.

There’s plenty that I don’t do enough of because it involves nonstandard ways of approaching deck construction for this game.  For instance, I build around single cards far, far less often than I have for other CCGs.  Part of that may be that single cards in V:TES are often sufficiently weak that there’s a lack of definition, at least in the case of library cards.

And, for some reason, I just can’t get that enthused about specific vampires.  I have to force myself to build around a particular one.  Well, let’s do that.  Rolling randomly for “clan”, I get 17.  Interesting, Harbingers.  Fifteen possibilities, roll a 1, Solomon Batanea.  Hmmm.  Not all that interesting.  I play with Solomon a fair amount since I’ve embraced group 3/4 HoS, Aus/For, whatever.

But, what’s this?  Laibon with Aus/For.  That’s novel.  While Aus/Nec Laibon doesn’t do a whole lot for me, For/Nec has an okay crypt.  I’m having trouble getting into For/Nec Laibon since it would be easier to go For/Nec Anarch, so let’s stay with Aus/For Laibon for the moment.  Why even bother focusing on disciplines?  Well, if it turns out to be dull, can do something else, but disciplines is the glue of so many decks.

Aus/For Laibon.  What does Laibonism bring to the table?  Bleed.  Kerrie.  Aus/For stickman deck with an entirely Laibon angle so that it can be a junkier version of a top level deck archetype?  Sure, why not?  This deck is so easy, it’s sleazy – Elephant Guardian, Masai Blood Milk, Powerbase: Luanda.  Pshaw, cards I’ve never played (Luanda) and such straightforwardness that the curvature of the Earth only hinders.  Actually, this is a perfect example of why stuff like randomization is awesome.  This deck seems entirely reasonable but also something I wouldn’t have thought of.

Next.  One more random vampire go.  Nagaraja … damn, there’s a lot of bloodlines in the game.  Not looking good, who has played Nagaraja more than I?  Roll a 9, Anu Diptinatpa.  Here we go, randomization for the win!  I’ve never played Anu.  Group 5/6 splendor.  I don’t care too much about the disciplines here, as Anu has a meaningful special.  Of course, stealth is good, but Anu plus weenie Obf is snoring.  Vicissitude, eh?  What are you doing there, Anu?  Trying to get me to do group 5/6 Vic bleed?  Pretty funky crypt.  No real shortage of NEC in 5/6.  The real deal, though, is figuring out how to keep Anu topped off.  As one deck posted to the newsgroup shows, ally horde works just like any sort of “all my dudes have +1 bleed” deck does.  Necromancy has Summon Soul for lame refill, though Perfectionist makes it less lame, and the card might do something else during the game.  All three Nagaraja library cards involve gaining blood.  It may just be time for me to finally breakdown and play with Nagaraja clan cards rather than writing decks for them that never get built because they suck so bad.  Boom, next.

Library time.  Randomization is much harder, here, in theory.  4 – Political Action.  96 – Peace Treaty.  Been there, done that.  Okay, randomly determining a number between 1 and 165 is dumb.  Different way.  9 – Black Hand.  Oooh.  Weeding out boring reprints, we have four options.  The dice are kind and we get Watchtower: Greatest Fall.  Done it once, I think, maybe, who knows?  Time to do it again for the very first(?) time?

I just need a doofus Seraph.  5 – Yazid Tamari … really?  Like I haven’t played him.  Well, he’s at least easier than some of the other options for passing a vote.  Animal Magnetism – um, no.  Hall of Hades’ Court – um, maybe.  Obfuscate to get the action going.  Alamut to pass it?  Nah, that’s just a snoring Ass vote deck.  Powerbase: Madrid and Dia de los Muertos should pretty much put me over the top to get some stupid vote through.  I do need to Avengers Assemble!, so that means either !Malk Sibyl’s Tongue or Drop Point Network or Inconnu Tutelage (which I’ve never played).  To leverage an ongoing effect, I need to draw the number of turns in the game out as much as possible, which means I need to kill players quickly to speed the game up so that more turns are played.  !Malks help with, of course, even without Dementation.  Okay, + bleeders with Obfuscate and votes.  Not much in the way of native bleeders, though Gratiano is funny for 2/3.  Well, bleed is easy.  Actually, Gratiano is funny with Dominate, but now, I’m getting discipline stretched.  Black Hand angle?  Soldat, whom I respect and admire.  Tarbaby Jack, whom I play.  Kind of old crypt at this point, though maybe all 8 caps is the way to go and I can Golconda myself for fun and profit.  8-cap theme in my Greatest Fall deck – boom, baby.  Next.

9 – Equipment.  14 – 3e.  7 – Helicopter.  Really?  Helicopter?  Let’s roll a d6 for group number – 5.  Capacity 1-11 – 9.  Eighteen possibilities, 17 roll, Annazir.  Well, I have at least one written deck for Annazir already, but hey, he’s Annazirrific, so why the hell not?  Let’s see.  Infernal, votes, + bleed, can play Condemnations, Contagion, et al.  Nope, just not seeing any synergy with Helicopter at all.  I guess I’ll have to go thematic.  What do you do from a Helicopter?  Drop Bombs, of course.  Kind of expensive, maybe Grenades are a better choice.  Wait.  Didn’t I randomize Peace Treaty, earlier?  Annazir – Helicopter – Grenade – Peace Treaty.  Boom, baby.  Boom.

Well, as we can see, it’s easy to get inspired to build decks.  Randomness is, of course, the only legitimate way to build a new deck.  Now that I’ve established what my next four decks will be, time to get back to writing RPG stuff.  Oh, by the way, for those who sneer at such sophisticated deck construction methodology, my Backflip/Backstep deck has never lost …


2 Responses to Rekindle

  1. Brandon says:

    Damnit, your deck hoses one I’ve been thinking about building for a while. Do I play it anyway? Hm….

  2. Tomas says:

    Anu works (great) with Archon Investigation and Daemonic Possession. Since it forces your predator not to bleed above 2 or handle loss of minions to AI. Funky, yes..but maybe something you would like to try.

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