Return to the Valley of Undeath

So, it being a holiday time of year and my being not terribly occupied, I decided to swing by Castro Valley yesterday to check out the new store.

Actually got up there around 3:30PM, hung out with an erstwhile coworker, tried a Filipino Restaurant she recommended, finished my Christmas shopping.  Got to the store too late for game #1.

Second game:

Ian (Thin Step) -> Sean (!Brujah) -> Dan (Ahrimanes) -> A.J. (Tzimisce bleed) -> Grant? (Giovanni)

My deck did almost everything it was intended to do, just failing to play a Contract (of some sort).  The reason why this game was notable, to me, was that Gloria Giovanni bleeds into my Abd al-Rashid, gets by, Conditions for 4, and Abd reduces with Confusion of the Eye and Nest of Eagles …  Thereafter, my predator was reluctant to have Gloria pump due to the brutal threat of Nest of Eagles.  I let a Dogs of War pass from my prey as I died soon after.

I suppose my grandpredator’s strategy seemed odd – expensive Tzimisce stealth bleed when inexpensive is easy, bleeding into someone with bounce when it was clear he had it in hand – but, nobody really cared as the intent was to play quickly.  Of course, I can’t add more Nest of Eagles as that would be silly.

Third game:

Ian K. (!Ventrue) -> Brandyn (fat Malk wall) -> Joel (ANI/FOR Raptor) -> Ian (Dementitude, not to be confused with Victation)

I get out Harold Zettler, Unmada, Cyscek.  I was amused by my two +1 stealth guys; more so because they mostly bleed for 1 at 1 stealth.  None of my offensive combat ever works, so I go from choking on wakes, intercept, combat defense, to having nothing to defend with while being unable to do 3 pool damage to my prey, to getting ousted.  Sure, it was amusing to pump a bleed with Changeling, and I realized that I could try to play Dabbler, especially if I add some Madman’s Quills to give some additional offense.  But, as usual with my Dem/Vic decks, I just can’t reliably hurt anybody.  Was the Personal Scourge against a minion with Brass Knuckles funny?  Was Soul Decoration at inferior for a 1 bleed at 2 stealth?  Was Cyscek with a Dementation skill card Filliping Unmada?  Was Touch of Clarity to cancel Voice of Madness the obvious reason to put the card in the deck?

While the first deck likely has limited replay value, I was seeing enough random stuff that it at least qualifies as a two-in-a-lifetime play.  The second deck was the all kinds of random that I like my decks to have, and the vampires are funny, so it might be a more-than-twice play even though I’ve played Victation decks a few times and have never achieved anything with them.


One Response to Return to the Valley of Undeath

  1. Azel says:

    What the hell? There’s a new game store opened up in my Domain!? And I didn’t know about it!? Why, it’s like I don’t deserve to be Magaji, or something! Details, STAT!

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